Glancy Nicholls Architects and SketchUp – A Fine Duet

Established by Lyndon Glancy RIBA and Patrick Nicholls RIBA in June 2004, Glancy Nicholls Architects (GNA) Ltd. is a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Practice. GNA is persistently associated with prominent public and private division advancements, working with many recurrent clients, including blue chip associations, across numerous areas.

GNA is dynamic in instruction, understudy convenience, private, medical services, relaxation, modern, workplaces, and various ace arranging projects. For over ten years, GNA has had a great outreach, extending the training’s capacity to react to new open doors introduced by new advancements as they become accessible or as they invigorate. Tech advisors, for instance, worked close by the GNA group to relocate over to Revit as the foundation of decision, helping the training to build up a BIM stage in compatibility of BIM Level 2 accreditation.

One occurrence of this proactive methodology has been in GNA’s extending utilization of SketchUp as a calculated displaying instrument for beginning phase design. GNA had just begun utilizing SketchUp, however the organizations have investigated its more profound abilities with the objective of expanding the modernity of how GNA presents ideas to its clients.

“SketchUp has helped them address a principal necessity by the way we convey thoughts to their clients,” clarifies Paul Hutt, Director at GNA. “This thought of correspondence – getting the idea across to the client in a manner that is so nitty gritty and ‘similar’ that they can share the vision you have about how the project can wind up – is something all architects need to fight with.”

Hutt glances back at how ideas were customarily introduced not very far in the past and proposes that the methodologies once utilized currently look old. High quality models, 2D drawings, craftsman’s impressions, materials tests, and reference photos of different projects utilizing comparative materials, were assembled at significant cost to exhibit how the last project would look.

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Tech-savvy Office of Grammarly Using Sketchup

Grammarly is a worldwide company. This company is situated in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv. This company works 24*7 hours. This company work as a digital writing assistant across the world. Grammarly uses a plethora of IT devices and also uses and exchanges a high level of communication and data exchange.

The Grammarly Company grew over the years. So, this company needed a larger space for accommodation of all the employees. Grammarly required a huge number of open spaces for various activities.

  1. A conference hall with a capacity of 150 people. 
  2. The reception zones 
  3. Restroom areas for employees. 
  4. Different lounge zones 
  5. Nap rooms 
  6. Canteen facilities for employees 
  7. Soundproof recreation room 
  8. Multiple meeting rooms with the facility of audio and video technology. 

Leading architecture firm named balbek bureau designed the new office of Grammarly. This office is located in Kyiv in Ukraine. It has 150 employees. So, the architecture firm developed only one type of design by fulfilling the entire requirement. After that the clients from Grammarly saw the design and requested some changes. The architecture firm changed the design where needed but otherwise they did not create a range of design solutions.

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Aaron Dietzen Makes Playhouse using SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D based computer program. It has a huge range of drawing applications like architecture, interior design, and also landscape architecture, civil architecture and mechanical engineer. It is very easy to learn and use. This software is suitable for everyone like students, professionals. It has different types of features like graphic engine, transparent effect, drawing tools, 3D warehouse. This software is absolutely free for personal use at some level. But after a stipulated time, users have to purchase it.

SketchUp and LayOut are designed to work together for better experience. After inserting a SketchUp model into a Layout document, user can design the document so that the user can highlight 3D models good features. If users need to change the SketchUp model then user can update the model in LayOut so that all information of the model are synched automatically.

 Layout has several features like automatic updating, vector drawing tools, annotate and explain, it also can print high resolution documents. It is a tool of SketchUp that is designed to create architectural documents from SketchUp models. Drawings which are creating in Layout are living documents that automatically update as users update their models in SketchUp.

The making process 

Friend of Aaron Dietzen once told him to make a playhouse for his son. The playhouse was based on a video game named Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He created the playhouse for fun and he was also able to make the playhouse from scratch.

At first Aaron Dietzen passed a SKP file back and showed a general and normal shape of the structure. Donovan and Aaron Dietzen were able for passing simple images of the file back. The model had simple faces. Aaron Dietzen grouped every face of walls, roofs and floors and made those framable. Donovan and Aaron Dietzen planned for using 1 or 2” plywood to make stability, and 2*3 framing members for minimizing the size of the walls. According to Aaron Dietzen the work was simple. They used 2*3 elements and also plywood elements to fill out the framing. The process was easy.

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Sketchup Tutorials Resources and Courses

SketchUp is the best tool. By using this tool users can create 3D based models. In a section users can find different SketchUp trainers. There are many other sites available where outstanding resources, tutorials and online training options are also included. In another best section named SketchUp Campus the fundamentals are expressed in detail information. 

SketchUp School

Users can find SketchUp school on the official website. SketchUp school is a video course library. In this video library users can find tutorials for professionals. This site is not for freshers or beginners. This site is for professionals. This site is not free of cost. This site is not suitable for beginners. It is an online resource and it is designed specially for pros. 

SketchUp artists

This site is suitable for professionals. In this section users can learn to enhance images with post processing by using SketchUp. It is combined with other graphics editors like photoshop. Users find here many tips and tricks for exploring. is one of the most popular sources to get the SketchUp training. Users can sign up for online training, corporate training, live training, and even private SketchUp training.

If users want to learn from home, they can search extensive tutorial library. This library has more than 12 hours of popular content, working files and feedback.

However, users can access the library only with the SketchUp Membership that means users have to subscribe to this but users also can try it for free with very limited access.

SketchUp tutorials by Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal created SketchUp tutorials. This is another site that professional users don’t want to miss. It is not free at all. There is a free trial for everyone. Daniel Tal is a 3D specialist. He has published many books and created excellent methods. He shares this in all his tutorials.

The video course library has a paid membership, in this site SketchUp extensions, thousands of working 3D models, cheat sheets for basics and functions, eBooks, tips and tricks, articles, and the latest industry news are also available.

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List of BIM software for project development

All through the BIM project stage, the Coordinator begins accepting an expanding number of obligations. Their inclination may shift and rely upon the undertaking, organization, and client necessities. In any case, it is exceptionally likely that a portion of the principal obligations is to consolidate the business models into a solitary, aggregate multidisciplinary model, checking for mathematical impacts between the ventures, and dealing with the identified imperfections by circulating them between colleagues. It is important to have coordination uphold projects to play out these undertakings appropriately. The absolute most mainstream is:

Navisworks Manage

Navisworks is an undertaking review programming designed to permit architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to review integrated models and information with partners to all the more likely control project results. It distinguishes issues with the design prior to construction in the field and, subsequently, minimizes revamp. Conflict detection and viewpoints are especially useful for individuals in the field.

It provides various highlights including conflict detective which includes the conflict test reports, NavisView which permits the user to drift over the model, and we can run the 4d simulation and maintain the information. The review gathered by and facilitated on

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Instant Roof Nui – SketchUp Extension Review

So, you’ve been using SketchUp for a while now, but have you seen how difficult it is to design roofs in SketchUp? Don’t worry, Instant Roof is here. With Instant Roof Nui, you can virtually construct precise and beautiful roofs in a snap!

Instant Roof Nui Extension Highlights 

Instant Roof Nui is an upgrade of Instant Roof Pro, and it has the following capabilities:

  • Making a Roof: just select edges and faces and click the make roof icon on the toolbar – and see the magic! 
  • Making a Dutch Gable: select the hip roof faces as you wish and click the Dutch gable icon. 
  • Adding Beams, Rafters, and Gutters to a Roof: Just select existing roof faces and click on the roof details option. 
  • Adding, Removing, or Changing Roofing Material and Objects: soffits, fascia, hips, beams, rafters, roofing types, etc. Can be easily created and modified using the add materials icon on the toolbar. 
  • CAD fixing work: additionally, you can use the imported geometry from other CAD programs to create roofs using the CAD fixer button. 
  • Note: first use the good settings for the cad fixer, the other options are for far more problematic CAD imports such as traced geometry.  
  • Also note if your imported model has CAD high polygonal geometry on it then the cad fixer has an option to try and fix that as well. 

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De Vries Uses SketchUp to Design Award-winning Projects

De Vries wins different projects. In this project, he used SketchUp software. SketchUp is a 3D-based computer-aided software program. It is used in architecture, design, engineering sites. It is mainly used to help architects, designers.

De Vries wins different undertakings. In this venture, he used SketchUp programming. SketchUp is a 3D-based PC-aided programming program. It is used in architecture, design, engineering sites. It is mainly used to help architects, designers.

As the images illustrate, the SketchUp presentations genuinely transformed into a reality for Sam and the proprietors! This rich design mixes impeccably with the surrounding environment while offering a unique and practical use of the room.

The introduction of various materials links different zones, enhancing the sophistication and minimalist approach to managing this fantastic design.

The proprietors expected to maximize their use of outside space while likewise creating a striking view from the inside of the house this is where the introduction of a glass pool window was outlined into the design to provide this stunning picture outline.

From SketchUp to Reality

Sam established De Vries Designs in 2018 in the wake of working for one of Perth’s leading scene firms, Tim Davies Landscaping. He’d arrived in WA a year prior to that to work in the mining industry.

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The New Tag Management in SketchUp 2021

While we have already published our introduction to Sketchup 2021, we feel the new features of this great Trimble product are too big to cover in one article. So we are explaining them one by one separately – and today we have the new tag management in Sketchup 2021 to explain.

Tags are everywhere in every 3D modeling system, in different names or guises. They are very useful to organize objects in neat classifications. In SketchUp, you can make tags by using the Tags panel, and assign objects existing tags by using the Entity Info panel. However, SketchUp 2021 has kicked this up quite a few notches.

The latest improvements with tags in SketchUp 2021 lets you label and organize your groups and other entities like never before. Using the new Tag Management system, you will be able to have a much clearer, organized model structure. It’s like stocking your spice drawer with perfectly labeled spice jars.

How does it work?

It was a longstanding complaint with SketchUp users that tag management becomes a real headache as the model grows more complex. And it can really increase your blood pressure when you’re setting up a big 3D model for 2D documentation like in LayOut. Lots of tags everywhere gives you nowhere to go. Plus, when you needed to control model visibility, you had to click each tag separately.

Tag Folders

That is why the developers at Trimble have come up with the idea of Tag Folders. You can now create folders in the tag panel, which can contain tags. This will greatly aid you in bulk model visibility control, and will let you organize tags quicker and more easily.

The advantage of this new Tag Folder in SketchUp 2021  is twofold. First, you can take better control of your tags and organize them in a much more efficient manner. Secondly, as tag folders behave much like tags in the panel, you can enable or disable whole folders full of tags to turn on or off large chunks of your model quickly.

Obviously, when designing in a given scenario, or when doing documentation, reporting, or just handling visibility in the model, this new system will come in very handy. Because most tags are in a folder, you will now be able to locate similar types of tags much more easily. Furthermore, it becomes just an one-click affair to turn on or off great portions of the model.

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MyLumion a 3D Based Software by Brightman Designs

Brightman designs invent new upgraded software named MyLumion. It is basically a powerhouse that creates lightweight can access virtual tours with one click.  This new upgraded software MyLumion also save time of the users.

Client Delivery Issues

It is basically 3D based software so it is difficult to handle. Many times, client will hope that they will install a viewer and by installing it they will download and open a file very easily and then see the whole design while making comments on it. So, the hand off a model to the client may become quite dangerous and complex.

To create custom flash presentation with the capacity of virtual tour, using hotspot is very technical and time saving. In this process users just need to click a hotspot option in the flash presentation with the hotspot on the plans. Then a virtual tour can be opened. Though this is quite a huge and expensive technical process.

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Top 5 Sketchup Designs Around the World


SketchUp is a 3D based software which is able to create and edit 2D and 3D models with the push and pull method. Designers exile any type of flat surface into 3D shapes. Drawing layout functionality, surface rendering and plugin are also included in the software. In 1999 SketchUp was created by @Last Software. 

Architectural design with SketchUp

  • Architects draw any type of designs very smoothly because SketchUp behaves like an extension of the architect.
  • Architectural drawing can be adjusted very easily. SketchUp is a 3D based drawing tool.
  • Architects render surfaces in an array of styles. Architects can choose any type of model that suits the design most and it is also able to please the client.
  • Architects add various special effects because SketchUp allows the use of multiple plug-in.

Architects are able to place their model in Google Earth, on the actual site.

Diyar Aydogan is the architect who built this beautiful building. He is interior architecture and environmental designer. His contact id is His website is

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