Top 10 SketchUp Plugin for Scheduling

1. BoxUp XYZ

The BoxUp extension for SketchUp Dynamic Components now adds Dynamic Materials, Costing, and Lists, as well as 14 new dynamic functions. In addition to working with modular systems based on sheets/profiles, this feature is useful for kitchens, office furniture, shelving, wardrobes, aluminum profile systems, etc.

You can use any sheet-based material, including MDF, plywood, glass, and acrylic. Using linear materials such as aluminum profiles, edge bands, and gaskets will help achieve better results.

You can make your collections of components or you can create collections for clients. Among the dynamic components provided by BoxUp for kitchen design are a wide range of dynamic components. Utilize it as a reference, the basis for building your own, or anything in between.

For more information, visit:

2. mc_Compo-ID

Definition texts of compos can be placed at insertion points on top. It shows only its outline, an independent tag & 3D text. Select the compo by right-clicking.

Text’s height should be smaller than the component’s width.

For more information, visit:

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