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How to import a Google Map into SketchUp

SKETCHUP: It is a three dimensional computer modeling software program that is used for architectural designing, film making, building designing, etc. Sketchup has different versions:

1. SKETCHUP MAKE(FREE): It gives free access to users. Users can login once account has been created.

2. SKETCHUP PRO($695): It is a premier version of the software containing some exclusive features like importing numerous file formats, achieving 2 documentarian software, layout tools as well as a style builder to generate convention edge styles for models.


1. Initially, at the top screen, open GEO Location and then click on ADD LOCATION down in file tab. Here, one can identify the location according to choice similar to google map. For instance, while searching for ENGLAND, then simply type “ENGLAND” to it.

2. Any custom address can also be included. Besides, the box with white border can also be utilized to choose specific region.

3. As soon as the particular site is found, select a wider information on the site or extremely detailed information on your site.

4. Wider information is very suitable when you do not want to remodel the site or remain in a rural site without pertinent surroundings.

5. For more densely colonized site as well as modeling a site, more detailed version is preferred.

6. After getting clear idea about the type of information needed, you can then set your zoom. A close-up zoom provides complex details and zoomed out version provides a general view.

7. As soon as your region is selected, choose GRAB button to put in the map data for your model.

8. Once the map data remains in your model, it is possible to track areas, streets, locations onto it. Besides, the areas can be drawn for building. You can also obtain rough ideas and a location stand point.

9. In order to verify the angle of terrain, click terrain option in the google toolbar to tilt the terrain to specific angles according to your choice as well as get a broader view.

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How to import a Google Map into SketchUp

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Sky View Analysis is the newest member in the extension warehouse

Sky View Analysis is an exclusive sketchup plugin that can be used to work out sky exposure and sky view factor.

SVF: Sky View Factor (SVFs) demonstrates the ratio at a point in space among the visible sky and a hemisphere centered over the analyzed location (Oke 1981).

• If SVF of a point is 0 the entire sky is barred from view through obstacles.
• If SVF of a point is 1 the whole sky is free from view through obstacles (ideal rural scenario).

A relation persists among Sky View Factor and Radiation.

for SVF = 0 :

1. there is no short-wave reflection
2. there is no long-wave nocturnal interference

for SVF > 0 :

1. incoming day-time short-wave reflection is raised throughout the day
2. outgoing night-time long-wave radiation is decreased
3. incoming night-time long-wave radiation is raised
4. altered soil heat flux


• Generate Sky Exposure Mask
• Generate Sky View Factor Mask
• Apply several times similar dome for Sky Exposure measurement

It belongs to an open source plugin and it is available in GitHub-AntonelloDN

For online demonstration, go through the following video tutorial.

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Sky View Analysis is the newest member in the extension warehouse

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Demonstration of Windows Builder Sketchup Plugin

In this exclusive sketch tutorial, you learn how to utilize Windows Builder sketchup plugin to make different window/door types as components of any shape and arrange them automatically in walls.

This skechup plugin is compatible with sketchup 2016.

With this plugin, the users will be able to generate and arrange various window components in their models. The windows are either rectangular or depends on a selected face of any shape.

Different types of windows are available like fixed, sliding, French and single-double hung. There are different parameters for windows like window length, window height, frame width, frame depth, sash width, sash depth and frame materials.


1. window type
2. component name
3. materials of all parts
4. glazing (simple, double, triple)
5. muntins (numbers, dimensions)
6. cover profile (side, shape, dimensions)

7. horizontal bar (sill, dimensions)
8. shutter (side, dimensions)
9. screen (side, dimensions, opening %)
10. cuts opening (checkbox)
11. glue to (none, arbitrary, horizontal, vertical, sloped)
12. scaling constraint (none, 1D, 2D, 3D)

This sketchup extension is available in

Go through the following video tutorial to gather more knowledge.

Demonstration of Windows Builder Sketchup Plugin

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Free update to the latest version of Twinmotion

Advent S.A. just introduced the updated version of Twinmotion that allows the users to transit from Sketchup Pro to VR instantly with some simple clicks of mouse. Besides, Twinmotion also contains a new series of high-quality grasses for creating realistic lawns and landscapes.

Twinmotion belongs to a superior quality, user-friendly real-time visualization tool for architecture, interior design, urban planning, and landscaping.

Given below, some exclusive features of newest version :-

SketchUp direct link: It now becomes easier to deal with SketchUp data easily and quickly with new one-click direct link synchronization with SketchUp Pro other than accessible direct links with ARCHICAD and Revit and automatic material replacement and geometry optimization.

Import time with the direct link is also accelerated as compared to import a SKP file. Besides, the issue with rendering is resolved with flipped faces. Now, the import method now handles properly with geometry that contains various materials on each side.

New high-quality grass pack: It is now possible to generate delightful lawns and realistic landscapes with a brand-new pack of grasses. The seven existing flowers are enhance with the addition of 25 new grasses.

Greater stability and performance: The consistency and rendering speed for imported data is significantly enhanced with the static mesh rendering pipeline. Some minor bugs are also resolved. Go through the release notes (login required) for more details.

This sketchup extension is available in

To get online demonstration of the latest version, watch the following video tutorial.

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Free update to the latest version of Twinmotion

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PlaceMaker is a SketchUp extension that lets you instantly build 3D cities into your model! Import buildings, trees and forests. Place 3D roads, paths and water.

Purchase now to get a commercial single seat annual subscription license for $199.

Enjoy access to over 450 million buildings worldwide, NEW Premium high resolution aerials, roads and paths. Save HOURS if not DAYS of work and effort!

Each commercial license includes 3000 imagery map tile credits from Mapbox.  For example, if you purchase 2 licenses, you will receive 6000 imagery map tile credits.  For more information about the how the imagery map tile credits work, please see the FAQ.

You’ll also receive a coupon code to get the Building Bundle Component Library for FREE!

With a commercial license you get:

  • PlaceMaker 1-year subscription with 3000 credits for Mapbox Imagery Import
  • Building Bundle of over 300 buildings (a $60 value)
  • FREE Subscription to 15 hours of SketchUp Master Tutorial Videos (a $30 value)
  • FREE subscription includes over 3000 component models and other downloadable content!

For volume licensing, be sure to input the quantity of licenses you require for your organization when filling out the order form.

Please note that you need SketchUp version 2016 or newer to use PlaceMaker.



After you order, you will receive an email receipt from PlaceMaker that contains links to download the latest version of PlaceMaker as well as instructions for activating the license.

Building Bundle (FREE when you Purchase PlaceMaker)

Over 300 high quality building components ready to place in your SketchUp model! $59.99 Learn more


Purchase Additional Mapbox Imagery Credits

Increase your number of Mapbox imagery map tile credits by 3000 for the remainder of your subscription term for $99 US.


Purchase Nearmap Imagery Credits (USA only)

Nearmap credits are purchased as an ‘in-app’ purchase right from inside PlaceMaker v2!  Just open a geo-located model, expand PlaceMaker imagery options and select ‘Nearmap’ as your source. Then, click the imagery import button.

If there is no Nearmap imagery available at your selected location, you will not be able to purchase any credits.

Nearmap with PlaceMaker

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Some new functionalities of FredoPortrait sketchup plugin

In this sketchup video tutorial, you will be familiar with some new features of FredoPortrait sketchup plugin to transform a complex 3D model into 2D FaceMe geometry.

FredoPortrait is a useful sketchup extension that can be used to generate custom camera views and export custom images from inside of sketchup.

The plugin comprises of a custom camera tool that saves and loads cameras captured from the viewport. Custom Cameras are preserved within the model or at Sketchup level, which create a way to move cameras across models.

Portrait Studio contains a wide array of tools which are used to identify a camera precisely and clarify the view depending on the selection. It then facilitates to create or update scenes, images in different formats, and more commonly render or export the selection with the native Sketchup exporters or 3rd party exporters. It also facilitates to create 2D Components out of selected 3D objects (for SU2018 and higher versions).

FredoPortrait is applied for the following purposes :

1. Move cameras inside a model and across models.
2. Create images and exports of the selection only
3. Create 2D components from selected 3D objects (for SU2018 and higher version)
4. Modify the camera positions and save them as scenes.

Most features are available in the FredoPortrait Studio dialog box.

To get online demonstration of this sketchup extension, go through the following video tutorial.

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Some new functionalities of FredoPortrait sketchup plugin

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KG-dev – CADoptimus – Tag Manager 2019 – The newest sketchup plugin

This exclusive sketchup plugin is developed by KG Dev, the renowned developer of custom sketchup extensions.

The plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018 and SketchUp 2019.

By applying Tag Manager, the users can instantly assign numerous tags to any entity. As soon as few tags are included, one can search back those entities depending on 1 or more tags. It is a useful substitute to a workflow where one would normally utilize groups and layers to handle their drawing.

To download KG-dev – CADoptimus – Tag Manager 2019, click on the following link

To learn how this plugin works, go through the following video tutorial.

KG-dev - CADoptimus - Tag Manager 2019 – The newest sketchup plugin

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Some useful tricks to utilize skatter plugin in sketchup

In this sketchup tutorial, you will learn the functionalities of skatter plugin in sketchup. The tutorial focuses on the following sections :-

1. Distribution
2. Uniform
3. Grid
4. Vertices
5. Faces centers

It is a robust scattering extension for sketchup to render numerous vegetation, instantly populate city blocks, generate parametric assemblies, crowds, carpets etc.

By applying “Render only” feature, one can deliver all the scattering information directly to the render engines, skipping Sketchup. In this way, it is possible to retain a lightweight and responsive file whereas still rendering huge amounts of objects.

The users can return back and edit your work at any time. Every option and parameter is saved, so it is not necessary to delete everything and restart from beginning.

Produce huge grass fields with simple mouse clicks. Besides the default grass, trees, bushes, gravel, rocks and more, the users will be able to save their own presets for reapplication, and allocate them with others.

To download skatter, click on the following link

Some useful tricks to utilize skatter plugin in sketchup

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Envimet INX – The newest sketchup plugin in extension warehouse

AntonelloDN has developed Envimet INX for sketchup. It belongs to a elementary plugin that can be used to write *.inx files for ENVI_MET 4.3.

Work out grid dimensions automatically depending on buildings
Develop a 3d model with buildings, 2d trees


1. Unit of the template should remain in “meter”
2. Components and Group are not supported
3. Buildings should be volumes
4. Only one wall material and roof material can be used for all buildings or context
5. The soils and dem can’t be managed

To do:

a) A better method to create voxels… if model is huge it will run slow
b) Study a way to apply materials
c) Dem modeling
d) Soil modeling
e) Improve location settings. E.g. a way to set timezone.
f) Improve exception handling
g) Manage Components and Groups

To get more information, click on the following link

Envimet INX – The newest sketchup plugin in extension warehouse

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