Top 10 SketchUp Tips for Beginners

The fact that developers can actually create something with a program like SketchUp and jump into it right away is a remarkable feat. I’ve also found that many people only use SketchUp as a starting point and never move on to learn a few tricks that keep them on track. When SketchUp does not act as expected, they are quickly frustrated. When you know a few simple tips, you can save so much time and profit.

10 SketchUp Tips

1. Components & Groups

Your geometry divides into groups that protect it from other parts. The program lets you work with collections of geometry rather than selecting each piece individually. Creating groups within groups is also possible. You can organize your model geometry hierarchy with the outliner window to remain organized while modeling.

Select multiple entities and right-click “Make Group,” but instead select “Make Component.” You are selecting multiple entities that will make a group. Duplicating something with components is possible if all instances of a component change when you change one instance.

2. Keyboard Shortcut Uses

The thought of memorizing anything may intimidate you as a beginner. SketchUp makes switching tools so easy once you’ve used them once, but the thing is that switching tools so frequently makes them so easy to remember once you begin using them.

The only thing left is to start. SketchUp keyboard shortcuts are extremely helpful for saving time. You won’t even have to think about modeling anymore because it will start to feel like a natural part of your life.

3. 3 button Mouse use to Navigate

On the toolbar, don’t even consider clicking on the orbit or zoom buttons. Navigating in SketchUp requires a mouse with three buttons. It’s also a button on the middle of your mouse! Upon clicking and holding it, SketchUp temporarily activates the orbit tool. The orbit tool can activate without clicking the toolbar back and forth one by one.

This tool is temporarily activated only when the middle mouse button presses. Rather than completing the rectangle after orbiting around, you can hold down the middle mouse button and continue drawing once you’re done orbiting. ANY tool will work with this.

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