What’s New in V-Ray 3.6

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp, the latest update for its professional rendering plugin. Built with the Chaos Group’s industry-leading technology, V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp simplifies the design process for architects and designers, offering photorealistic visuals and easy-to-use concept controls for construction. This latest update brings a simplified interface, improved GPU rendering and support for SketchUp 2018.

With a complete set of creative tools, V-Ray allows you to render anything and everything – from fast design models to the most detailed 3D scenes.

New stuff in V-Ray 3.6

Viewport rendering: With the new Viewport rendering, you can easily select and render multiple regions at the same time, and quickly blend between your V-Ray render and the SketchUp model using +/- hot keys to control opacity.

Powerful GPU Rendering: Faster and more powerful GPU processing, with additional support for aerial perspective, displacement, underground dispersion, matte / shadows and more.

Hybrid GPU + CPU Rendering: The V-Ray GPU running on NVIDIA CUDA can take full advantage of all available hardware, including CPUs and GPUs.

Adaptive Lights: For scenes with lots of lights, the new adaptive light mode can help you reduce rendering times by up to 700%.

Intelligent Interface: The entire V-Ray interface for SketchUp is now cleaner and simpler, with better support for 4K monitors.

What's New in V-Ray 3.6
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Arka Roy

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