How to Create Realistic Grass with Vray in Sketchup

It is more than enough for an architectural scene in which grass is just an environment element. In most cases, this happens if you are working with a less powerful computer or do not have the time to deal with complex issues. A plug-in such as FUR for SketchUp can help you achieve that effect.

The environment will be full of many elements to render when you work with detailed models, such as trees, cars, street lamps, etc. In that instance, tall grass can cause major rendering delays since all of those elements will need to be processed at once. The use of masking techniques in Photoshop can also use to add grass.

Make of a Plane

SketchUp is a great tool for drawing grass on a plane. The rectangle command is open when you press the R key on your keyboard to create a rectangle.

Make Group

Select the group after you have drawn the rectangle. You can add a grass texture to your plane by selecting the added fur to the selection icon in the top toolbar.

Add Realistic Grass with V-ray

The V-ray rendering window can open by clicking the renderer button on the top menu bar. Then flip along to Group’s Blue. If you look at your plane, the texture appears on the other side. You can fix this by right-clicking on the plane and selecting “flip along,” then selecting “blue” for the group. On the top side, the texture will now appear.

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