Convert a Floor Plan to 3D with SketchUp

In this sketchup tutorial, we will show you exactly how to take a floor plan sketch and turn it into a 3D model in Sketchup.

How to import File?

The image can be downloaded or you can use your drawing. Simply choose the image you wish to use and click on ‘file’ > ‘import’. You must select ‘image’ in the ‘use image as’ options. Then click the ‘import’ button.

How to Scale Image?

The image can be scaled based on the measurement you know when using one of your images. Otherwise, we can assume that the doors are 36 inches wide. Select the tape measure tool on one side of the wall and click from one side to the other. Once you have typed 36″, press ‘enter’.

How to lock your Image?

If you don’t want the image to move, you will have to lock it. You can select an image by double-clicking it, followed by right-clicking to make a group. Select lock by right-clicking again.

Modeling a floor plan into a 3D Model

The Floor Drawing

You can trace the floor with the line tool starting at the reference point. If you have precise measurements, type those in for each line. If you are drawing something without measurements, use the line tool to draw a line, and if possible round to the nearest inch or foot. You can close off the last corner by holding shift on the axis and clicking on your reference point.

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