How to Connect SketchUp Scenes to LayOut Viewports

Sketchup scenes ane LayOut viewports are both very useful tools that you can use to scrutinize your model. But did you know that creating scenes are very useful when you want to work with viewports? When you are working with multiple SketchUp model viewports, it is a really a master level trick to create and connect corresponding scenes in the SketchUp model.

If you are an experienced user, the need for this should be fairly clear by now to you. If you are not sure why you need this, here goes why you should create corresponding scenes to use multiple viewports.

When you use LayOut, viewports are a good idea to see your model from any angle you need. Indeed, it is easier in LayOut to zoom, pan and orbit the camera / pov than in SketchUp. However, all that agility is lost the moment you close the viewport – there is no way to save a particular view in LayOut.

But you can create and save Scenes in SketchUp, no? So, the trick is to get the particular angle or point of view you need in SketchUp, save it as a scene, and then associate it to LayOut. This way, next time you open the document, you can jump directly to that view instead of wasting time in mucking about with the camera.

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Arka Roy

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