Learn the process for watermark rendering in sketchup

This sketchup video tutorial is a part of sketchup skill builder series.

In this video, Aaron walks you through the method for adding his own watermarks and producing mock rendering quickly within sketchup with few tools devoid of applying any third party rendering software.

In the video, Aaron shows in detail how to visualize a log cabin with more realistic setting. Aaron explores some options with his render styles particularly watermarks. In styles window, the watermarks are located on the second to last tab.

Watermarks can be used to mark your render with a logo or name, so that others find it difficult to copy the image or identify who has created it.

Watch the following sketchup video tutorial to learn the complete process.

Learn the process for watermark rendering in sketchup

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Verto Studio 3D for VR Is Done Now You Can Build 3D Models in HoloLens or VR

Vetro Studio 3D promises you to provide an ultimate thrill of 3 Modeling world by offering a real-time experience like nothing before. Michael Farrell, the owner of Verto Studio LLC, develops the application to remove certain shortcomings today’s 3D designing applications generally have. It works to bridge the gap between XR 3D modeling and the quintessential desktop 3D modeling packages. The HTC vive and Oculus Rift versions have seen improvements with the announcement.

The surge in mixed reality technologies leads us to the world of dimensions where we can stroll around in the virtual 3D world like our existed real world. A demand for new technologies and tools has been felt to make the world even sharper and subtle. Every designer at their early stage might face the difficulties of converting 2d designs into a real object of 3D space using CAD and 3D modeling. 25 years has been spent in discovering a tool that can be termed as a proficient solution of designing virtual objects in 3D. Verto Studio 3D is the name that breaks all limitations of 3D designing and provides an uncompromising platform where designers not only design but also feel their 3D models.

With this 3D modeling package, a designer gets invaluable knowledge of shape, measurement and other related things with experiencing their 3D models in the virtual space. The Verto Studio VR for HoloLens and windows Holographic design ensures that you get the real fun while designing 3 D models in holographic 3 D modeling studio developed with reality tool.

The application supports a wide range of file domains like FBX, DAE, OBJ, and STL that allow users to import different mesh models or design their own objects. With this application, users can transform desktop support or tablet support 3D files into hologram-capable files. A built-in cloud integration certifies users to access to users’ documents for both export and import fields.

Features offered by Verto Studio 3D:

  • DAE,OBJ,STL,FBX file import
    • Verto Studio file format support via Verto Studio Cloud or Other Cloud Services
    • Polygonal Mesh generation
    • Plane
    • Cubes
    • Spheres
    • Toruses
    • Cylinders
    • Terrain generator (height field)
  • 3D Sketch tool
    • Mesh Augmentation
    • Polygon reduction
    • Polygon extrusion
    • Polygon subdivision
    • Texture coordinate editor
    • Editing features
    • Vertex Translation/Rotation/Scaling
    • Metric display of position & size measurements for 3D holograms
    • Mirror
    • Material editor
    • Texture mapping
    • Undo
    • Multiple Real-time shading modes and rendering of diffuse & bump texture maps
    • Real-time scaling, moving, rotating, panning, auto scene re-orientation

Verto Studio 3D for VR Is Done Now You Can Build 3D Models in HoloLens or VR

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E-on Software Announces the Opening of Submissions for the 3D CG Environment Competition 2017

3D CG Environment Competition Offers Participants the Opportunity to Showcase Talents in 3D Natural Environment Graphics

Together with their sponsors, e-on software, leading developer of solutions for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments today announced the ninth edition of the 3D CG Environment Competition, for participants to showcase their expertise in using 3D technology to create computer generated (CG) natural environments.

Watch the 3D Environment Competition Trailer on Youtube.

Submissions for the competition are now open and continue through September 30, 2017. The winners of the competition will be announced on October 31, 2017.

Together with sponsors NVIDIA, WACOM, HP, Pixologic, 3D Artist, Routledge, Cornucopia3D, GeekAtPlay, AsileFX and QuadSpinner, e-on software will be awarding competition winners more than $30,000 in 3D tools and resources.

Entrants may use the application of their choice, in combination with any of the e-on software products. This includes any version of VUE (Esprit, Studio, Complete, Infinite or xStream), including the free Personal Learning Edition and the free VUE Pioneer, as well as PlantFactoryCarbon ScatterOzone, and LumenRT (and their respective free versions).

Judging is based solely on the quality, realism, and artistic merit of the entries, not on the software version used to create them.

With 14 judges representing the different fields of the 3D CG industry, this competition is also a unique chance for artists to have their work seen and judged by industry experts, representing the motion picture, gaming, media, and broadcast industries, including several Visual Effects Society (VES) and Emmy award winners, and industry publication and educational professionals. Judges are:

The prestigious list of sponsors for the competition include:
Technology Sponsors: Nvidia, Wacom, HP, Pixologic
Media Sponsors: ArtStation.com, 3D Artist, CG Society, CG Channel

Educational Sponsors – 3D Animation & VFX schools:

  • Gnomon School
    • Bournemouth University
    • Ecole George Méliès

Certified e-on software trainers: Geekatplay, Asilefx, Quadspinner
In association with Bentley Systems, Inc.

Prize winners will receive the following:
• Main Category Winner: $17,000 in prizes
• Main Category First Runner Up: $8,000 in prizes
• Main Category Second Runner Up: $4,000 in prizes
• e-on Academic Category Winner (1 student or a group of up to 5 students maximum): $4,000 in prizes

The full prize list can be accessed here.

Learn more about our Prizes and Sponsors: here


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Demo of render farm to improve your rendering with sketchup vray

This sketchup vray video tutorial provides demonstration on the process of render farm.

A Render Farm comprises of a group of networked computers which operate jointly to execute large rendering tasks. Render farms moves silently, devoid of graphical demonstration of the renderings as they advance, or you can apply the Render Farm Display tool to show the parts of the image as soon as they are finished. The Render Farm facilitates you to utilize more compute power for lengthy tasks at the expense of some interactivity.

The nXt Render Farm contains four pieces of software:

  1. IRender nXt is applied to state the model to render. The Render Farm is initiated directly from IRender nXt, or if it is required to preview the rendering first, a preview rendering can be started (with smaller resolution and fewer passes), and then start the Farm from IRender Batch.
  2. The Farm itself, (nXt.exe ornXt64.exe, running on each Farm CPU). This belongs to a version of the nXt rendering engine which renders nearly mutely, in the background, requiring very little user interface. This portion of the nXt Render Farm Software is utilized by itself, in combination with commercial render farm software, for a more sophisticated render farm solution.
  3. nXtFarmer.exe (nXtFarmer64.exe) is a small executable that operates on each network rendering station, waits for jobs to be produced, and begins the Farm Processor.
  4. IRenderBatch.exe is a utility program to show renderings once they are completed and save them as .JPG, .PNG or .ArImage files.

Downloads: The IRender nXt Render Farm software can be downloaded from the McNeel nXt Forum: (accurender.ning.com)

  • Render Farm Downloads
    Make sure to download the version to tally your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit)

Demo of render farm to improve your rendering with sketchup vray

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