FrameModeler for sketchup

FrameModeler is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with SketchUp 2018.

This user-friendly architecture tool is compatible with elementary architecture components like column, beam, wall, slab, grid etc. and can be set by the users with their fingertips.

FrameModeler works out the area and volume of the material similar to excluding intersected faces and edges.

• Information Export Tool
Export Excel data
• Select model data from ModelInfo
• Update Model Condition
Excluding intersected faces and edges, updating grid position.

Download the extension from extension warehouse

FrameModeler for sketchup

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How to speed up your modeling in sketchup with v-ray proxies

In this sketchup v-ray video tutorial, you will learn how to use v-ray proxies in skethup models to produce superior quality renderings with high polygon models.

Rendering in sketchup becomes complicated since sketchup can’t deal with high polygon models. So, if there are more faces and geometries in the model, the modeling process become slower since sketchup does not handle all the geometries efficiently.

With high polygon, high detail model inside your sketchup model, it becomes difficult to produce realistic rendering. But v-ray contains a tool known as proxies that facilitates to export the objects out of your model and substitute them with a low polygon preview model.

When rendering starts, v-ray will reference those files called meshes externally devoid of showing them in your model.

To learn the detail process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source The Rendering Essentials

How to speed up your modeling in sketchup with v-ray proxies

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Some useful sketchup tips to improve your modelling skill with sketchup

Given below, some handy tips for sketchup users to improve their modeling skills significantly.

01. Apply the 3D Warehouse gallery: examine and cleanse models prior to importing them.

There is a universe of downloadable 3D models made by other users that can fast-track the construction of your own models. To avoid adding additional information such as lines, layers, and materials, which will only increase file sizes, purge the model’s components before saving them.

02. Place the model properly in space.

Geo-referencing a project facilitates you to consider it with regards to location, an intuitive quality for any successful architectural scheme. It is required to place a 3D model, avail it from the window> model information> geolocation> add location / define location customarily.

It is also very important to consider the time zone of each location.

03. Employ plugins and explore the new things in Extension Warehouse.

SketchUp users create different types of plugins which provide solution to the problems in each version as well as utilize the capability of accessible tools, and integrate new 3D modeling equipment.

Extensions are available from Solar North, which offer tools to fix the orientation for the angle of sunlight and shadows, to Sketchy FFD, a mesh operated with a series of control points in its vertices and edges to manipulate the dimensions of the chosen object.

04. Arrange and save your toolbar settings.

It is very crucial to customize the work surroundings as per your requirements and preferences. Make sure that your ideal settings are saved for future application, just manage sufficient time to arrange a toolbar. It will be possible to accomplish tasks in organized way and invest more time in concepts, design, and detailing.

05. Utilize groups and components to streamline editing and developing a model.

The most powerful feature of sketchup is to arrange models into groups of objects, lines or figures. The process is very quick and easy (secondary button> create group) and facilitate you to modify a specific section of your model (by double-clicking on it), keeping the other figures near the object unchanged. It is suggested to double-click on the newly generated surface, thus choose both faces and edges, and make a group prior to utilize the push / pull tool or any other modification.

To get more useful sketchup tips, go through the following link

Some useful sketchup tips to improve your modelling skill with sketchup

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How to set up light for a daytime interior rendering with Vray 3.4 for sketchup

In this construction video tutorial, Minh from Architecture Inspirations, briefly explains the method to arrange the lighting perfectly for a daytime interior rendering with Vray 3.4 for sketchup.

The step-by-step methods include the followings :-

Trace your main light source
Modify camera settings

Improve the Sunlight
Lighten dark shadows
Modify sun settings

Notes :- Render settings are very crucial and there exist various rendering conditions like interior shots, dusk shots, and daytime shots which need diverse setups.

In V-Ray for Sketchup, the V-Ray interface runs within Sketchup. Different things like the sun, cameras, and materials are associated with each other among the two programs. If the sun angle in Sketchup is modified, the sun angle in V-Ray will also be changed.

Usually, the sun angle should be modified in Sketchup to set the shadows in proper position prior to move to V-Ray. The Sketchup scene that is going to be rendered in V-Ray should be saved by going to “View>Animation>Add Scene”.

It is very useful while overlaying Sketchup image exports on top of the V-Ray renderings or it is required to render the similar view subsequently.

To learn the complete process, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Architecture Inspirations

How to set up light for a daytime interior rendering with Vray 3.4 for sketchup

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BoolTool 2 Has Been Launched for SketchUp Make and Pro

BoolTool plugin of SketchUp allows designers to add nuanced detail to the design as accurately as they expect. Performing some Boolean operations are tough for SketchUp even with the Solid Tools. This is why SketchUp releases this new BoolTool extension to design precision models.

Since Boolean operations need high-precision 3D details, internal SketchUp Geometry engine struggles to define the function as exactly as required. This leads SolidTool users to opt for the Copy and scaled-up workflow to make their solid Tool operation error free. The limitations of SolidTool have also been eliminated by the use BoolTool for SketchUp.

For accessing complete benefits of BoolTool, you need to purchase the plugin. Otherwise, you can witness the Boolean operation but cannot make any object with it.

Features of BoolTool2 are as follows:

  • This application is for SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.
    • It works on small, complex object in your 3D modeling.
    • It does not create a new object; rather it modifies the existing one.
    • Maintains the layers and names of the first object it works on.
  • It performs functions like union, difference, intersection, trim and split.
    • It comes up with a new single object creation tool.
    • It delivers solid 3D printable object in every case.

This first and user-friendly extension of SketchUp makes the 3D design even more interesting and simplified. It offers an understandable environment where you can enjoy your design the way you want. Along with some essential features, this application will prove beneficial to work on more complex objects that even the internal SketchUp geometry found hard to solve.

BoolTool 2 Has Been Launched for SketchUp Make and Pro

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Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

SketchUp always helps its users to modify their models with new and amazing features. They have launched a new library of plants in their tool to make the models more green and lively. Here are some details about the new thing.

To make the shrubs and digital flora better than before and to find a solution of the perennial render problems, a list of the most realistic plants optimized for SkecthUp has released. With the help of a botanist One Community has released this. This is an open source software website. The archive includes everything from palm trees to an array of water and bog plants, bamboo shots and many more. And it is free also.

It is hard to find good plants in render and it is known by the users also. As like the render people, the plants have to be the perfect combination of understand and appropriate, without stealing focus from the project. The team at OneCommunity and botanist have gathered 500 plants from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse and also created a list of the most realistic and effective plants for renders. The botanist also created best few dozen plant files also those are close relatives to each other.

There are some links to download the files and there is an instructional video also for the beginners. The site also offers trees from a wide spectrum of climates and locations to best accommodate projects with challenging topography and climates. The files come a variety of 2D and 3D options – particularly useful for the architects working on animations and large scale landscapes.

In the tutorial video it is shown where the plants can be downloaded. Go to SketchUp OneCommunity site and type On that page there are the links from where the plants can be downloaded.

There is given an example how to use the plants, download the plants, fix them on the mole, rotate them etc. The tutorial has shown the each and every process in detail. So it will be easy for the beginners also to understand the project.

Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

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Verto Studio 3D for VR Is Done Now You Can Build 3D Models in HoloLens or VR

Vetro Studio 3D promises you to provide an ultimate thrill of 3 Modeling world by offering a real-time experience like nothing before. Michael Farrell, the owner of Verto Studio LLC, develops the application to remove certain shortcomings today’s 3D designing applications generally have. It works to bridge the gap between XR 3D modeling and the quintessential desktop 3D modeling packages. The HTC vive and Oculus Rift versions have seen improvements with the announcement.

The surge in mixed reality technologies leads us to the world of dimensions where we can stroll around in the virtual 3D world like our existed real world. A demand for new technologies and tools has been felt to make the world even sharper and subtle. Every designer at their early stage might face the difficulties of converting 2d designs into a real object of 3D space using CAD and 3D modeling. 25 years has been spent in discovering a tool that can be termed as a proficient solution of designing virtual objects in 3D. Verto Studio 3D is the name that breaks all limitations of 3D designing and provides an uncompromising platform where designers not only design but also feel their 3D models.

With this 3D modeling package, a designer gets invaluable knowledge of shape, measurement and other related things with experiencing their 3D models in the virtual space. The Verto Studio VR for HoloLens and windows Holographic design ensures that you get the real fun while designing 3 D models in holographic 3 D modeling studio developed with reality tool.

The application supports a wide range of file domains like FBX, DAE, OBJ, and STL that allow users to import different mesh models or design their own objects. With this application, users can transform desktop support or tablet support 3D files into hologram-capable files. A built-in cloud integration certifies users to access to users’ documents for both export and import fields.

Features offered by Verto Studio 3D:

  • DAE,OBJ,STL,FBX file import
    • Verto Studio file format support via Verto Studio Cloud or Other Cloud Services
    • Polygonal Mesh generation
    • Plane
    • Cubes
    • Spheres
    • Toruses
    • Cylinders
    • Terrain generator (height field)
  • 3D Sketch tool
    • Mesh Augmentation
    • Polygon reduction
    • Polygon extrusion
    • Polygon subdivision
    • Texture coordinate editor
    • Editing features
    • Vertex Translation/Rotation/Scaling
    • Metric display of position & size measurements for 3D holograms
    • Mirror
    • Material editor
    • Texture mapping
    • Undo
    • Multiple Real-time shading modes and rendering of diffuse & bump texture maps
    • Real-time scaling, moving, rotating, panning, auto scene re-orientation

Verto Studio 3D for VR Is Done Now You Can Build 3D Models in HoloLens or VR

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PlaceMaker on Sketchup Recreates a 3D City Model Just by a Few Clicks

Sketchup application is a phenomenon in the world of 3D designs with which you can give dimensions to your imagination. It is a thrilling experience to witness how your sketches turn into reality with using certain tools and features. Sketchup is a well-known platform for artists to transform designs into 3D sketches easily. There is good news for all Sketchup users as it extends its features that let designers draw things quickly and flawlessly. PlaceMaker is such a breakthrough extension that helps you create 3D models of any city across the world just by a few clicks.

Making easier the way 3D images of cities are designed, PlaceMaker has already got a huge interest with its wide areas of applications. For a comprehensive understanding of this tool, you have to have the idea about how it works. The steps are so simpler that even a novice can use the tool like an expert.

PlaceMaker imports maps of cities from OpenStreetMap and DigitalGlobe and brings them on the Sketchup platform. Everything is in a ready-to-use manner that requires only your preferences to complete the models of cities. With high resolutions images of aerials and roads, this tool is more than just a function to design 3D models.

Let’s take an inside look at the steps that take you into the virtual 3D land of your known cities:

  • Go to the ‘Extension’ tab and select PlaceMaker dialog box.
    • Click ‘Select a place’ tab and search your preferred location.
    • Import that Location into Sketchup platform.
    • Click ‘imagery’ to import high resolutions images. It costs you few bucks to download the images.
    • There are options like ‘Building’, ‘Roads’, ‘Paths’, ‘water’, and ‘Trees’, clocking on which turns your sketch a complete map. These options come up with a drop-down menu that includes your criteria to be selected.
  • Click ‘Make Place’ option that allows Sketchup to import everything you created on the platform, except imagery. These are a few steps that are behind a complete 3D model of places and areas across the world. In the world of the digital age, we all are more or less concerned about the importance of 3D maps of cities. Starting from navigation system to emergency management, 3D city models prove to be very helpful to locate an area in a more prominent way. 3D city models find its applications in some important domains like:
    • Urban Planning and Architecture: 3D models work as a communicator between designers and urban planning development authorities to set up a concrete plan for the development of environment.
  • Emergency management: to avert any kind environmental risks and disasters, 3D City models prove to be a great help to disaster management authorities.
    • Gaming: to design the base of 3D locations for online and video games, this application provides you with the desired result.
    • Real estate and property management – the 3D models play an important role management properties spread across many places in the world. PlaceMaker will definitely lift burdens from your shoulder while you are designing 3D maps for your cities. With a simple and easy condition to use, anyone can try hands in designing 3D sketches of their known places. Effective and trustworthy, this tool is acclaimed by designers all over the world.

PlaceMaker on Sketchup Recreates a 3D City Model Just by a Few Clicks

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Download 3D Printing Extension for SketchUp

T3YOURMIND has developed 3D Printing Extension for sketchup. This sketchup can be used to make the best use of your Sketchup model for 3D Printing, analyse & modify printability, compare prices and terms of the best printing services and select from in excess of 150 printing materials. Besides, it is also possible to upload it with a single mouse click to the 3YOURMIND portal.

Prior to give order for your model with the 3D printing service following your preference, the portal is considered as an ideal tool to

  • rectify the most common 3D printing errors
    • Verify whether your design is printable
    • Choose and preview from more than 150 various materials and finishes
    • Alternatively, download the restored and optimized file for your own printer

This extension is completely free and does not contain any hidden costs. To gather more information, visit

In order to run this plugin, Sketchup STL ( is required.

To download this plugin, click on the following link.


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E-on Software Announces the Opening of Submissions for the 3D CG Environment Competition 2017

3D CG Environment Competition Offers Participants the Opportunity to Showcase Talents in 3D Natural Environment Graphics

Together with their sponsors, e-on software, leading developer of solutions for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments today announced the ninth edition of the 3D CG Environment Competition, for participants to showcase their expertise in using 3D technology to create computer generated (CG) natural environments.

Watch the 3D Environment Competition Trailer on Youtube.

Submissions for the competition are now open and continue through September 30, 2017. The winners of the competition will be announced on October 31, 2017.

Together with sponsors NVIDIA, WACOM, HP, Pixologic, 3D Artist, Routledge, Cornucopia3D, GeekAtPlay, AsileFX and QuadSpinner, e-on software will be awarding competition winners more than $30,000 in 3D tools and resources.

Entrants may use the application of their choice, in combination with any of the e-on software products. This includes any version of VUE (Esprit, Studio, Complete, Infinite or xStream), including the free Personal Learning Edition and the free VUE Pioneer, as well as PlantFactoryCarbon ScatterOzone, and LumenRT (and their respective free versions).

Judging is based solely on the quality, realism, and artistic merit of the entries, not on the software version used to create them.

With 14 judges representing the different fields of the 3D CG industry, this competition is also a unique chance for artists to have their work seen and judged by industry experts, representing the motion picture, gaming, media, and broadcast industries, including several Visual Effects Society (VES) and Emmy award winners, and industry publication and educational professionals. Judges are:

The prestigious list of sponsors for the competition include:
Technology Sponsors: Nvidia, Wacom, HP, Pixologic
Media Sponsors:, 3D Artist, CG Society, CG Channel

Educational Sponsors – 3D Animation & VFX schools:

  • Gnomon School
    • Bournemouth University
    • Ecole George Méliès

Certified e-on software trainers: Geekatplay, Asilefx, Quadspinner
In association with Bentley Systems, Inc.

Prize winners will receive the following:
• Main Category Winner: $17,000 in prizes
• Main Category First Runner Up: $8,000 in prizes
• Main Category Second Runner Up: $4,000 in prizes
• e-on Academic Category Winner (1 student or a group of up to 5 students maximum): $4,000 in prizes

The full prize list can be accessed here.

Learn more about our Prizes and Sponsors: here


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