Clipping and missing faces in SketchUp

Both SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro are struggling in fix an issue in SketchUp called Clipping and missing faces in SketchUp tool. While revolving around the model, the effects can be seen like a section simply attached with the view at a fixed distance and sometime objects can also appear or disappear in a shaking mode while zooming in the model.

The geometry of the model shakes and glitters while revolving the model and it splinters and extra sections appear while operating the model. This situation is called Camera Clipping Plane which does not make any damage to the model.

These kinds of problems naturally appear when geometry sometime has been placed very far from the model origin that means the imported formation was copied form survey or GIS data. There are many models which are hundreds and even thousands of miles far from origin and SketchUp’s display technology was established more for distances like in Feet or Meters. Here are some situation described that show the situations where the kind of problems found:

1. When the field of view has been set up widely, the FOV or the field of view can be adjust between 1 to 120 degrees and it will easily change the FOV by pressing the Shift key to zoom in or out. This can be changed by going to Camera > Field of View and by typing the desired field of view in the measurement toolbar.

2. Secondly it can be happened the angled camera mode is turned off, to change the mode click on the Zoom Extents button. After that the camera will zooms out to show the total model and the clipping will be removed.

3. Another situation is that when the scale of any model is very small or very large. To prevent the problem just change the scale while working.

• When the model stays far away from the origin point where the red, green and blue axes interest, then the model can be moved to the origin point and this follows some steps:

1) select all the geometry of the model by typing Control+A or Command+A or only by simply clicking and dragging the Select tool beyond the geometry.
2) The move tool can be changed from Tools > Move.
3) Now take a corner point of the selected geometry of the ground plane and start to move the selected geometry. Now type [0, 0, 0] in the Measurement Toolbar which causes the selected point can move to the origin point.

• The clipping generally comes after a DWG import and happened with a combination of the points and while moving and checking the scale, following some proper steps all the geometry can be seen in the model. The three steps are:

1) All the layers in the Window menu need to turn on, to do this, click on the Window > Layers menu.
2) Geometry should be unhidden by using the Edit > Unhide all command.
3) Now again hide the geometry by clicking on View > Hidden Geometry.
NOW CLICK ON Camera > Zoom extents for making geometry visible and the full extents of the model also be seen.

All these fixing problems are described in SketchUp through detailed video.

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Clipping and missing faces in SketchUp

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