2018 Click-Kitchen 2 is an exclusive plugin for designing your kitchen

David B has developed 2018 Click-Kitchen 2, an exclusive sketchup plugin that can be applied to create the drawing of your 3D kitchen easily and rapidly. The plugin comprises of over 5000 references of IKEA furniture together with customize option.

This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

With this sketchup plugin, the users can get rid of laborious manual process for making the drawings of your kitchen.

One will be able to customize your 3D kitchen with the selection of smallest detail.

With some simple mouse clicks, it is possible to prepare your kitchen for a realistic rendering.

The plugin is available in extension warehouse composant-dynamique.com

Watch the following video tutorial for online demonstration of the plugin.

2018 Click-Kitchen 2

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Arka Roy


SketchUp Weekend Workshop

SketchUp has probably been the widely used 3D designing and modeling application. People across the world use SketchUp to meet their designing needs in a satisfying way. The reason behind the surprising growth of the application is its user-friendly tools and features that embrace everyone having a designing spree. To offer a better communication between experts and learners, SketchUp workshop has been organized every year where important tools and effective tactics are discussed to bring the inside out of this application.

This weekend SketchUp workshop is planned with the Corvus Design, an architectural studio in Collooney, where participants will understand how to develop skills to have a better communication with their project. The courses are planned in a systematic way that helps designers learn step by step every detail of the project. Though there are no eligibility criteria, basic computer skill is preferable.

The workshop is complete based on to introduce you with the basics of SketchUp and how can develop project prototype quickly and effortlessly. Different 3D angles and floor plans will be discussed there where participants can intensely observe designing procedure. As believed conventionally, 3D modeling interprets your designing plan better and clear than other applications available. You can observe every step of designing in real time that makes the installation and layout of your project easier.

Artists will get a thorough understanding of virtual 3D exhibition space that translates their 2D pans and sketches into three dimensions model. The courses involve the basics of SketchUp and their applications for 3D modeling on 2D plans.

Course details are given below:

Day 1

1. Basic Modelling Tools and Functions
2. Orbit, Pan and Zoom etc.
3. Move, Copy, Rotate, Offset
4. Groups, Components and Extrusions
5. Practice

Day 2

6. Simple Materials
7. Lighting and importing photographs
8. Setting Scenes and views
9. Saving, exporting and printing
10. Practice

The workshop is solely organized for those students who want to get an expert guidance to hone their skills in the 3D world. Since its demand is growing with time, it is definitely a profitable sector for the young generation.

Article Source: thedock.ie

SketchUp Weekend Workshop

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Arka Roy