How to use the Animator Plugin with SketchUp to create Animation

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program that’s free and easy to use for hobbyists, students, and professionals alike. Additionally, plug-ins can be added to the program to allow individual elements to be animated separately, making it even more powerful. Web or desktop versions are available. A full license can be purchased once for a fixed price, as well as several annual subscriptions.

SketchUp is not only a CAD tool, but it can also create basic fly through. That is just a basic introduction to animate in SketchUp. For the purposes for which they designed, native animation tools are more than sufficient.

Basic Animation of SketchUp

In SketchUp, you can move an animated video camera through space using its native animation. To showcase architectural designs, landscapes, or detailed interiors and exteriors of building models, this is best suited for animate a walkthrough or flythrough of a static model.

It’s easy to create an animation by capture the key scenes you want to use, & then arrange them to your liking. The smoothest path from one scene to the next does not have to capture every time. SketchUp will calculate this for you.


1. Start out by creating and capturing your first scene. When you click View > Animation > Add Scene, you will be able to capture a scene.

2. With a camera, you can rotate, pan, and click the middle mouse button. The camera toolbar also offers these options.

3. In the Toolbars window, click Camera > View > Camera Toolbar. The left mouse button can be used in place of the middle mouse button when commands are selected in the toolbar.

4. Drag and drop the scenes in the scenes bar to arrange them into the desired order by right-clicking them. Furthermore, each scene can rename in the Scenes Dialog.

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