All you need to Know about PreDesign in SketchUp 2021

We have already announced the release of SketchUp 2021 in one of our previous articles – real all about what’s new in SketchUp 2021 here! One of the most interesting features of SketchUp that Trimble announced this fall, however, is the PreDesign in SketchUp pro 2021. This requires a detailed understanding. Let us delve in!

The SketchUp 2021 PreDesign feature is for architects and designers who want to, sort of, test drive their creation a bit before it actually takes shape. That is to say, the designer can, using this feature, now test out the environmental impact of their building in the area, and alternately, the effect of the site climate on the building.

The need for PreDesign

Green building is all the rage now, and for good reason. The effect of climate change is making us all think about things like sustainable architecture and energy efficiency and environmental footprint. All of these can be estimated using specialized environmental scientific software (looking at you, Sefaira!) – and quite effectively, too.

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