Here are the top 8 SketchUp books you should have in your library

SketchUp can use for a variety of projects, from video game design to building design. Your drawings will come to life with SketchUp, and you can see how the finished product will look. A 3D model can view from all angles thanks to this computer program.

3D designers will find this very useful. This program is not just for architectural design and interior design. It also uses in video game design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and more.

1. Google SketchUp Cookbook

This Cookbook of Google SketchUp is the first to explore, beyond the basics, the advanced features and tools professional designers use daily.

Throughout the book, you’ll find numerous step-by-step tutorials for solving common & complex design problems. Besides color graphics that guide you, there are discussions that explain other ways to accomplish the task.

2. SketchUp for Builders

3D modeling software such as SketchUp uses in a variety of industries, including mechanical and civil engineering, motion picture and video game design, etc. Even today, surprisingly few resources are available to help architects make their designs into reality using three-dimensional modeling.

SketchUp for Builders is the first comprehensive guide for contractors and builders outlining how to incorporate 3D modeling at every phase of the building process. It provides practical advice about understanding what you are building before you build it. Incorporating SketchUp modeling into your workflows will prevent expensive overruns and delays.

3. SketchUp for Site Design

Site design professionals and landscape architects will find SketchUp for Site Design a useful resource. You’ll receive expert guidance and step-by-step tutorials for learning everything from basic to advanced processes. These instructions have been updated to align with new software updates for terrain modeling tools, extensions, and plug-ins in this new edition of this book.

It also includes updated graphics that reflect the current SketchUp interface and all-new material based on SketchUp’s grade and terrain extensions. This book is intended for professionals at the intermediate level who need help using SketchUp for a particular purpose.

4. Google SketchUp for Game Design

With SketchUp and many props and textures, this book shows how to build an entire game level step-by-step. There are a number of free or open-source game engines people can use to create entire 3D worlds, such as Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Ogre, Panda3D, and Blender.

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