SketchUp’s 10 Best Tools for Drawing

In this SketchUp article briefly describe top 10 drawing tools you can use to discover how to visualize and manipulate 3D shapes and edges.

1. RoundCorner

A 2D profile can be rounded along 3D edges and corners using Round Corner.

It has 3 modes, there are: Round corners, Sharp corner, Bevel

This plug-in lets you fillet and bevel 3D shapes. Moreover, Round Corner renders concave corners as round, as well as non-orthogonal edge faces. There can be 2, 3, or more edges on corners.

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2. Bezier Surface of Revolution

You can create Bezier surfaces by using Bezier curves, arcs, circles, and lines.

Various surfaces of revolution such as spheres, hemispheres, domes, cones can be created and edited using the context menu items of the Right Mouse Button and Draw and Edit menus.

The Bezier Surface of Revolution tool is accessible from the Right Mouse Button Context and Draw menus once a Bezier curve is selected as a profile curve on the XZ/Red Blue/Front/Backplane.

You can edit a newly drawn surface in the editing tool once the surface has been created.

You may edit the surface as necessary by moving the control points or lines or changing the “weights” of the control points.

Edit Rational Bezier Surfaces is also available by right-clicking within the context menu or Edit > Group.

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