How and when to use Emissive Materials in Sketchup

By using emissive materials in your SketchUp projects you can create the perfect lighting. The emissive materials are different than artificial light and can help you create effects which cannot be achieved otherwise.By choosing to make your material emissive you can turn it into a light source which glows and can be given any shape and texture. This gives you a scope to be even more creative.

The glow from emissive materials can be used for television or computer screen, exit sign or even for the brake lights of a car. They can also be used where artificial lights cannot be used such as to create the effect of recessed ceiling light.

Deciding when to use emissive materials as opposed to artificial lights can be a difficult choice. Using the right type of lightning can help in the project appear more real. This article will guide you through the process of using emissive lights.

Definition of Emissive Material

These are self-illuminating materials which means that these materials can emit light across their surface. The intensity of the glow can determine how the surround area lights up. Emissive materials can be used to create complex forms of glow which allows you to be creative.

In rendering realistic scenes Global Illumination is a key element and emissive materials belong to the global illumination calculation. With the GI calculation light bounce creates an indirect source of light which illuminates areas without artificial light or direct sunlight. Emissive materials which are part of the GI calculation therefore emit indirect light. The emission materials cannot be used to simulate artificial light. Here is a list of instructions on how to make materials emissive using SketchUp- Using the Enscape’s material editor it takes two clicks. First of all, open the Material Editor with a click on the button in the Enscape ribbon, or by selecting Enscape Materials in the Enscape dropdown menu. Next by using the SketchUp pickup tool select the material you want to make emissive. This gives you more control on the various settings related to the emissive materials.

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