How to Design a Small Kitchen in 7 Simple Steps

Imagining what a kitchen would look like in a city center apartment gave you the impetus to flex your interior design skills. There’s certainly a challenge to designing a functional and appealing kitchen with such limited space, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Due to its overtly streamlined appearance, minimalist styling works for smaller spaces, especially for kitchens. If you like Scandinavian design, you’ll enjoy this minimal approach for achieving an air of simplicity and elegance.

1. Streamlined

Use a flush-front design to reinforce a streamlined appearance. The first tip is to select one color for the units.

Additionally, minimalist handles are extremely effective at maintaining a sleek and fuss-free design. You may want to consider removing wall units’ handles completely and opting for push-to-open or concealed options.

2. Subtle Color

Choosing a snow-white, creamy, or pastel kitchen palette will allow the space to reflect natural light, creating an open, airy atmosphere. They give the kitchen a sense of openness and a bright feel while blending in with cabinetry and appliances.

Keep the color palette muted Scandinavian. Think white, light grey, and muted green or blue to complete the clean, minimalist aesthetic. Color is huge right now for kitchen units, so it doesn’t make sense that it shouldn’t work in a small kitchen as well, but try going with fresh, light colors to make your kitchen feel airy and spacious.

3. Open Shelves

A rustic kitchen shelf without an opening gives the impression of more space and adds a rustic touch. They also ensure utensils are accessible, eliminate the need for excessive lighting, and are easy to maintain.

The layout of a small kitchen plays a big part in making sure that it makes the most of its space. However, too many wall units can upset the balance.

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