Top 5 Best Productivity Plugins for SketchUp

In this article will teach you about the top 5 SketchUp plug-ins along with their features that may be useful for improving your modeling skills using SketchUp.

1. 3D Warehouse Tools

You can use these quality check tools to review your model’s nested groups, size and remove any unnecessary lines, marks, & more. You must prepare the model before uploading it to 3D Warehouse. Show Nesting Levels gives a visual representation of how a selection or the entire model is structured. Every nesting level in the selection creates a layer, the model display changes to Layers. In AutoCAD, the colors are red-1, yellow-2, green-3, cyan-4, blue-5, magenta-6, silver 7.

You can capture an image of the screen directly in SketchUp and send or view it, as well as analyze it later. Images are saved together with models in one folder. The images you save during the review number for your convenience.

You can view information about the selected model or the whole model by using Model Report. As you edit the component, you can see the number of first-level components and groups.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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