How to create new design scopes in sketchup with v-ray 3.6 and VR Scans

This sketchup video tutorial sheds light on the new design scopes by combining v-ray 3.6 and VR scans in sketchup. The tutorial is derived from a study of architecture interior and exterior project. The tutorial is conducted by Vessel Mikhaylov, a master degree holder from Technical University of Denmark.

Vessel highlights some of the new and exciting features in v-ray 3.6 for sketchup.

V-ray 3.6 for sketchup facilitates the users to render anything from rapid design model to most complicated 3d scenes. Rendering speed is very fast and one can design rapidly with the interactive rendering mode. Given below, some of the new features in v-ray 3.6 for sketchup.

a. Enhancements with UI and workflow
b. Greater speed
c. Enhancements with materials and textures
d. GPU rendering enhancements

V-ray 3.6 contains a new lighting algorithm known as adaptive lights to accelerate the rendering process considerably particularly in scenes where there are lots of light sources.

Lots of new materials and textures are included in this new version. The VR scan material is now supported and it allows to apply the curves groups scanned material technology in your project.

Besides, there are various types of GPU rendering enhancements like the hybrid rendering system. Displacement in aerial perspective is also now supported on the GPU.

Watch the following video tutorial to get more detail information.

How to create new design scopes in sketchup with v-ray 3.6 and VR Scans

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How to make complex shapes with various skethchup plugin

n this sketchup video tutorial, you will learn how to generate complicated shapes with the use of different types of sketchup plugins like Extrude Tools, Flowify, Mirror, Split Tools, Vertex Toos, JHS POWERBAR. All these plugins are available in SketchUcation Plugin store and extension warehouse.

Extrude Tools – A series of toolset which can be used for extruding edges into meshes etc.

Flowify – A powerful extension that twists groups or components along a quad surface. The source geometry is associated with a projection grid and the geometry is then mapped onto a quad target surface.

Mirror – Mirror the selected objects by choosing 1/2/3 points to describe a point/line/plane: then select to retain/eliminate the original objects.

Split Tools – Integrates the Split-Donut, Split-Sausage and SplitUp tools into a single toolbar of face splitting tools.

Vertex Tools – Manage each vertex with this vertex editor for SketchUp. Soft selections are obligatory organic modelling and the manipulator gizmo provides you great control at the time of modelling.

JHS POWERBAR – This tool is unique in that it’s actually a collection of powerful extensions from other developers, like TIG, Thom Thom, Rick Wilson, Christina Eneroth, and more.

Watch the video to learn the process for producing complex shapes with skethup.

Video Source: Tutorials Up

How to make complex shapes with various skethchup plugin

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Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

Purchase training tutorial DVD on sketchup 2017. Improve your sketchup skills with this video based sketchup tutorial. The duration of the video is 3:40 Hours.


  1. The SketchUp Interface
    Interface the basics for the Windows
    Varations in the Mac interface
    Operate in the SketchUp
    Walk around in SketchUp
    The Create camera views
    Shade the faces Edges
    The Create shadows and fog
    Generate the multiple views with the scenes
  2. Maneuvered the objects
    Select objects and move
    the Scale and the rotate objects
    the Manipulate the faces Edges and
    the Advanced selection tools
  3. the Drawing in the SketchUp
    Basic of Line tool
    Solution: Employing the Line tool for 3D drawing Explosional drawing
    Application of Eraser tools
    Application of Rectangle tool
    Generate rotated rectangles
    Push and pull the faces into 3D
    Application of Offset tool for outline formation
    Draw curved and freehand shapes
    Generate circles and polygons
    Produce smooth and soften Edges
    Application of Follow Me tool
    3D text formation
  4. Measure and the Label
    Application of tape measure tool
    Application of Protractor tool
    Formation of labels with the text tool
    Produce cutaways with section plane
  5. Stay Organized
    Group the objects
    Application of the layers
    Application of the outliner and entity info
  6. Work with Components
    Demonstration of Component window
    Creating components
    Application of 3D the Warehouse
    Application of component options window
    Utilization of Interact tool
  7. Work with materials – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  8. Work with Materials on Mac – application of materials, edit materials and generate materials
  9. Work with the textures
    Map textures Interactively
    Map curved objects
    Project maps on curved objects
    Generate a floor plan with bitmap images
    Draw a structure out of a floor plan
  10. Rendering and Animation
    Apply styles
    Edit and create styles
    Export in 2D and 3D
    Basic animation, conclusion and next steps

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Easy learning video on Sketchup 2017

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