Making Door and Window through Sketchup

Users have to start by adding some attributes to the door and window elements in the model for generating a schedule. Users also have to add a size by using the advanced attributes. Besides the size, there are new options for price, url, owner and status.

By using this field users can add information and it is known as LayOut Labels. Instance names of all the elements are mentioned in the Entity info window, and users can use the data object for creating a schedule for the doors and windows.

In most of the cases, all the instances of door and window have the same instance name but in few cases a single component may have more than one name.

After setting all the data in the model a report must be run. In the general report users have to create a new template. After that users have to give the template a new name and save that.

Nesting Level

Level 1 – the model.

Level 2 – building and the loose components.

Level 3 – the door and window components inside the building.

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Making Door and Window Through Sketchup
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nz_Bricks&Blocks ? The newest sketchup extension

Natale Zappia has developed nz_Bricks&Blocks sketchup extension. It is well matched with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

This sketchup extension can be used to substitute your Brick Dimensions Table with a 3D modeller, measurement tool & tailor-made catalogue.

Design to brick/block dimensions instantly and simply.

Just draw you proposed wall length and nz_Bricks&Blocks will draw a wall to brick dimensions that is suitable inside your adopted length.

nz_Bricks&Blokes also offers onScreen Data and Analysis with different options and measurements obtained from a table but updating in real-time and to limitless lengths and heights.

nz_Bricks&Blokes also saves the blocks already produced with the above mentioned information together with a brick count.

It is possible to track your doors and windows correctly as well as dimension your model precisely with a 3D illustration of exactly what those dimensions signify. Retain the bricks and convert them into details or remove them leaving behind a perfect model.

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nz_Bricks&Blocks ? The newest sketchup extension
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SimLab Composer Integration Plugin for SketchUp

Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature-rich solution enabling you to communicate your 3D ideas with ease.SimLab Composer has all the tools you need for importing your models, creating dynamic visualization, rendering, building Simple VR Scenes, all into creating fully interactive VR training sessions.

SimLab Soft is a 3D software development company, founded in 2007, with its mission clearly defined to develop state-of-the-art 3D software products that are both powerful and easy to use.

SimLab Soft creates and markets SimLab Composer and other exciting software and plugins.

SimLab Composer is the complete visualization solution for SketchUp users. SimLab Composer Integration for SketchUp creates a dynamic connection between SketchUp and SimLab Composer.

By using this connection the user can render, texture bake, animate, generate advanced 3D PDF files, and create interactive VR for SketchUp experiences.

The latest version of SimLab Composer Integration is v10.0.1, released in June 2014. It is compatible with SketchUp 2017 through 2020. The plugin works fine on both Mac and Windows. You can have multiple languages as well!


SimLab Composer is FREE for education (students/educators). When installing the plugin you will automatically get a 21-days trial with it?s all set of features and you can Import up to 30 times using the trial version then you have to activate the paid version (Subscription or Permanent licenses). It is available in the following five versions:

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SimLab Composer Integration Plugin for SketchUp
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The most common Problems encountered in 3D Rendering & its Solutions

Designers and architects who make their living out of architectural rendering have to pay extremely close attention to every tiny detail in their designs. To wow clients and attract investors, architectural 3D rendering is essential.

Architects can create and sell their ideas using the latest and most powerful 3D rendering software. Designers can use the most advanced technology to make photorealistic renderings of future buildings. Due to the difficulty of this endeavor, mistakes happen.

Wrong Perspective


A wrong perspective can ruin even the most beautiful 3D render. Your design will not only be presented incorrectly, but you will also make a bad impression as a professional.


Your wow effect will be lost if you adopt the wrong perspective. There is no easy way to fix this mistake. Be mindful of the camera angle so as not to make such a mistake.

In 3D rendering, perspective plays a crucial role. You can maximize every detail while concealing distractions and imperfections using the right perspective. Furthermore, viewing your visualization from the correct perspective makes it more believable.

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Quantifier Pro is a powerful sketchup plugin for cost estimation

This plugin can work out area, volume, length weight and costs in sketchup.

Compute Area

Measure the area of walls, slabs, roofing, flooring, cladding, and more. The calculation is done for both projected area (for objects with thickness) and surface area.

It produces a quick Material Report providing the surface area measurement of all the materials in your SketchUp model.

Volume Calculation

Quantifier Pro volume calculator is applied to calculate the total volume of groups and components and any nested objects inside. It can also work out the volume of objects which are not water-resistant solids.

It can also determine the volume of concrete, gravel, topsoil, water tanks, and more.

Measure Weight

To compute the weight of the objects in your sketchup model, attribute a unit weight density to the objects layer.

Unit weight is attributed with volume, area, or length.

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Quantifier Pro is a powerful sketchup plugin for cost estimation
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It’s SketchUp versus Fusion 360, time to go head-to-head

There is a wide array of 3D modeling software available today. Fusion 360 and SketchUp might not seem like traditional options, but they have a lot of traction. A parametric, direct, and surface modeling tool can all be found together in Fusion 360, a cloud-based CAD tool. Beginners, as well as professionals, love Fusion’s versatility.

SketchUp, on the other hand, simplifies 3D modeling. Users of other CAD programs will benefit from the clean user interface and intuitive toolset. Although SketchUp is easy to use, it doesn’t sacrifice functionality, as third-party extensions and plug-ins add new features for advanced modeling or enhanced usability. Interior designers and architects like the program.

We will compare Fusion 360 only on the overlapping capabilities of the two programs, as Fusion 360 provides a wide range of different functionalities and modules. Drawing, modeling, and rendering are all related to design.



SketchUp does not include a rendering tool, but there is a wide range of plug-ins and extensions, such as photorealistic engines like V-Ray and Lumion. Various free rendering extensions with different capabilities are also available.

2D Drawing

The layout is a separate program for all 2D drafting in SketchUp Pro and Studio. SketchUp itself is 3D-only. Almost any change in a 3D model can be immediately applied to 2D drawings using both software tools.

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Take Advantage of tools like Room-Sketcher to design your kitchen like a Professional

Every user of Room-Sketcher can immediately plan their kitchen with their free tool. You can easily design and see your design in 3D by drawing your floor plan and furnishing it. You can upgrade to a VIP or Pro subscription at any time to access more powerful features, such as stunning 3D Photos, detailed 2D and 3D Floor Plans, and Live 3D walkthroughs.

Online Kitchen Design

If you’re planning a kitchen, you need to consider many factors. Functionality and aesthetic appeal are important, as is affordability.

You create a good plan to handle the cost of renovating your kitchen since it can be one of the most expensive rooms in your house. Making use of a kitchen planner is a great way to simplify that process.

You can use Room-Sketcher as a kitchen planner by utilizing its easy-to-use floor plan and home design app. You can design your kitchen’s layout, select different materials for walls, floors, countertops, and cabinets, and view what they would look like all in one tool.

A Simple Guide to Kitchen Planning

On your computer or tablet, use the Room-Sketcher Tool to design your kitchen. You can easily design your kitchen in 3D by drawing the floor plan, choosing the furnishings, and viewing them in 3D.

Floor plan Drawing

You can quickly create a floor plan for your kitchen using a simple drag and drop tool of the Room-Sketcher. You can drag walls and create a floor plan. Just drag windows and doors from the product library, and they will appear on the floor. Measuring tools allow you to create an accurate floor plan.

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Flex Tools for Responsive SketchUp Modeling

Flex Tools allows architects and 3D artists too quickly and easily create doors, windows, stairs, and other architectural features within SketchUp.

Features of Flex Tools

Fully Parametric

Changes can be made very quickly and easily since components are fully parametric. Flex Tools integrates well into the interactive design process.

Instant Elevations & Plans

A few clicks and it’s ready for layout.


Scale components fit perfectly. They maintain the proper proportions and parameters.


It is possible to adjust every element of the components. This allows for quick exploration of new design possibilities.

Section Fills

SketchUp section fills are fully compatible with this plugin.

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Flex Tools for Responsive SketchUp Modeling
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Download LibFredo6 v7.2g for SketchUp

LibFredo6 v7.2g is just launched. The existing users of SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017 can easily upgrade to this newest version.

LibFredo6 is not an individual plugin rather it contains a wide array of the following plugins :-

Tools on Surface

JointPushPull Interactive

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The Future of Visualizing 3D with Keyshot Rendering & its Features

You can create realistic product visuals instantly with Keyshot’s real-time 3D rendering. Global brands rely on Keyshot for its ease of use, speed, accuracy of materials, and advanced capabilities for material editing. You can create still images or animations to push your visuals to the next level in just seconds in Keyshot. With dynamic turntables, exploded views, product configurator, and immersive virtual reality, Keyshot lets you explore and engage with your ideas.

Keeping an eye on the Keyshot is what you should do now. Originally, Luxion released Keyshot to provide users with a rendering experience unlike any other. Compared to programs like V-Ray and Cinema 4D, Keyshot is so easy to use, fast, and easy to learn.

Define Keyshot

The Keyshot rendering engine uses real-time, physics-based rendering to create some of the most photorealistic images currently available. It offers powerful technology that is compatible with almost any computer and designed with the user in mind.

Features of Keyshot

Concept & Design

Keyshot allows you to create, iterate, refine, collaborate, develop, and deploy. With Keyshot, you can visualize your ideas at the speed of thought with a UI designed for modern design.

Sales & Marketing

Keyshot empowers you to create visuals that increase conversions on websites, catalogs, packaging, and stores. A wireframe 3D model and professional-grade visualization are separated into five steps by the Keyshot marketing team. These steps include importing, painting, lighting, composing, and rendering.

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