Making Door and Window through Sketchup

Users have to start by adding some attributes to the door and window elements in the model for generating a schedule. Users also have to add a size by using the advanced attributes. Besides the size, there are new options for price, url, owner and status.

By using this field users can add information and it is known as LayOut Labels. Instance names of all the elements are mentioned in the Entity info window, and users can use the data object for creating a schedule for the doors and windows.

In most of the cases, all the instances of door and window have the same instance name but in few cases a single component may have more than one name.

After setting all the data in the model a report must be run. In the general report users have to create a new template. After that users have to give the template a new name and save that.

Nesting Level

Level 1 – the model.

Level 2 – building and the loose components.

Level 3 – the door and window components inside the building.

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Making Door and Window Through Sketchup
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Arka Roy

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