Methods of adding Extensions to SketchUp

SketchUp and Extension Warehouse both is making the work of drawing and 3D modeling easier with some added tools for the architects, interior designers, engineers etc.

About SketchUp

SketchUp or Google SketchUp is mainly a3D modeling computer program that is used for a broad range of drawing applications used by architects, interior designer, landscape architects, civil and mechanical engineers, film and video game designers also. SketchUp can be getting as a freeware version named SketchUp Make and a paid version with many more extra benefits called SketchUp Pro. SketchUp is software from Trimble Company and there is an online library of free model congregations and 3D Warehouse to which users can add other models; besides that, the program has drawing layout functionality with variable ‘styles’, supports third-party ‘plug-in’ programs hosted on the Extension Warehouse to supply other abilities and enables placement of its models in Google Earth.

As SketchUp users are most of architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers etc. who works hard to give a nice shape to our physical world, they need great tools to do the work. SketchUp is in mission to bring their best to produce some great tools for drawing as drawing is the key thing of the SketchUp users. They draw to search ideas, to identify the things and to show other people their work that they do with love and love to build; SketchUp understands it truly and trying to improve their software day by day.

About Extension Warehouse

It is an online resource with various plug-ins developed made especially for SketchUp and these extensions help to add some special tools and features to SketchUp. These extensions can be found for any particular application like drawing or 3D printing and some industry specified tools for architecture, interior design, construction and many more. So basically in this Extension Warehouse people can do the following things:

  • Users can search extensions by name or as per the functionality.

  • They can also install various extensions with a single click of a button.

  • Or users can also control all the extensions from easy-to-use location in the My Extension page.

Adding Extensions to SketchUp

From the above discussion it is clear that there is a good bonding between the Extension warehouse and Sketchup; so users can add an extension on their local copy of SketchUp by just only clicking on the Install button on the extension details page and the rest of work will done after that.

There are a few cautions that help to install this Extension Warehouse like:

  • Users have to entry the Extension Warehouse only from SketchUp and if it is accessed form a web browser then a Download button will be seen instead of Installation Button and users then need to install the downloaded .rbz file through SketchUp Preferences.

  • The good news is that this SketchUp is absolutely free so users can easily download and use them. In addition of that, developers can have the option of selling extensions for a one-time-free or can get a subscription. A trial extension is generally free to use for a limited time and sometime an extension can be purchased that need to buy from the developer’s website and install the extension manually.

Installing Extensions manually in SketchUp Preferences

While downloading an extension from the Extension Warehouse through a web browser or from a developer’s website it will come as an .rbz file that can be installed manually. Here are the steps to follow before installing:

  • At first go to SketchUp and select the Extension Manager Option form Window menu, after clicking on it the Extension Manager window appears.

  • Now click on the Install Extension button.

  • The Open Dialog box will appear where users can find the .rbz file, just save it to the computer, select the file and click OK in Microsoft Windows or Open in Mac OS X.

  • SketchUp will warn the users about installing only extensions from trusted sources just click OK option for further procedure and the extension will be installed.

Purchasing Extensions in the 3D Warehouse

Anyone can purchase an extension through signing in to the Extension Warehouse or through any browser or SketchUp; but it is essential to sign in to the Extension Warehouse through SketchUp before installing a trial version or buying an extension. Here are some needed steps that need to follow before a purchase:

  1. Go to the extension detail page and click the Purchase button.

  2. In the prompted option, users have to enter their billing and payment information, billing information will verify the credit card, the receipt is emailed to the email address that user uses to sign in to Extension Warehouse.

The following steps is needed to install a trial or purchased extension:

  1. Go to the SketchUp and select the Extension Warehouse from Windows and sign in to the Extension Warehouse.

  2. Now search for the extension that is needed or go to the extensions details page and click Install Trial option.

  3. Then go to the user menu and select the My Extensions option.

  4. The My Extension tab will open scroll down to the trial extension or the purchased extension to install and click on either the Install Trial or Install link. Click yes to install.

Finding an extension after installation

After installing an extension will appear on an Extension menu, select it from the menu to start using it.


Methods of adding Extensions to SketchUp

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E-on Software released LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ for sketchup & cad professionals

E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.

LumenRT Architect supports SketchUp and ArchiCAD. It’s actual price is $495 but the users can avail it with a discounted price of $395 for the time being. LumenRT Architect is specifically designed for architectural professionals to instantly convert SketchUp and ArchiCAD designs into nature-packed images, videos and interactive worlds. LumenRT Architect provides an streamlined solution to convey design ideas into reality within a completely animated 3D surroundings involving wind-swept plants, rolling clouds, rippling water, deep shadows and beautiful light.

Several SketchUp users can now walk around and research with high-fidelity realistic visualization and attain a sound understanding of the overall benefits.

LumenRT VIZ is only compatible with sketchup and the users can use it at free of cost. But it is not suitable for commercial application. LumenRT VIZ is a free, fully functional version of LumenRT Architect. It includes a small LumenRT logo to all output. With LumenRT VIZ, the sketchup users will be able to seamlessly produce high-fidelity visualizations of their designs.

Download sample images, boxshots and logos here:

E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.
Image Courtesy:
E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.


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3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

Basic Course organized by the Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Forlì in collaboration with Visuall SRL.S. have been recognized, no. CFP 6 from CNAPPC .

The objective of the course is to give participants the tools needed to design and modeling three-dimensional objects from design to architecture. At the end of the course the student will be able to use all the tools for modeling, listed models and management of the views to be able to print their work or share them on the screen and by e-mail.

Participation fee € 130.00 + VAT registration closes : 15/07/2014 length n. 6 hours

Mode of entry send the request for pre-registration form to: Visuall SRL.S (, stating its personal and fiscal (tax code., and P. Iva), telephone and email. From the date of confirmation of registration, which will be forwarded via e-mail from Visuall SRL.S, and / or communicated by telephone, the subscriber will have to proceed to the payment of the balance in the time of the next 3 days, sending the response of payment via e-mail. If you do not receive the indicated time, the enrollment will be canceled.

Appointment : Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15.30 at Visuall Showroom via Decius Rays 2, Forli

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble


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