How to use paste in place tool in sketchup

In this sketchup video tutorial, you will be familiar with paste in place tool. This tool can save significant time while detailing and resizing your sketchup model.

Generally, people employs this tool for transmitting objects in and out of components inside a file. But, it can also be applied to copy from one file to another.

This tool can also be used to draw outside a group or component. Just choose Ctrl+X to cut, provide group/component and paste in place.

To learn how does this tool function, watch the following video tutorial.


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Point Cloud Importers – The newest sketchup extension

D Charlton has developed point cloud importer. It is an exclusive sketchup extension that is compatible with Sketchup 2014, Sketchup 2015, Sketchup 2016 and Sketchup 2017.

In this extension, there are wide array of sketchup importers and these are used to import small point cloud files which are available in .pts, .xyz, .svy, .txt format.

With this plugin, it is possible to import point coordinates as a group of SketchUp construction points and utilize them to make the modeling process easier.

This sketchup extension can include the various functionalities like Text – PTS Format (.pts), Text – SURVEY Format (.svy), Text – TXT Format (.txt), Text – XYZ Format (.xyz) to the import menu.

Import Options comprise of Import Units, Decimation, Set Point Color, PTS File Structure (xyziRGB | xyzi | xyzRGB), Layer Assignment.

The extension allows importing of up to 1,000,000 points per import, and file sizes should be under 1GB. Import times fluctuate according to the point count.

It is suggested that imported point clouds include < 100,000 points so that import times become perfect and model performance is not hampered. By default, point clouds will be decimated to 25,000 points. Though, it can be modified under import options.

To raise productivity, the Importers are utilized together with other point cloud software so that the users will be able to split up bigger, more complicated datasets into smaller and more manageable pieces.

Working with smaller, decimated point cloud fragments in SketchUp helps to maintain good overall model performance is sustained as smaller, decimated point cloud fragments can be managed in sketchup. The modelers get the ability to focus on the development of one specific component or element at a time.

Click on the following link to download the extension from extension warehouse


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Tips to apply sun light in a interior scene with vray for sketchup

This sketchup video tutorial briefly explains the procedures for applying sun light in interior. Sketchup Pro 2017 is used to create the model and the rendering is done by vray 3.4 sketchup.

With V-Ray Sun and Sky, it is possible to perfectly illustrate the sun and sky for reproducing the Sun and Sky easily. They are projected to work jointly and react to the angle and direction of the sun.

To obtain the sun location, in click “Windows” in the main menu, choose “Model Info”, then choose “Location”. It will facilitate to choose a location of the sun. The time and the day in the “Shadow Setting” should be controlled properly.

To utilize the sun perfectly, it is essential to apply it together with the Physical Camera. To retain the characteristics of the model, the sun should be held adjacent to its exact intensity.

To prevent the deep brightness of the sun, it is necessary to form a perfect exposure of a scene with the physical camera. With the physical camera, it is also possible to precisely capture the exact colors of the sky as well.

The properties of the sun in V-Ray for SketchUp are managed in combination with the Physical Sky properties under the Texture Editor for GI(Skylight) under Environment render options. Here various controls are available to modify the appearance and affect of the sun.

To get best result, use the physical camera with the sun, access the V-Ray Options and in the Camera rollout activate the Physical Camera. To ascertain the proper exposure, it is required to perform a quick render of the image. If the image becomes too bright, or overexposed, then modify the F-stop, shutter speed, or ISO value to recover.

It is advised to view the color values in Float format, to facilitate finding out the perfect brightness of your image. It is viewed by right-clicking and holding anywhere in the frame.


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Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

Purchase training tutorial DVD on sketchup 2017. Improve your sketchup skills with this video based sketchup tutorial. The duration of the video is 3:40 Hours.


  1. The SketchUp Interface
    Interface the basics for the Windows
    Varations in the Mac interface
    Operate in the SketchUp
    Walk around in SketchUp
    The Create camera views
    Shade the faces Edges
    The Create shadows and fog
    Generate the multiple views with the scenes
  2. Maneuvered the objects
    Select objects and move
    the Scale and the rotate objects
    the Manipulate the faces Edges and
    the Advanced selection tools
  3. the Drawing in the SketchUp
    Basic of Line tool
    Solution: Employing the Line tool for 3D drawing Explosional drawing
    Application of Eraser tools
    Application of Rectangle tool
    Generate rotated rectangles
    Push and pull the faces into 3D
    Application of Offset tool for outline formation
    Draw curved and freehand shapes
    Generate circles and polygons
    Produce smooth and soften Edges
    Application of Follow Me tool
    3D text formation
  4. Measure and the Label
    Application of tape measure tool
    Application of Protractor tool
    Formation of labels with the text tool
    Produce cutaways with section plane
  5. Stay Organized
    Group the objects
    Application of the layers
    Application of the outliner and entity info
  6. Work with Components
    Demonstration of Component window
    Creating components
    Application of 3D the Warehouse
    Application of component options window
    Utilization of Interact tool
  7. Work with materials – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  8. Work with Materials on Mac – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  9. Work with the textures
    Map textures Interactively
    Map curved objects
    Project maps on curved objects
    Generate a floor plan with bitmap images
    Draw a structure out of a floor plan
  10. Rendering and Animation
    Apply styles
    Edit and create styles
    Export in 2D and 3D
    Basic animation, conclusion and next steps

To purchase the video, click on the following link

Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

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Eneroth View Memory – The Newest SketchUp Extension

Eneroth View Memory is an exclusive sketchup plugin that is useful for different types of industries like Architecture, Construction, Education, Engineering, Film & Stage, Gaming, Heavy Civil, Interior Design, Kitchen & Bath, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Woodworking and other.

This sketchup plugin is compatible with sketchup 2016 and sketchup 2017. The plugin can instantly remembers and recollect a view at any point as well as exports/imports scenes. It is mostly suitable to generate matching views in various models.

This task is performed among models and even SketchUp versions. It is possible to recall any of the various properties like camera location, visible layers, section planes, style and fog, shadow settings, geo location, and axes location and exclude unnecessary one.

The plugin can also export scenes to a file maintaining complete control over the types of scenes to be added in the file. After that, this file can be preserved locally or be transmitted to another computer.

The plugin facilitates the users to easily re-utilize good scenes among models, e.g. keeping a wonderful style and fog, or generate matching views to view the advancement among file versions or match various design options.

The plugin can also be applied to obtain a number of matching scenes in different models to be employed in LayOut for producing equivalent drawings of various items or design options.

Another application is found while going to segregate a part of a project in an individual file, as for example; to minimize lag or allow different team members to perform on the project simultaneously. As soon as the geometry is copied and pasted in place, this plugin is utilized to also copy the necessary scenes over to the other model.

Another useful application is that when a glitch happens in SketchUp and it is required to copy the content of the model to a new fresh file as a workaround. In that situation, this plugin facilitates to transfer all the scenes over to the new file with just few clicks of the mouse.

Click on the following link to download the plugin

Eneroth View Memory for SketchUp

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E-on Software Announces the Opening of Submissions for the 3D CG Environment Competition 2017

3D CG Environment Competition Offers Participants the Opportunity to Showcase Talents in 3D Natural Environment Graphics

Together with their sponsors, e-on software, leading developer of solutions for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments today announced the ninth edition of the 3D CG Environment Competition, for participants to showcase their expertise in using 3D technology to create computer generated (CG) natural environments.

Watch the 3D Environment Competition Trailer on Youtube.

Submissions for the competition are now open and continue through September 30, 2017. The winners of the competition will be announced on October 31, 2017.

Together with sponsors NVIDIA, WACOM, HP, Pixologic, 3D Artist, Routledge, Cornucopia3D, GeekAtPlay, AsileFX and QuadSpinner, e-on software will be awarding competition winners more than $30,000 in 3D tools and resources.

Entrants may use the application of their choice, in combination with any of the e-on software products. This includes any version of VUE (Esprit, Studio, Complete, Infinite or xStream), including the free Personal Learning Edition and the free VUE Pioneer, as well as PlantFactoryCarbon ScatterOzone, and LumenRT (and their respective free versions).

Judging is based solely on the quality, realism, and artistic merit of the entries, not on the software version used to create them.

With 14 judges representing the different fields of the 3D CG industry, this competition is also a unique chance for artists to have their work seen and judged by industry experts, representing the motion picture, gaming, media, and broadcast industries, including several Visual Effects Society (VES) and Emmy award winners, and industry publication and educational professionals. Judges are:

The prestigious list of sponsors for the competition include:
Technology Sponsors: Nvidia, Wacom, HP, Pixologic
Media Sponsors:, 3D Artist, CG Society, CG Channel

Educational Sponsors – 3D Animation & VFX schools:

  • Gnomon School
    • Bournemouth University
    • Ecole George Méliès

Certified e-on software trainers: Geekatplay, Asilefx, Quadspinner
In association with Bentley Systems, Inc.

Prize winners will receive the following:
• Main Category Winner: $17,000 in prizes
• Main Category First Runner Up: $8,000 in prizes
• Main Category Second Runner Up: $4,000 in prizes
• e-on Academic Category Winner (1 student or a group of up to 5 students maximum): $4,000 in prizes

The full prize list can be accessed here.

Learn more about our Prizes and Sponsors: here


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Download Hometeka Plugin for sketchup

Hometeka Plugin for SketchUp is available in beta version. This newest plugin is compatible with SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017. It is available in Brazilian and Portuguese language.

The Hometeka plugin provides the most efficient way to account and identify your interior design. There are over 3,000 products ready to be itemized and numerous textures and 3D models are accessible for free download.

One will be able to access this plugin from any device. Besides, one can examine budgets, edit, comment, and obtain the commissions from sales.

Check out the video that explains step by step how to use the plugin Hometeka for SketchUp.

Click on the following link to learn how to install this extension for sketchup 8

To download the plugin, go through the following link.

Download Hometeka Plugin for sketchup

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How to use placemaker sketchup extension to model a city instantly

In this sketchup video, Justin Geis shows how to apply placemaker sketchup extension to generate a city model in quickest possible time.

Placemaker is a handy extension created by Whaat. The plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017. It is available in different languages like Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish.

With this extension, the users will be able to import OpenStreeMap roads, buildings, paths, water bodies, trees, as well as high resolution aerials in their design and insert context promptly.

PlaceMaker imports data from OpenStreeMap and DigitalGlobe and converts it into a functional site reference model appropriate for rendering or exporting into other applications.

To gather more information, click on the following link

How to use placemaker sketchup extension to model a city instantly

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Auto Magic Dimensions – The newest sketchup plugin from Brighter 3D

Brighter 3D has developed Auto Magic Dimensions for sketchup. This sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

One can use this plugin to include dimensions to any drawing with a simple mouse click without any difficulty.

This sketchup plugin can accelerate your work flow by assigning dimensions to raw geometry or Groups and Components. The dimensions are included with the layer automatically which are arranged with while clicking on a button. It facilitates the users to switch off layer at the time of observing their drawing with multiple dimensions displaying. The plugin contains various in-built advanced unseen features. As for instance, the offset of the dimensions can be fixed in the settings option. This is an exclusive feature because the sketchup users will not be able to perform this with sketchup native tool. Dimensions are included with multiple groups as well as gaps among groups with a simple mouse click. As for instance, a run of kitchen cabinets is chosen and with one click all the sizes show automatically.

The dimension in 3D space can be easily moved and if you need the sizes demonstrated on the back of an object rather than the front, just retain a modifier Key.

Download a 14-days free trial version.

Auto Magic Dimensions – The newest sketchup plugin from Brighter 3D

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