Top 10 Photorealistic Renders with SketchUp in Reddit

It has been nearly two decades since SketchUp started. It has evolved a lot, and is now arguably the best 3D modeling software for the masses. As such, the social media is filled with great creations done by SketchUp – mostly their renderings. Today, we will see some of the best; the top 10 photorealistic renders with SketchUp found in the most important western social media platform, Reddit.

Rendering SketchUp Models

SketchUp models look pretty nice on their own, but are intentionally made to look like sketches. After all, you?re not painting but designing with a 3D modeling software. However, when you want to present your model as it would look in the real world, you need renderers.

A rendering software takes a 3D model and creates a ?scene? with it, making it look as realistic as possible. There are many renderers available for SketchUp, some of which are independent and some other work as plugins. A few examples of great rendering plugins for SketchUp are:

  • V-Ray Plugin
  • Brighter 3D
  • SU Podium
  • LumenRT
  • Caravaggio
  • Indigo Renderer
  • Twilight Render
  • ShaderLight
  • Irender nXt

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