Virtual Design and Construction with SketchUp as Done by M Moser

M Moser Associates is a global AEC firm specializing in workplace construction. They have been in action for only fifteen years, but within this short time they have already gained major traction with many big commercial construction projects. M Moser uses a methodology named ‘VDC’ implemented with SketchUp and LayOut – and it works like a charm!

What is VDC

According to Charles Corley, Director of Organizational Development at M Moser, VDC is Virtual Design & Construction. Which is a particular workflow that constructs the entire project model in 3D, instead of relying upon 2D drawings and specialized people to interpret them. All major stakeholders in the project can participate and understand the project model very easily since they can directly visualize what the thing will look like actually in real-life, regardless of their expertise with architectural designs.

In VDC, a wall looks like a wall, a table looks like a table, and you can walk through the virtual 3D building as you would in real life. VDC thus becomes an effective communications tool that keeps everything transparent among different parties involved in the project.

How SketchUp helps M Moser focus in business

The legendary flexibility of SketchUp lets M Moser take on many kinds of projects, but their main focus goes on to designing workplaces, offices, etc. SketchUp and LayOut’s capabilities expand way beyond the basics with the many plugins available online, and together they make up one of the best architectural and engineering design software ever built.

The problem with these types of projects is that they can be ever-changing. New technologies come up every day changing workplace requirements, and you have to be nimble to cope with the ever-changing times. With rather traditional projects, fast work is rewarded while you nail things down before estimates and construction begins, for the proper documentation and permits work. But large projects change and move like a live animal right from the get-go, and having an extremely adaptive design platform is the key to keep up.

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