Sky View Analysis is the newest member in the extension warehouse

Sky View Analysis is an exclusive sketchup plugin that can be used to work out sky exposure and sky view factor.

SVF: Sky View Factor (SVFs) demonstrates the ratio at a point in space among the visible sky and a hemisphere centered over the analyzed location (Oke 1981).

• If SVF of a point is 0 the entire sky is barred from view through obstacles.
• If SVF of a point is 1 the whole sky is free from view through obstacles (ideal rural scenario).

A relation persists among Sky View Factor and Radiation.

for SVF = 0 :

1. there is no short-wave reflection
2. there is no long-wave nocturnal interference

for SVF > 0 :

1. incoming day-time short-wave reflection is raised throughout the day
2. outgoing night-time long-wave radiation is decreased
3. incoming night-time long-wave radiation is raised
4. altered soil heat flux


• Generate Sky Exposure Mask
• Generate Sky View Factor Mask
• Apply several times similar dome for Sky Exposure measurement

It belongs to an open source plugin and it is available in GitHub-AntonelloDN

For online demonstration, go through the following video tutorial.

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Sky View Analysis is the newest member in the extension warehouse

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Arka Roy


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