“SketchUp Hub’s Top five Interior Design Trends for 2019”

SketchUp Hub always comes with new challenges every single time, this time they have come with Spring Design with some new ideas.

About SketchUp Hub: Anita Brown has established the SktchUp Hub 3D Visualization and here are a range of courses for helping Interior Designers and students, creating exact floor plans and elevations with a professional touch for the extreme benefit of their business or studies. The SketchUp Hub’s total vision is to authorize Interior Designers especially women providing right technical abilities for making exact drawings and creative illusions at professional standards. Besides that, SketchUp Hub creates an available, engaged and fully supported learning environment for presenting the development of STEM related skills to a female driven industry.

In the month of January this year, the Sketchup Hub had announced their first ever 5 Day Challenge where they had challenged designers and SketchUp users to create an awesome kitchen design with the help of Free SketchUp download. The event was a big successful one and many people showed their wonderful skills where the best got the winner prize and made a place for his/her design. After that the SketchUp Hub has focused on designing the Interior sides of houses with elevations, these elevations are actually some kind of visual tools that allow Interior Designers to transfer perfectly their vision for a space, specifically they can work on the design of a wall and other items within nearly view.

After the January competition, SketchUp Hub is having a Spring Clean and has decided to adopt some of the more colorful and zesty interior design trends for this spring time. SketchUp Hub is shunning again their calm and cool Scandinavian vibe which will indulge much more vibrant and uplifting. This is a chance for the designers to step out from their comfort zone to incorporate colors, styles and patterns which they never tried as an Interior Designer. But before launching their final spring design, SketchUp Hub professional interior designers have made a list of things which should be included in the designs of competitors.

Top 5 Interior Designer Trends for 2019:

  1. Color: Most interior designers are not comfortable using colors in their designs as they think it will provoke all kinds of nervous twitches, stone kicking and awkward silences. Though it is true that applying strong colors can be really scary thing but there are many other ways to add more color into lives without disturbing other decorations. It is the high time for designers to put more colors in their designs, playing with the contrasts to make their designs happier, lively and more vibrant to watch as it is the time for spring.
  2. Pattern: Another difficult task is to add pattern with color which is very difficult to show in a design, but the designers have to be brave enough to take this challenge. They can either play with one pattern or can mix and match different pattern types with vibrant colors.
  3. Natural Materials:Designers can use some natural materials such as wood, marble and seagrass to dominate interiors as it is the new trend of 2019.
  4. Mid Century Design: Applying Mid Century styling in the decorations adds a ridiculous amount of character and individually all types of interiors whether it is ultra modern, contemporary or traditional. A well designed, consistent design plan should have a good mix of styles where can be layers of shapes, here designers should be clever enough to highlight the basic interiors with Mid-Century touch.
  5. Mustard: Though designers are asked to add colors but SketchUp hub designers have specially focused on Mustard Color to add a different look in this Spring designs.

Wish all the best to all the participants for their works.

Source: wwww.sketchuphub.com

SketchUp Hub’s Top five Interior Design Trends for 2019

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