Adding Process of Reflection to Sketchup Models

A reflection is an option, by using that users can make the objects shiny and also add a shiny nice surface. Reflection is possible by using a ray trace renderer. Users have to continue the process when they found a non-reflective surface. Reflection on a wood or tile can be added to the photorealistic effects of a 3D rendering.

There are few types of reflections

1. Polished – It is a type of undisturbed reflection like a mirror.
2. Blurry – Tiny random bumps on the surface of the material happen and it makes the reflection to be blurry.
3. Metallic – If the highlights and reflections keep or hold the color of the reflective object then it is called metallic reflection.
4. Glossy – When the reflection is actually blurred then it is known as glossy reflection. It is also a synonym of “Blurred Reflection”.

The process of reflection

What he likes

1. According to him “Sketchup Free version for PC water-cooling designers” is the most likable thing in SketchUp. He said that SketchUp helped him to see that when the pc water cooling project completed, how it would look like.

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