How to resolve v-ray glass transparency issue in v-ray 3.6 for sketchup

This is another useful presentation from Justin Geis for sketchup and v-ray users. Often a common issue occurs while working with vray 3.6 for sketchup. The issue is about the rendering of your glass lacks transparency due to improper set up of model.

In this video, one will get some useful tips to set up your glass properly in order that the rendering always becomes transparent for your glass.

While starting rendering inside v-ray, if you employ the glass materials, it is possible to see through the glass and therefore the glass is demonstrated as non transparent.

To learn how to make the glass transparent, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source The Rendering Essentials

How to resolve v-ray glass transparency issue in v-ray 3.6 for sketchup

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Live demonstration of Thea Render 2.0 for sketchup

Thea Render 2.0 is just launched with some exciting features. Given below, the details of these new and advanced features :-

a. It creates physically perfect light simulation.
b. It applies the laws of physics and optics to produce elegant & realistic images.
c. It offers simple and rapid scene setting.

d. With spectral simulation feature, the light penetrates through the prism and it divides in several frequencies and colors like real world.
e. It illustrates how precise and complete the light calculation over the entire spectrum of visible light.
f. Unbiased rendering along with biased engine.
g. Numerous CPU and GPU support.

h. Nvidia CUDA cards on MAC and WIN
i. AMD OpenCL cards on WIN (v2)

To watch the live presentation of Thea Render 2.0, go through the following exclusive video tutorial.

Video Source Novedge

Live demonstration of Thea Render 2.0 for sketchup

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Some useful tips on Sketchup’s Arc Tool

This exclusive sketchup video is a part of sketchup skill builder series. In this video some useful tips are provided for using Arc tool in sketchup efficiently. The following topics are covered in the video :-

Different version of the Arc Tool
Variation among single and double clicking to finish an Arc
How the Arc cursor notifies you regarding the step of drawing of an arc that you are working with.

If the users click on the drop down menu of Arc Tool, there are four diverse types of arcs like Arc, 2 point Arc, 3 Point Arc and Pie.

  • 2 Point Arc tool: This tool facilitates you to set two points and then draw out a bulge to produce the arc.
    • Arc tool: This tool allows you to set a center point. There is a protractor that can be used to set the beginning and ending of the arc depending on your preferred angle. This tool generates an open arc.
    • Pie tool: This tool functions just like the Arc tool, but generates a closed shape that turns out to be a face.
    • 3 Point Arc tool: This tool allows you to draw an open arc on the basis of a pivot point.

Prior to draw arcs, learn how the arc entities function:

  • An arc comprises of several connected line segments, but it is suggested to choose and edit an arc as a single entity.
    • An arc can describe the edge of a face and divide a face.
    • Even though an arc is one entity, the SketchUp inference engine views all the segments that form the arc and show up any geometric point if you hover your cursor over one.
  • You can notify SketchUp how many segments should be applied in an arc entity. The default is 12 segments. If lots of segments are utilized, the arc turns out to be more complicated and it becomes difficult for SketchUp to display your model. If there are under 12 segments your model becomes simple, but the arc may appear as blocky.

To get more details, watch the following video.



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Containerhouse.AI – Container Interior Arrangement in SketchUp

Containerhouse.AI is designed particularly to change an interior setting and other spaces in a shipping container.

This extension is developed to import component and automate their arrangements. It mainly changes the container floor plans to accommodate the spaces for components.

The selling and designing ISO standard containers make ways for such extension. To solve the existing problem related to accommodation and customers’ queries regarding spaces of a container, this extension has been developed that presents thousands of potential layouts without crowding spaces.

Cargo packing is another name that does the similar work. It comes up with space management features in a container. The random floor height option allows you to opt for the containerization where collections of boxes are packed to minimize the space.

It changes the interior of a shipping container in a comprehensive way and the application does the work faster than humans can do. Interior designers also appreciate the theme and the performance of the application.

You can easily get different floor plans in a second which is not possible by human resource team. The complete drawing of the space arrangement will be conducted in front of your clients and they will definitely enjoy the visuals just like a game where components find out their spaces.

This product updates with time and offers valuable services to the shipping department. This artificial intelligence presented by the extension will prove beneficial in this sector.

To download the plugin, visit

Containerhouse.AI – Container Interior Arrangement in SketchUp

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How to design a façade of a building with sketchup and v-ray 3.4

This is an exclusive online presentation for sketchup professionals.

In this sketchup video, one can learn how to create the design of the façade of a building with sketchup and v-ray. The model is created with sketchup and rendering work is done by v-ray 3.4 through v-ray frame buffer. The video will continue for 47 minutes.

The V-Ray Frame Buffer belongs to a display window for V-Ray renderings that comprises of a number of V-Ray-specific features. The V-Ray Frame Buffer contains the following exclusive features:

  1. Interchanges among render components through a dropdown of all render elements
    b. Maintains the image in full 32-bit floating point format
    c. Accomplishes Color Corrections on the rendered image
    d. Facilitates the users to select the order in which the buckets are rendered
    e. Can preserve a list of recently rendered images and interchanges among them or compare them
    f. Employs normal Lens Effects to the rendered image
  2. Automate the process for modifying render resolution while the VFB window is resized with V-Ray RT ActiveShade and V-Ray IPR
    h. The capability for loading progressive resumable files (.vrprog ) and the V-Ray .vrimg file format.

To utilize the V-Ray Frame Buffer for rendering, activate the Enable built-in frame buffer option in the Frame buffer rollout under the V-Ray tab in the Render Setup window.

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Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

Purchase training tutorial DVD on sketchup 2017. Improve your sketchup skills with this video based sketchup tutorial. The duration of the video is 3:40 Hours.


  1. The SketchUp Interface
    Interface the basics for the Windows
    Varations in the Mac interface
    Operate in the SketchUp
    Walk around in SketchUp
    The Create camera views
    Shade the faces Edges
    The Create shadows and fog
    Generate the multiple views with the scenes
  2. Maneuvered the objects
    Select objects and move
    the Scale and the rotate objects
    the Manipulate the faces Edges and
    the Advanced selection tools
  3. the Drawing in the SketchUp
    Basic of Line tool
    Solution: Employing the Line tool for 3D drawing Explosional drawing
    Application of Eraser tools
    Application of Rectangle tool
    Generate rotated rectangles
    Push and pull the faces into 3D
    Application of Offset tool for outline formation
    Draw curved and freehand shapes
    Generate circles and polygons
    Produce smooth and soften Edges
    Application of Follow Me tool
    3D text formation
  4. Measure and the Label
    Application of tape measure tool
    Application of Protractor tool
    Formation of labels with the text tool
    Produce cutaways with section plane
  5. Stay Organized
    Group the objects
    Application of the layers
    Application of the outliner and entity info
  6. Work with Components
    Demonstration of Component window
    Creating components
    Application of 3D the Warehouse
    Application of component options window
    Utilization of Interact tool
  7. Work with materials – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  8. Work with Materials on Mac – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  9. Work with the textures
    Map textures Interactively
    Map curved objects
    Project maps on curved objects
    Generate a floor plan with bitmap images
    Draw a structure out of a floor plan
  10. Rendering and Animation
    Apply styles
    Edit and create styles
    Export in 2D and 3D
    Basic animation, conclusion and next steps

To purchase the video, click on the following link

Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

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Demonstration of some useful mini sketchup extensions

In this sketchup video, Aaron provides brief demonstration on some mini sketchup extensions which can be operated with some simple clicks of the mouse. These extensions are Weld, adebeo_Pushline and Solar North.

Weld: Smustard Team has developed this sketchup extension. It supports SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015. The extension is used to choose numerous connected edges, curves, and/or arcs (“connected” signifies having common endpoints) and combine them into a single “polyline” with the use of weld tool.

Click on the following link to download the extension

adebeo_pushline: Denis B has developed this sketchup extension. It is compatible with only SketchUp 2016. This extension can be used to push edge. Just choose the tool and click on an edge or preselect and click on an edge and push it.

The plugin is available in different languages like Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

Click on the following link to download the extension

Solar North: The sketchup team has developed solar north. This sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

It offers a wide array of tools to arrange and demonstrate the solar north angle that SketchUp employs to calculate the sun location as well as shadow directions. It is mostly suitable when a model is imported with a dissimilar “north” than SketchUp’s default.

To run this extension, an active SketchUp Pro license is essential.

This extension can be downloaded from the following link

Demonstration of some useful mini sketchup extensions

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How to create a home plan for 3 storied villa in skethup

In this sketchup video, you will learn how to create 7.5×9 m size home plan with four bed rooms in sketchup. SAM-ARCHITECT has modeled this 3 storied villa with sketchup.

Sketchup is good for designing home plan as it can generate either schematic or full construction documents easily. Sketchup can be used to measure the area of any room.

In Sketchup there are various useful tools like pencil tool, push and pull tool, section plane tool etc. to generate customized objects with a high level of detail. The plan of a house can be produced in a 3D view or a 2D view.

To learn the complete process, watch the following video tutorial.

How to create a home plan for 3 storied villa in skethup

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Sustainable Office Designer (SOD) – The newest sketchup extension

Ice Huli has developed Sustainable Office Designer (SOD). This sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017. It is very useful for low-rise steel composite buildings to create optimized primary structural design automatically on the basis of volumetric architecture design models.

The users have to install Windows.Net.4.6.1 to run the extension. Click on the following link to install it.

To get more information, click on the following link.

Watch the following online demonstration.


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