A Basic Overview of Raylectron’s Render Plugin for SketchUp

Canadian company Soft-Byte Labs, Inc. developed Raylectron in 2010. Whenever you add a frame to the render view, Raylectron automatically updates your view. When everything is perfect, the rendering process stops. It is possible to achieve photorealism in less than a minute, depending on your needs.

Raylectron is a free and affordable SketchUp render plug-in that is simple, fast, and powerful. Photo-realistic images will generate from your 3D models. You can use Raylectron as a rendering plug-in in SketchUp.

Features of Raylectron

1. Raylectron is based on advanced path tracing methods and is designed for speed while maintaining the photo-realism provided by path tracing. Raylectron avoids the common tradeoff for speed that most rendering engines employ like approximation on emulation.

2. Besides creating renders of the scenes, it is also capable of creating rendered animations from sketches created in SketchUp or directly with Raylectron.

3. As a result of the Raylectron instancing, extremely large models can be created with very little memory. Landscape designers frequently use Raylectron’s instancing capability for trees, bushes, and other objects. Using a single instance of an object, each instance can be independently rotated and scaled, producing a different look.

Basic Workflow of Raylectron

Rendering a Basic outdoor Scene

1. Go to SketchUp’s Get Models tab and click. Choose a model from 3D Warehouse.

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