SketchUV – Plugin for SketchUp

“SketchUV (UV texture tool)” is a texture plugin in SketchUp, developed by Mind Sight Studios. SketchUV is a very powerful texture processing tool. This plug-in was originally a paid commercial plug-in, and it is now free to use. When We was recording the “SketchUV (UV Texture Tool) Tutorial” , We was actually biased towards friends who like to eat fast food. Here We will write a topic where you can eat slowly.

UVW texture is a professional term in 3DMAX. UVW usually refers to the texture coordinates of the object.

3DMAX uses the three letters UVW to represent the three axes of XYZ. U represents X, V represents Y, and W represents Z. UVW textures are generally used when the texture coordinates are lost, and can also be used when you want to set the texture location in detail. Because textures are generally flat , texture coordinates generally only use the UV term, and the W term is rarely used.

That is to say, if you make a model and you want him to add a specific texture, you need to perform this UV unfolding operation.

The unfolding process is not clear in one sentence or two. There are similar industry standard references here. Find a tutorial for developing UVs. Basically, those are the contents. After the expansion, the points of each texture will be clear at a glance. Then edit this UV map in the PS software. What texture you set will show what texture the corresponding model will display.

SketchUp’s ability to adjust the texture is still relatively poor, especially in the early version of SketchUp, even a spherical texture and a cylindrical texture have been engaged for a long time. Now the SketchUV tool can quickly solve this problem. Its toolbar has two icons. On the left is the “UV Map” tool, on the right is the “Path Selection” tool (above). If we click on the “UV Map” tool, the texture adjustment function is already activated. At this time, if we click on any face, a “context menu” will pop up (below).

Projection map

Projecting a texture from a plane on the object is similar to projecting a slide to some extent. When you need to map the side of an object, planar projection is used. It is also used to map multiple sides obliquely, and to map two sides of symmetric objects.

SketchUV - Plugin for SketchUp

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