How to do follow me with multiple shapes in sketchup

In this sketchup video tutorial, Mr. Aaron shows a useful tip to perform a follow me with numerous shapes. This sketchup video is a part of sketchup skill builder series. You will learn how to obtain numerous shapes to follow a single path with simple mouse click.

Aaron uses sketchup weld extension for this purpose.

Smustard Team has developed weld extension for sketchup. This sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015 as well as Mac OS X and windows platform.

The sketchup users can apply this plugin to choose numerous connected edges, curves, and/or arcs (“connected” means containing common endpoints), then utilize the weld tool to combine them into a single “polyline”. The plugin can do a “follow me” of a circle along a straight line, ruptures the circle into several line segments.

To learn the tip with follow me tool, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source SketchUp

How to do follow me with multiple shapes in sketchup

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How to speed up your modeling in sketchup with v-ray proxies

In this sketchup v-ray video tutorial, you will learn how to use v-ray proxies in skethup models to produce superior quality renderings with high polygon models.

Rendering in sketchup becomes complicated since sketchup can’t deal with high polygon models. So, if there are more faces and geometries in the model, the modeling process become slower since sketchup does not handle all the geometries efficiently.

With high polygon, high detail model inside your sketchup model, it becomes difficult to produce realistic rendering. But v-ray contains a tool known as proxies that facilitates to export the objects out of your model and substitute them with a low polygon preview model.

When rendering starts, v-ray will reference those files called meshes externally devoid of showing them in your model.

To learn the detail process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source The Rendering Essentials

How to speed up your modeling in sketchup with v-ray proxies

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How to resolve the issue while modeling in groups & components in sketchup

In this sketchup video tutorial, you will get some nice tricks which will be very helpful while modeling inside of groups and components.

Groups and components play an important role to make the model clean and valid. But sometime, problem arises when the geometry is invisible at the time of editing when the remaining part of the model gets in your way. By applying these tricks, it is possible to get a clear view while editing components. It becomes easier to edit inside of a group or components.

To start with, go to window tab and from the drop down menu click on modeling info option and then click on components tab. Here, couple sliders are available. Under editing display, there are two sliders namely Fade Similar Components and Fade Rest of Model. Under Component Axes, there is one check box called show component axes. Make necessary changes in the sliders to resolve the issue.

There is another option. Go to view menu and from drop down lists click on component edit and select either hide rest model or hide similar components.

To learn the tips in detail, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source Sketchup

How to resolve the issue while modeling in groups & components in sketchup

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How sketchup was used to complete the Philadelphia Flower Show project

In this exclusive sketchup video tutorial, Dawn Brown, the renowned 3d modelling expert, shares his professional experience that he applied while going to complete a complex project called the Philadelphia Flower Show with sketchup.

Mr. Brown shows some useful tips and tricks which were used to complete the project successfully with sketchup for making architectural design, landscape design, exhibit design, set design as well as produce construction documents.

To complete the project sketchup layout and an exclusive sketchup plugin called light up are used.

Light up is best suited for superior product visualisations, architectural designs or immersive 3D experiences.

LightUp refers to the only SketchUp renderer that employs object-based rendering to produce surprisingly perfect and stunning results right away within the SketchUp window.

The professionals can apply this plugin to quickly enlighten their models and present their work in the best possible light.

To learn the complete design process, go through the following sketchup tutorial video presented by Dawn Brown.

Video Source Sketchup

How sketchup was used to complete the Philadelphia Flower Show project

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Quick tips to use extrude tools sketchup plugin

This sketchup video demonstrates the functionality of an exclusive sketchup plugin called extrude tools. Get some useful tips on how to use this plugin efficiently.

This plugin combines diversified toolset which can be used for Extruding Edges into meshes etc.

The plugin is now compatible with sketchup 2018.

The most vital point about Extrude Tools is that it facilitates the users to extrude lines, in spite of faces.

To download this plugin, click on the following link

Go through the following sketchup video tutorial to learn the tips to improve your modeling skills with extrude tools.

Quick tips to use extrude tools sketchup plugin

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Demo of component finder, a new sketchup extension

This exclusive sketchup video tutorial provides the demonstration of a new sketchup extension called Component Finder. This extension can simplify the process to view and import components inside sketchup.

The tutorial video focuses on the following topics :- How to set up Component Finder, Navigate 3D Models, Add a component, Save a component, Rename a component, Update a component.

The extension contains the following exclusive features :-

Quickly filter through your local Sketchup components library, and find the components you need. Just a click away, all within Sketchup.

Enhanced Browsing: Now, it is possible to view all the components in a folder, it’s sub-folders as well as in their sub-folders all in one view.

View your components in each tab in best possible manner

Flat View: Avail the components in the present folder and in all of it’s sub-folders, and their sub-folders… (5 levels deep).

Nav View: The recognizable browsing view of folders and components. It is ideal for navigating and focusing on a specific folder.

Powerful Search: Type in with your search term, and ComponentFinder will filter through all of your tabs and the components in them unless you get your desired result.

Zoom In / Out: View bigger or smaller component thumbnails.

Save Components: After arranging some components into a model, if any modifications take place, one can save them right back into any open tab.

To get more information, go through the following link

Open multiple tabs at once: Choose numerous folders from your local library and include them simultaneously as separate tabs in ComponentFinder.

FlexTools Integration: ComponentFinder operates on top of the FlexTools platform. Same toolbar. Same settings location. Automatic updates when available.

Watch the following video for live demonstration.

Demo of component finder, a new sketchup extension

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ColorHex – The newest sketchup extension

Rafael Rivera has developed ColorHex, an exclusive sketchup extension available in extension warehouse.

This sketchup extension is well matched with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018 as well as windows platform.

The plugin can be used to paint any sketchup models based on #Hex color values by applying a series of toolset.

Brief description of tools:

Hex Brush Tool: The Hex Brush Tool paint faces through #hex color values. The users will be able to click & drag the mouse to incessantly arrange paint to the SketchUp model.

Hex Sample Tool: The Hex Sample Tool will opt for the color value of face entity to paint with.

Hex Input Tool: The Hex Input Tool facilitates the users to put in a #hex color value to paint.

Hex Magic Wand Tool: The Magic Wand Tool picks connected faces with the equivalent color.

The plugin can be downloaded from extension warehouse

ColorHex – The newest sketchup extension

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Interview with Mauritz Snyman who is a specialist in 3D architectural modeling, 3D renderings, 3D visualization and 3D animations

Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi all. Thank you for the opportunity Simul. I’m Mauritz Snyman & the owner of Jireh3D, a company I started in 2008 focusing on 3D Architectural Modeling & Rendering. I’m based in South-Africa.

I love what I do. Only a couple of things get me away from my computer – one being fishing.

How did you start your career as a 3D modeler?

I studied Interior Design but never pursued that. Not long after, I moved to the UK and started out as a CAD technician in London. But did not find it creative enough, so I started online 3D modeling training after hours. My boss at the time created a position for me but unfortunately during the 2008 recession more than half the company were made redundant. And so my own company, Jireh3D was born.

What kind of hardware do you use?

At the moment – Apple Mac 8 core, 2.1 Ghz, 64 GIG ram & 2 x 24” Screens to make life easier.

Then some other machines which are a lot smaller, but just a backup for rendering

Can you tell us about the software you use in the studio?

Sure. I use Sketch-up for all the basic modeling, then Cinema4D to add detail & rendering in VRay or Corona. Adobe Photoshop for the finishing touches.

Can you define the balance between Pure Render and Post Production in your work?

Post production is great, but i like getting renders in such a state that there is little Photoshop work involved in the end. It depends on the artist really.

I always use Photoshop to do final touches, but never to create the full image itself because clients change their minds very quickly & not many people wants to re-do everything again.

Can you tell us something about your firm?

My firm is running for about 9 years now. Jireh3D specializes in 3D architectural modelling, 3D renderings, 3D visualisation and 3D animations. We bring 2D plans to life in beautiful photo-realistic, 3D images. We create 3D models from CAD plans, sketches or simply ideas, supplied by the client. We are able to produce interior and exterior views of the proposed development. We can also create fly-through animations.

Tell us about your work with 3D architectural modeling.

For us, the modeling part is very important. If the modeling is bad, the renders will be bad. So adding detail is of great importance, as that is what helps create realism.

After modeling, texturing is just as important.

Sketch-up is great for modeling things very fast, and if the client changes his design, it can be changed very quickly unlike most programs.

Did you face any problems or technical issues along the project, and how did you solve them?

50% of the time we run into problems during projects. Most of the time it’s a machine that can crash because the scene is so poly heavy…Solving that was to upgrade memory & to use a render farm as our backup.

Another problem is getting paid. What i have learned over the years, is to work with a contract & 50% upfront payment. I lost a lot of money because clients ran away, so very important to get a contract & proper payment terms in place.

What was the most challenging project you’ve worked for, so far?

The one I’m working on currently. Very big & difficult to work with because the model is so poly-heavy. It’s for a few exterior renders, but the surroundings has tons of foliage which makes the process very slow and quite frustrating.

What’s the hardest thing about being a professional 3D designer?

Not getting paid enough for hard work and long hours. It’s our bread and butter & lots of people take artists for granted.

Where is architectural visualization heading next?

Not sure, but because of the incredible technology, we are going forward really fast and it is difficult to keep up to date to the latest programs & plugins in the industry.

What suggestions do you want to provide for newbie 3D modelers?

If you want to do this full time, make sure you do it in excellence. Always give your best and be teachable so there will always be room for improvement.

How do you evaluate our magazine?

Very good. Lots of 3D Artists can learn from this & tons of info are available for anyone with many tips & tricks.

Interview with Mauritz Snyman

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11 Best Free 3D Designing Software You Shouldn’t Miss

Everything gets digitalized in these days, and so does the engineering and architectural drawing. Designing with pencil and paper has been replaced with the 3D designs where the outcome is more accurate and detailed. 3D designing software applications are growing their number with time and they are designed to cater different designing needs. There are as much as 22 new 3D designing software applications available and the content brings out the most popular names for you. It categorizes as per the learning level of users. Thus, four basic segments are named – beginners, intermediate users, advanced users and professional users.

3D designing software for beginners

3D Slash: 3D slash is a great application for the beginners who want to enjoy their learning process while adopting the must-learned skills of designing. Individual cubes possibly the main thing that can be worked, subtracted and combined with your known tools. Working in the 3D slash is as enjoying as developing a game. The tools like hammer, trowel, chisel, and drill will be there to help you carve out the needed shape.

Visit for more details.

Doodle 3D Transform: This is another beginner level application that maintains the joy of learning through their feature. Doodle 3D Transforms is an online 3D designing tool that comes up with a split screen defined as 2D and 3D. This application allows you to transform your 2D design into 3D easily. It does not require professional knowledge to start, so anyone with zeal of learning can try their hands in this designing tool. The features are simple allows even children to draw their imagination.

Learn more on

FractalLab: FractalLab is designed for creating fractal 3D modeling. The application is a WebGL program – written in JavaScript and shader code in OpenGLShading Language (GLSL). You can use different constraints such as scale, level of detail and smoothness. This software lets you take control over the complete designing process.

Visit their official website for more.

3D designing software for intermediate users This application does more than you expect. From V-Ray rendering to tools for every use, this application comes up with the most advanced functions you need. You can extraordinarily design shapes in some of the most difficult situations such as extrusions, beveling, slicing, cutting and looping. The design you prepared using the application can be included in your website also. Even users can manipulate some predefined properties of your design. the site will give you the insight of the application in more detailed way.

MagicaVoxel: The application is much like assembling tiny cubes for designing 3D pixilated 3D models. The tools of the application are advanced and they offer an array of functions that you are looking for. Though it sounds like 3D slash, it incorporates new things that make your designing more advanced. Colors, 3D brushes and patterns also come in a wide range.

Visit the official website to get more details.

MakeHuman: As the name presents, MakeHuman is a 3D designing tool for developing human figure using different sliders. At the beginning, it was introduced as a plug-in for blender. You can add details like age, weight, gender and more to give your model a specific look. It lets you customize your character the way you want.

Follow their official page

3D designing software for advanced users

DesignSpark Mechanical: DesignSpark Mechanical follows the steps of AutoCAD, but in a simplified way. The application works as a gesture based program that makes even the complex designing easier. If you have a plan to learn AutoCAD, you can start with the program and learn the basic things first. It is particularly used in designing electronic devices.

Visit the link to know more.

FreeCAD: FreeCAD is an advanced designing tool that has some features popular among others. Customizable, extensible and parametric are few characteristics that define the application very well. This means that you can add constraints to the component of your model. It is basically designed for developing real-life objects of varied sizes. – the link provides you with the complete detail for your understanding.

SketchUp: SketchUp is the most known software that offers you simple ways for designing complex models. You can learn about designs by using different tools developed for giving you a complete control over the application. SketchUp plugins are very popular since they tap the upgraded designing concept and help you design sharply with maintaining a subtle accuracy.

Visit the official site:

3D designing software for professional users

Blender: Comprehensive and open-source software, Blender has come up with the modules for performing specialized tasks. This tool creates the best visual effect for your 3D models. At the core of the application stay the well-designed feature that makes the application a perfect tool for the professional users.

Step into the world of blender with

Fusion 360: This application was brought to us by Autodesk, and it solved barriers lied in 3D designing very easily. It includes different steps of a product development process allowing you to create a design in an accurate way. The advanced options offered by this application are modeling, sculpting, solid modeling and parametric modeling.

Learn more on

Houdini: The application is designed on the node based workflow. The application allows you to alter the complete model by changing individual parameters called nodes. This helps you reuse the objects of a model for your future assignment.

There are many things associated with the application and the detail information is given on

3D designing software applications offer the simplest way to sketch your thought. All the above-mentioned applications are as easy as you want them to be.

11 Best Free 3D Designing Software You Shouldn’t Miss

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A position is vacant for sketchup, AutoCad and 3ds Max Designer in Dubai

Toscana Landscaping & Pools, a Dubai based leading design and build swimming pool and landscaping company, is seeking a innovative designer well versed with Sketchup; Autocad and preferably 3D Max skills to work in tandem with design department.

The ideal candidates should have solid background in design as well as minimum 5 years practical working experience. Besides, they should possess Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma. They should have the capability to work independently without taking too much helps from others to design a project and follow it through to detailing and contract closure.

The candidates must be proficient with hand sketch as well as rendering design proposals and create models in 3D Sketchup. They should have sound knowledge in CAD.

Location of the job will be Dubai, United Arab Emirates and monthly salary US $3,000. Candidates having UAE experience and a driving license will get the preference.

Apply Online

sketchup, AutoCad and 3ds Max Designer


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