Tutorials for SketchUp Rendering

V-Ray is a computer-generated rendering software. The developer group is the Chaos group. This software was released in 2007. k. V-Ray is an incredible representation answer for clients.

Chaos Group released V-Ray for SketchUp. V-Ray collaborates real-time and photorealistic rendering at a time. Professionals can see real time presentation of the current project by using V-Ray. It also helps the professionals to make decisions about full photorealism.

V-Ray vision can transform the work of designers in SketchUp. V-Ray brings the real-time view of every project which is completed by professionals. Professionals can add detailed design without changing the whole system by using real-time. V-Ray is a great visualization solution for users.


  • Users can see the designs in real-time.
  • U, GPU & Hybrid Rendering.
  • Denoiser.
  • Interactive Rendering.
  • Chaos Cloud.
  • V-Ray Swarm.
  • Smart asset editor.
  • File Manager.
  • V-Ray Color Picker.
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer.
  • Universal asset preview.

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Arka Roy

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