PreDesign by Trimble for SketchUp Professionals

Trimble is California based hardware and software technology company. Trimble released PreDesign for SketchUp professionals. Users can use this software to test different strategies so that they understand how climate and environment of certain website can effect on design proposals.


  • PreDesign is also help the professionals to understand the conceptual phase very well.  
  • This type of software also provides informative data and graphics to make right decisions regarding climate related. 
  • This type of software also helps to understand the designers about the impact of site’s climate on design proposals. 

SketchUp is the most popular way to create the designs in 3D format. PreDesign also helps the professionals by including design research in their workflows. PreDesign give the necessary acuteness so that they can make the right decisions to create different design strategies and communicate well with their clients.

Environment of certain website will play an important role in project’s performance. It can extend the cycle to make different design teams. It also provides the right potential for heavy cost in the project.  This type of software can simplify more and increases the design to get the best result from a project.

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Arka Roy

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