Most Popular Study Table in 3d Warehouse

Mid Century Modern Desk

Downloads: 297K

This is a beautiful study table model. Crystalcore has made this model. Total polygons are 5,417. File size is 2 mb. The modified date is 4th August 2015. Layer of the model is one. This can be measured in millimeters. The bounds are 1K x 1K x 1K. Total 13 numbers of materials are used in this model. Total 2k like this model. Total download number of this model is 297K.

Escrivaninha_Desk of Study

Downloads: 100k

Thomaz Gobatto has made this model. Total number of materials is 42 used in this model. Total polygons are 24,096. File size is 6 mb. The modified date is 13th march 2014. Layer of the model is one. This can be measured in meters. The bounds are 1 x 2 x 1. Total 82 people like this model. Total download number of this model is 100K.

Desk Table

Download: 73k

Sketch Top has made this model. Total number of materials is 2 used in this model. Total polygons are 1,310. File size is 204 kb. The modified date is 12th march 2014. Layer of the model is two. This can be measured in centimeters. The bounds are 50 x 105 x 75. Total 274 people like this model. Total download number of this model is 73K.

Office Table with Chair

Download: 66k

James Eric kuzwa has made this model. Total number of materials is 33 used in this model. Total polygons are 29,717. File size is 7 mb. The modified date is 9th october 2017. Layer of the model is one. This can be measured in millimeters.The bounds are 1K x 1K x 1K. Total 134 people like this model.Total download number of this model is 66K.

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Using SketchUp with Help of VR

SketchUp is a computer program based on 3D model. This software is used to draw different type of application such as architectural, interior design landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

Now users can review their SketchUp models with VR. Here VR stands for virtual reality. SketchUp pro members can now see their SketchUp models from the inside by using the HTC Vive Oculus Rift headsets of virtual reality. By using this virtual reality SketchUp designers now save the time.

Using of virtual reality

Now users are able to review their SketchUp models with VR more effectively. Users need a right VR headset, a computer which are able to render VR experience and 3D to VR software. The virtual reality software, prospect is very intuitional to walk through SketchUp models.

Preparing SketchUp models for VR

Users have to do few things before entering the 3D based models using virtual reality software. At first users have to sure that their SketchUp models have proper geolocation settings. If the SketchUp models have proper geolocation setting then it properly counts glare and shadows cast from the natural light. This setting will also help by adjusting sun setting in virtual reality.

If users want to see different scene in the model or jump between different rooms or location then they have changed the settings in advance mode. The setting is changed automatically into viewpoints.

Viewing SketchUp models in Virtual Reality mode

After completing the upper mentioned steps now users have to plug in the VR headset and either they have to drag and drop a SketchUp file into the zone or find and upload their file by clicking the option browse. after that now users have to select the files and click the option view in VR put on the headset.

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Most Popular Alternative Softwares Of Sketchup

SketchUp is a very popular computer generated program that helps users to make their model in 3D. It gives a simple user interface. This software also can make robots, sculptures, 3D based objects. This software is very easy to learn.

SketchUp also has a 3D warehouse. 3D warehouse is a huge library of premade models and users can easily take and use any objects into their projects. This software saves time.

SketchUp has two versions. One is free and the other one is a paid version. Users can run free versions on the web and it can run by any browser. Apart from this users have to pay $119 per year. The paid version can run on Windows and Mac.


1. SketchUp is very user friendly. It is easy to learn and use. From beginners to advanced members can use SketchUp.
2. SketchUp has built-in rendering capabilities.
3. SketchUp has numerous plug-ins.
4. SketchUp software has a free and paid version. Free version is available for students and educators.

List of Alternatives:

Art of Illusion

This software is an open source 3D based modeling program. It was first released in 1999. It was also very popular in the RepRap community. This software is perfect for first time users. This software has a large number of plug-ins.

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Best Free Lamp Models In 3d Warehouse For Sketchup Users


SketchUp is a 3D based computer program. It is very helpful for drawing applications such as architecture, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering. SketchUp is able to visualize iea of users. Users also are able to customize their own workspace. Users also can design in 3D while the documents are 3D.

SketchUp helps users to make designs in almost every stage. SketchUp provides users with a simple and very easy to use interface for beginners to advanced users. Users can create 3D based models, import drawings, CAD plans, photos etc. after that users have to use modeling tools for expanding the ideas in 3D.

3D Warehouse

3D warehouse is online and users can access it from any type of web browser. It is a website full of pre made 3D models. These models work very smoothly with SketchUp. It is a resource and community for everyone. By using 3D warehouse users can download models, save models as favorites, upload created models and connect with other users.


1. Users can share their work with the world.
2. Users can find many models.
3. Users also can promote their product.

List of free Lamps

Hanging Light Cluster

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V-Ray 5 for Rhino is Released

One of the best rendering engines in the world, V-Ray is among the top rendering softwares in the world. And, Rhino is arguably one of the best 3D modeling softwares in the market. When you combine them together, you get awesome visualizations of your 3D creations – latest, in the essence of V-Ray 5 for Rhino.

V-Ray is basically a 3D rendering program that works as a plugin for many 3D modeling applications. The program is developed and released by the Chaos Group from Bulgaria. This commercial plug-in for third-party graphics software is used for visualizing 3D models in realistic settings, and is widely used across many industries such as media, entertainment, video, and game productions. However, in this case, the usage is mostly locked in various kinds of engineering industries – the construction industry taking the lead in V-Ray usage.

Features of V-Ray 5 for Rhino

V-Ray Vision

Perhaps the most exciting part of this new release, V-Ray Vision is a system where you can see the changes in the works as you arrange lights and shadows, day time etc. It is a real useful tool for anyone who uses Rhino or Grasshopper. This feature comes into play as you set up materials on surfaces as well. V-Ray Vision lets you have the following:

1. Exploring the model in real-time reality
2. Collaborating about decision making in the design
3. Exporting normal and panoramic pictures of a scene
4. Save real-time animations as you progress

For the above features, V-Ray Vision is best suited for speeding up your decision making work as you design your model’s looks for presentation.

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Most Popular Rendering Software For Sketchup

Rendering in SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D based tool that helps to make designs very easily. Though SketchUp does not include advanced rendering software. But if users want to make their models look more professional then they can use external render engines.


By using rendering software users can create realistic views of 3D. Rendering software is also able to calculate the shadow. By this calculation we can know that any element of the scene is illuminated or not and many more.

Rendering Software

V-ray: This software is very suitable for SketchUp users. This software is widely used. Vladimir Koylazon and Peter Milet developed this software in 1997 in Bulgaria. This tool is based on advanced technology and it has:

1. Path tracing
2. Photon mapping
3. Various lighting effects
4. Users are also able to do post production
5. Users can edit
6. Users can apply the rendering to the project very easily

This rendering tool also has physical v-ray cameras.

IDX Renditioner: IDX Renditioner is a tool to create photorealistic rendering, apply materials and lighting controls of the projects. This tool also has a paid version. Users have to subscribe to the paid version with $199. Though there is another free version of this tool available. The size of the free version is different from the paid version.

Artlantis: By using this tool, users can create virtual animation in 3D. Users can get full HD animation. Users are also able to transform 3D into images. This software also has two versions. Artlantis render is very suitable for those who need good rendering quality for their projects.

Artlantis studios is very suitable for those who need high resolution not only at image level but also in animation. Though this tool has a disadvantage that it does not have any export tool.

Kerkythea: This software is a graphic rendering tool. It is able to make rendering fast and easy. This tool has a material editor and various kinds of graphic tools.

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Top 10 Free Popular Plugin For Better Sketchup Experience

sketchUp user community has developed different types of tools to make the existing tools more powerful and to get a better experience. These tools are called plug-ins. Most of the plugins are free of cost and users can download them from SketchUp extension.

Use of SketchUp Plugin

1. At first users have to select the window option and then the extension manager option in SketchUp.
2. After that users have to click the install extension option.
3. After that when SketchUp tells users to install extensions only from trusted links then they have to click yes option to install the desired extension.

1001 bit tools

This extension has 39 tools to get better qualities while doing SketchUp. This is the freeware version.

Front face tool

If any face of any objects is facing backwards generally users have to select and choose the reverse faces option. It takes a lot of time but by using this tool users have to click the button and then drag the mouse over all the backside faces.

Shape bender

1. Users first have to mimic the curve of the desired bend by copying or drawing the line.
2. Then they have to draw a line along the length of the object users want to bend.
3. Then users have to select the object and then they have to click the tool button.
4. After that users can see the instruction tool at bottom left on the SketchUp window.
5. After that users have to select the curve.

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PreDesign by Trimble for SketchUp Professionals

Trimble is California based hardware and software technology company. Trimble released PreDesign for SketchUp professionals. Users can use this software to test different strategies so that they understand how climate and environment of certain website can effect on design proposals.


  • PreDesign is also help the professionals to understand the conceptual phase very well.  
  • This type of software also provides informative data and graphics to make right decisions regarding climate related. 
  • This type of software also helps to understand the designers about the impact of site’s climate on design proposals. 

SketchUp is the most popular way to create the designs in 3D format. PreDesign also helps the professionals by including design research in their workflows. PreDesign give the necessary acuteness so that they can make the right decisions to create different design strategies and communicate well with their clients.

Environment of certain website will play an important role in project’s performance. It can extend the cycle to make different design teams. It also provides the right potential for heavy cost in the project.  This type of software can simplify more and increases the design to get the best result from a project.

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Top 12 SketchUp Plugin For Modeling

SketchUp is the most popular software among architectures. It is very easy to learn and use. Freshers also can use this software as well as professionals. Many architects want to learn advance stage of SketchUp.

This software is very useful for everyday work and it also has a plethora of plugins that helps the users to analyze the complex form of modeling and save money and time of the users.

Readers also can search various topics about SketchUp in different website for more insightful information and detailing.

Sketchy FFD

By using this software users are able to create complex form from gridded surfaces. This tool adds a control edge to a specific object. it also helps the users to create domes, arches, free flowing organic shapes which is constructed from wave elements. This plugin added into SketchUp by CPhillips.

Memory Copy

This tool also allows the users to copy geometry and transform its size or rotation of geometry. This plugin memorizes the last move and copy that. This plugin is added by Adam Billyard.

JHS Power Bar

By using this tool users are also able for creating an array along a path. It also able to place a set of elements in a stipulated arrangement. This tool also has tutorial video in website. Users can watch this. CadFather add the tool in SketchUp. This plugin added into SketchUp by CadFather.

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V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Professionals

Chaos group is best known company computer technology in graphics. This company helps architects and engineers to create different animations and photorealistic images for designing and visualization. Top designing studios architectural firms advertising agencies use their software daily.

Chaos group released a new update named V-Ray for SketchUp.  V-Ray collaborates real time and photorealistic rendering at a time. By using V-Ray professionals can see real time presentation of current project. It also helps the professionals to make decision about full photorealism.

V-Ray vision can transform the work of designers in SketchUp. V-Ray brings real time view of every project done by professionals. By using real time professionals can add detailed design without hanging the whole system. V-Ray is great visualization solution for users.

V-Ray Vision 

V-Ray vision helps in everything before final rendering. It also helps the professionals to get new ideas and feedback of clients before photorealism. V-Ray shows the users how to move models, application of different materials or set up lights and cameras in a moment. V-Ray vision also offers real time view of the updated scene. V-Ray also snapshots many images and add animated sequences. By using V-Ray vision users also share their work with stakeholders.

Light Gen Tool 

By using Light Gen tool users explode various types of lightning, analyze those and finally select the best look for working project. Light gen tool has dozens of lightning variations which can generate automatically. Light Gen also helps to enlighten exterior and interior by V-Ray sun and sky system. It also enlightens by including HDRI images.

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