Download a trial verison of ConDoc Tools for Sketchup Pro

Generate construction documents automatically with ConDoc Tools for Sketchup Pro.

ConDoc refers to a plugin that accelerates the process for producing construction documents as well as automates design packets, and radically advances your project organization by applying SketchUp Pro and LayOut. ConDoc is developed to facilitate architects and designers to enjoy a continuous workflow process, simplify all of the complicated phases associated with document formation. Besides, it allows you to get total control in all phases of your project devoid of applying other software programs.

ConDoc includes the following features :-

1. Arrange your model with the ConDoc system
2. Wide array of line weights, 2d dynamic hatches
3. Capability for drafting 2D details
4. Avail 2D Cad within sketchup
5. Distribute work among team members easily

6. Generate lightweight editable models
7. Automate the process for managing layers, styles, mixing shadows, camera setting, section planes etc.
8. Generate illustrative design packets and transparent sets of construction documents with a slew of line weights & dynamic hatches

Download a trial verison of ConDoc Tools for Sketchup Pro

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Arka Roy

Enhance your mesh modeling skill with SubD version 2.0

Evil Software Empire has launched SubD 2.0 with some new and advanced features. It now applies industry standard OpenSubdiv to work out subdivisions.

It is compatible with SketchUp 2017 and newer version. In older versions, it is required to facilitate High DPI under preferences.

This newest versions offers the following exclusive features :-

Superior control over your mesh smoothing.
Adjust the UV mapping.
will apply and restore your WrapR UV seams.

Meshes can now include internal faces.
Quad triangulation is now maintained for planar quads.
Modify subdivision of several selected instances.
High DPI support for dialogs, icons, cursors and tools.
performance of crease tool is enhanced significantly.
Obtain diverse different results if there are faces in mesh which are not oriented constantly.

Enhance your mesh modeling skill with SubD version 2.0

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Arka Roy

VBR Piping Pro – SketchUp Extension Review

VBO Piping Pro is a module running in Trimble SketchUp. Its content makes pipes from edges in chosen groups and/or components, likewise adding fittings to vertices. VBO Piping Pro is developed by the KCDA group. Some of the other sketchUp plugins offered by the same devs are VBO Dimensions, VBO Toggle Color by Layer, VBO Grids, and VBO LayOut Splitter.

The Latest version of this extension is: v2.1.3, which you can download from the extension warehouse.

Usage of VBR Piping Pro:

Manufacture Pipes Branch: All inside edges of chosen groups/components will be gone to pipe with alternatives (assortment, size, sort of closure fitting and proceed fitting.) This can be chosen in an information box.

Branches modifier: A device helping to alter fitting. The client can turn, physically supplant fittings, include and supplant lessen bramble, redraw branches. Additionally can name and add shading to any branches.

2D/3D: A speedy exchanging of showing the branches in 2D/3D see, base on turn on/off the layers “8_mep_piping2D” and “8_mep_piping3D”.

Double snap: Edit Group/Component to a branch will permit clients to alter the source edges and vertices. The branch will be refreshed to it’s “settings” when the client completes the Group/Component altering.

VBR Piping Pro - SketchUp Extension Review

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Make a professional kitchen design with easysketchup kitchen design plugin

John Atkinson develops easysketch kitchen design plugin. This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

This plugin can be used to generate professional kitchen design concept in sketchup. After being set up within SketchUp, it is possible to obtain an expansive library of kitchen components from the EASYSKETCH window.

In order to create a new kitchen design, set your designs options through drop down menu. Apply the filterable search to include a cabinet to your drawing. Units will be filtered based on your search criteria, as for instance ?drawer? will filter unit with drawers, ?oven? will filter units for ovens. To include the selected unit to the drawing space, click on the unit and it is automatically arranged at the existing cursor position.

The most striking feature of EASYSKETCH is to create design modifications rapidly. Right-click on a unit to obtain the EASYSKETCH sub menus where some vital shortcuts exist to parameters like Carcass material, Door handle, Frontal material, Worktop material other design options.

Planned content updates include new handle packs, worktop supplier swatches, door styles and pre-configured units groups. New content can be added simply from the Plugins>EasySketch>Manage Content window inside SketchUp.

Make a professional kitchen design with easysketchup kitchen design plugin

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3skeng 2019 Mount 3D: SketchUp Extension Review

SHK, an engineering and consulting firm working for the high-tech Semiconductor industry has been developing extensions for SketchUp for a while now. Their engineering and software team work hand in hand to develop powerful extensions for professionals using SketchUp for designing engineering plans, named under ‘3skeng’.

The latest from the 3skeng group is the 3skeng Mount. It is a plugin for SketchUp 2017 and above, helping users design and document MEP and 3D support and secondary framework including ducts and pipes. It is actually a part of the 3skeng Engineering package which also contains 3skeng Pipe, 3skeng Steelwork and 3skeng Channel.

Features: 3skeng Mount is your go-to tool for drawing secondary and support steelwork models. This may or may not include proper fittings, supports, and so much more. The libraries available will let you choose from different channel types, while a memory function comes invaluable in doing repetitive work.

One of the best options available in this extension is called the “Mount Tool”. It will recognize 3skeng pipe elements by a presection method, in which you can input your choice of pipes and duct definitions. Moreover, it can automatically align rotations, positions and elevations. You can do this just by a double click – how cool is that?

The Mount Tool does more than that. It will pick up 3skeng Steelwork elements to attach supports to them. You can direct it to attach the supports to top of the beam flanges and clamps, or to the side of the flanges.

3skeng 2019 Mount 3D:  SketchUp Extension Review

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Brighter3D: SketchUp Extension Review

Brighter3D version 3.1.2 is released! It is one of the best progressive rendering extensions for Trimble SketchUp. Let us see today what it has to say for itself in this article.

Brighter3D offers you a clean, user-friendly interface that hides the rendering powerhouse that it is. You get to see a preview of how the model might get rendered in seconds.

Following, the render gets ready in mere minutes. And oh boy, it does look really really real!

Features of Brighter3D:

Super-realistic lighting: The extension can work with normal daylight and also with HDR lighting.

What’s more, it can combine these to make your model look that much more awesome. Realism is the target for the developers and they didn’t hold back, it seems.

Unbiased rendering: The plugin features a Unbiased Progressive Rendering Mode (UPRM) which gives you a preview of the render in seconds and the full picture in minutes. Even in low-end processors, Brighter3D seems to work well. This blazing fast performance is unparalleled.

Noiseless rendering: It gets very irritating when your fresh render has noise or grains, doesn’t it? No fear, Brighter3D takes care of noise with a special algorithm. The renders with this extension come as crisp as a picture from your phone. Better, actually.

Brighter3D: SketchUp Extension Review

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V-Ray 4 for SketchUp Released

Rejoice, ye SketchUp folk, for the new V-Ray has come!

Version 4.20 for V-Ray has been released this February. It features some significant improvement over the previous version. Primary of which is new compression used to decrease installer archive size.

For those who are not familiar, here is a short description of V-Ray.

It is a professional lighting and rendering tool for architects and designers. It is created by Chaos Group and comes as an extension of SketchUp.

With an incredible set of creation tools, V-Ray lets you render anything and everything. You can create some quick models, or pull out all brakes and render a whole scene in realistic detail.

You get around 600 realistic new materials to adorn your model using V-Ray in SketchUp, too. This lets you create photorealistic images of your model. You can make 3D models exquisite in detail using this plugin as well.

Features of the new V-Ray 4.20:

1. You can use it to automatically remove noise in scenes. The render time is cut in half. Now you can denoise after rendering as well.

2. Now you can use global illumination in stunningly realistic scenes indoors and outdoors. There are plenty of in-built lighting styles to choose from. Make it look real!

V-Ray 4 for SketchUp Released

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SketchOSM by PlaceMaker – New Horizons in Parametric World Modeling

Have you ever wondered, why not put your neighborhood on the map? The SketchOSM plugin for SketchUp, by PlaceMaker, lets you do just that! You can create parametric buildings in a few quick clicks and share them with the world in a jiffy.

Trimble SketchUp is famous for its flexibility, which comes from its ability to integrate many extensions or plugins from various sources. Though only SketchUp Pro and above can do this, it is still an awesome way to customize and empower this lovely modeling and rendering software.

One such great extension is SketchOSM by PlaceMaker.

What is SketchOSM by PlaceMaker?

The main functionality of the extension is two-fold. First, it lets you create 3D buildings that add site context to your model. You can do it by establishing a constant, which, in the equation of a curve or surface, can be varied to represent a family of curves or surfaces.

Secondly, you can share these buildings with the world by directly uploading them to OpenStreetMap. Yes, you guessed right, this is how the plugin gets its name, by combining the software and service names.

If you don’t know, OpenStreetMap is an enormous database of geoinformation, available to everybody on earth. It is accessible and editable by anyone.

It’s a completely free service, with no hidden charges or advertisements. Many devices and services already use them like car or phone GPS, websites, apps, and of course, millions of people.

SketchOSM by PlaceMaker

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