SketchUV – Plugin for SketchUp

“SketchUV (UV texture tool)” is a texture plugin in SketchUp, developed by Mind Sight Studios. SketchUV is a very powerful texture processing tool. This plug-in was originally a paid commercial plug-in, and it is now free to use. When We was recording the “SketchUV (UV Texture Tool) Tutorial” , We was actually biased towards friends who like to eat fast food. Here We will write a topic where you can eat slowly.

UVW texture is a professional term in 3DMAX. UVW usually refers to the texture coordinates of the object.

3DMAX uses the three letters UVW to represent the three axes of XYZ. U represents X, V represents Y, and W represents Z. UVW textures are generally used when the texture coordinates are lost, and can also be used when you want to set the texture location in detail. Because textures are generally flat , texture coordinates generally only use the UV term, and the W term is rarely used.

That is to say, if you make a model and you want him to add a specific texture, you need to perform this UV unfolding operation.

The unfolding process is not clear in one sentence or two. There are similar industry standard references here. Find a tutorial for developing UVs. Basically, those are the contents. After the expansion, the points of each texture will be clear at a glance. Then edit this UV map in the PS software. What texture you set will show what texture the corresponding model will display.

SketchUp’s ability to adjust the texture is still relatively poor, especially in the early version of SketchUp, even a spherical texture and a cylindrical texture have been engaged for a long time. Now the SketchUV tool can quickly solve this problem. Its toolbar has two icons. On the left is the “UV Map” tool, on the right is the “Path Selection” tool (above). If we click on the “UV Map” tool, the texture adjustment function is already activated. At this time, if we click on any face, a “context menu” will pop up (below).

Projection map

Projecting a texture from a plane on the object is similar to projecting a slide to some extent. When you need to map the side of an object, planar projection is used. It is also used to map multiple sides obliquely, and to map two sides of symmetric objects.

SketchUV - Plugin for SketchUp

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SimLab Composer Integration Plugin for SketchUp

Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature-rich solution enabling you to communicate your 3D ideas with ease.SimLab Composer has all the tools you need for importing your models, creating dynamic visualization, rendering, building Simple VR Scenes, all into creating fully interactive VR training sessions.

SimLab Soft is a 3D software development company, founded in 2007, with its mission clearly defined to develop state-of-the-art 3D software products that are both powerful and easy to use.

SimLab Soft creates and markets SimLab Composer and other exciting software and plugins.

SimLab Composer is the complete visualization solution for SketchUp users. SimLab Composer Integration for SketchUp creates a dynamic connection between SketchUp and SimLab Composer.

By using this connection the user can render, texture bake, animate, generate advanced 3D PDF files, and create interactive VR for SketchUp experiences.

The latest version of SimLab Composer Integration is v10.0.1, released in June 2014. It is compatible with SketchUp 2017 through 2020. The plugin works fine on both Mac and Windows. You can have multiple languages as well!

SimLab Composer Integration Plugin for SketchUp

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Best 3D Rendering Programs We use

Often, we’re asked constantly what 3d rendering program we use and why. Once in a while a guest to this site is hoping to attempt photoreal rendering just because, perhaps they are hoping to take their abilities to the following level, or possibly they are searching for a post-buy legitimization… or then again some other number of reasons.

So this article is originating from our specific perspective and what we played with and have given me a chance to learn.

There are bunches of different choices out there relying upon your financial plan, time accessible to learn, wanted style of renderings created, range of abilities and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We need something simple to arrange and use when we are feeling the squeeze. we additionally prefer to stand apart from the group.

In contrast to most engineers, it appears, we like learning new apparatuses and procedures since we have a talent for it and it makes me increasingly significant.

We think a great many people simply stay with the pictures SketchUp lets out in light of the fact that they are either languid or their needs are unique in relation to mine. We likewise need something that is craftsman neighborly. A jumbled Uwe will send me running, and we have a profound regard for programmers that make applications that are both instinctive and incredible in the engine.

Best 3D Rendering Programs We use

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Top 8 Rendering plugins and software for sketchup

Sketchup is very useful for 3d modeling but it is evolved significantly in times to become an indispensible software for rending and visualization industry.

Given below, the details of some best rendering software and plugins for sketchup.

1) VRAY: VRAY is an easy to use plugin that supports sketchup. Vray can produce stunning photo-realistic renderings out of SketchUp, VRAY. Inside vray, there is a material editor as well as other useful tools which can be applied to generate pro quality images and animations.

VRAY can operate in SketchUp at free of cost with some powerful options and setting. Vray can transform your 3D visualization process to the next level.

2) JointPushPull: JointPushPull refers to a useful modeling plugin that includes 6 particular tools for transforming your model perfectly digital. The tools range from joint, round, vector, normal, extrude, and follow. If you have apply these tools in a perfect manner, they will reduce your modeling time significantly.

3) CurviLoft: CurviLoft is a useful sketchup plugin can be used for developing curvilinear models. There are 3 tools inside CurviLoft like loft by spline, loft along path, and skinning. In fact, the tool has the similar functionality as the ?follow me? tool instead of a simple extrusion along a path feature. With this features, CurviLoft can associate two diverse shapes along a path. The plugin is best suitable for organic modeling.

Top 8 Rendering plugins and software for sketchup

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Demo of transmutr, a brand new sketchup extension

Justin Geis, the renowned sketchup instructor, has presented this useful sketchup video tutorial that focuses on the demonstration of Transmutr, a brand new sketchup extension from the developer of skatter to instantly import and export external models with several formats into sketchup.

It will allow sketchup to read along with the capability to generate proxies for your rendering programs.

This sketchup extension contains some unique features like automated render-ready materials and proxies, geometry simplification. Besides, there are some useful options like scaling, unit conversion, axes/origin transformations and lots other.

Details of the features are given below :-

Automated render-ready materials: Automatically transform render-ready materials or fine-tune them with some simple mouse clicks.

Automated proxies: With a single click, Transmutr can create proxies for V-Ray, Thea and Enscape.

Demo of transmutr, a brand new sketchup extension

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Some best sketchup animation plugin

Given below the details of sketchup animations plugins and their features :-

SU Animate
1. Camera, Object, Layer, Spiral, Shadow animations
2. There are key frames and path methods to produce animations inside SketchUp
3. Non photo-realistic
4. Compatible with Windows and Mac, SketchUp 8, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Make or Pro
5. EditInPlace and Grid are contained with each license of SU Animate

Animate Sections
1. The animated sections are applied to your group/s automatically
2. Sections will animate ascendant
3. It is possible to section cut in any direction

Eneroth Camera Memory
1. Saves the camera position with some simple clicks of the mouse
2. Functions among models
3. Best suited for version comparison for example

Some best sketchup animation plugin

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V-Ray 4 for SketchUp Released

Rejoice, ye SketchUp folk, for the new V-Ray has come!

Version 4.20 for V-Ray has been released this February. It features some significant improvement over the previous version. Primary of which is new compression used to decrease installer archive size.

For those who are not familiar, here is a short description of V-Ray.

It is a professional lighting and rendering tool for architects and designers. It is created by Chaos Group and comes as an extension of SketchUp.

With an incredible set of creation tools, V-Ray lets you render anything and everything. You can create some quick models, or pull out all brakes and render a whole scene in realistic detail.

You get around 600 realistic new materials to adorn your model using V-Ray in SketchUp, too. This lets you create photorealistic images of your model. You can make 3D models exquisite in detail using this plugin as well.

1. You can use it to automatically remove noise in scenes. The render time is cut in half. Now you can denoise after rendering as well.

2. Now you can use global illumination in stunningly realistic scenes indoors and outdoors. There are plenty of in-built lighting styles to choose from. Make it look real!

3. You can apply HDR tech on your image as well. The high dynamic range produces a more normalized image that would feel lifelike.

4. VR-ready content creation is now possible. You can now see your model in 3D environment!
5. Around 600 drag-and-drop materials! Use them to dress up your model and customize endlessly.

6. V-Ray now keeps your render history in the frame buffer. You can use this to fine-tune color, exposure, depth perception and more!

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Some useful sketchup tips for improving your model renderings

This article is extracted from an exclusive sketchup article written by Michael LaValley, a renowned architect. The article focuses on some useful tips for making your model rendering process superior.

Sketchup is basically a model maker not a perfect software for rendering. Natively, SketchUp doesn?t ?render? the images out of your model. Relatively, it acquires what seem to be effectively ?screenshots? of your model and then exports them with very restricted control over what you?ll achieve.

To find solution for the issue, one can choose three basic levels of intervention like full separation, partial integration or full integration.

1: Full Separation – The most convenient method to enhance your model as well as your output rendering, is to completely export the model to another program. This efficiently facilitates you to cut knots from SketchUp as soon as the most part of your model is developed there with the purpose of controlling the horsepower of another program?s rendering platform.

But the process is complicated to handle the model as it needs the most substantial level of completion before the transition.

Some useful sketchup tips for improving your model renderings

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s4u to Components ? The newest sketchup plugin

s4u to Components is a useful sketchup plugin. It supports sketchup 2016 and sketchup 2017. It is paid plugin.

This is sketchup plugin is mostly suitable for the landscape and hardscape design industries.

It is useful for transforming objects to components. It offers the following features

Draw Lines To Components :
It is possible to draw line and change to components with draw line component attribute.
Choose 1 Face or 1 Component for drawing purpose.
Press Tab or Ctrl to switch insert point
Press Up, Down, Left, Right for mirror x,y axis

Lines To Components:
Change Lines to components with lines to components attribute.
Choose 1 Face (or 1 component or no select for get default component) and Lines to transform

s4u to Components ? The newest sketchup plugin

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How to use Enscape 3D to create real time visualization in sketchup

This sketchup video provides brief demonstration on Enscape 3D, a powerful rendering plug in for sketchup that can make your visualization process smarter. This plugin is still in beta testing phase.

The users don?t require any additional plugin for their project. Just install the Enscape plugin and walk through your projects with simple mouse click.

In conjunction with the Oculus Rift, it is possible to virtually walk trough your project in Enscape. Experience your work as it was developed previously.

How to use Enscape 3D to create real time visualization in sketchup

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