It’s SketchUp versus Fusion 360, time to go head-to-head

There is a wide array of 3D modeling software available today. Fusion 360 and SketchUp might not seem like traditional options, but they have a lot of traction. A parametric, direct, and surface modeling tool can all be found together in Fusion 360, a cloud-based CAD tool. Beginners, as well as professionals, love Fusion’s versatility.

SketchUp, on the other hand, simplifies 3D modeling. Users of other CAD programs will benefit from the clean user interface and intuitive toolset. Although SketchUp is easy to use, it doesn’t sacrifice functionality, as third-party extensions and plug-ins add new features for advanced modeling or enhanced usability. Interior designers and architects like the program.

We will compare Fusion 360 only on the overlapping capabilities of the two programs, as Fusion 360 provides a wide range of different functionalities and modules. Drawing, modeling, and rendering are all related to design.



SketchUp does not include a rendering tool, but there is a wide range of plug-ins and extensions, such as photorealistic engines like V-Ray and Lumion. Various free rendering extensions with different capabilities are also available.

2D Drawing

The layout is a separate program for all 2D drafting in SketchUp Pro and Studio. SketchUp itself is 3D-only. Almost any change in a 3D model can be immediately applied to 2D drawings using both software tools.

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