Most Popular Rendering Software For Sketchup

Rendering in SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D based tool that helps to make designs very easily. Though SketchUp does not include advanced rendering software. But if users want to make their models look more professional then they can use external render engines.


By using rendering software users can create realistic views of 3D. Rendering software is also able to calculate the shadow. By this calculation we can know that any element of the scene is illuminated or not and many more.

Rendering Software

V-ray: This software is very suitable for SketchUp users. This software is widely used. Vladimir Koylazon and Peter Milet developed this software in 1997 in Bulgaria. This tool is based on advanced technology and it has:

1. Path tracing
2. Photon mapping
3. Various lighting effects
4. Users are also able to do post production
5. Users can edit
6. Users can apply the rendering to the project very easily

This rendering tool also has physical v-ray cameras.

IDX Renditioner: IDX Renditioner is a tool to create photorealistic rendering, apply materials and lighting controls of the projects. This tool also has a paid version. Users have to subscribe to the paid version with $199. Though there is another free version of this tool available. The size of the free version is different from the paid version.

Artlantis: By using this tool, users can create virtual animation in 3D. Users can get full HD animation. Users are also able to transform 3D into images. This software also has two versions. Artlantis render is very suitable for those who need good rendering quality for their projects.

Artlantis studios is very suitable for those who need high resolution not only at image level but also in animation. Though this tool has a disadvantage that it does not have any export tool.

Kerkythea: This software is a graphic rendering tool. It is able to make rendering fast and easy. This tool has a material editor and various kinds of graphic tools.

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