E-on Software released LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ for sketchup & cad professionals

E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.

LumenRT Architect supports SketchUp and ArchiCAD. It’s actual price is $495 but the users can avail it with a discounted price of $395 for the time being. LumenRT Architect is specifically designed for architectural professionals to instantly convert SketchUp and ArchiCAD designs into nature-packed images, videos and interactive worlds. LumenRT Architect provides an streamlined solution to convey design ideas into reality within a completely animated 3D surroundings involving wind-swept plants, rolling clouds, rippling water, deep shadows and beautiful light.

Several SketchUp users can now walk around and research with high-fidelity realistic visualization and attain a sound understanding of the overall benefits.

LumenRT VIZ is only compatible with sketchup and the users can use it at free of cost. But it is not suitable for commercial application. LumenRT VIZ is a free, fully functional version of LumenRT Architect. It includes a small LumenRT logo to all output. With LumenRT VIZ, the sketchup users will be able to seamlessly produce high-fidelity visualizations of their designs.

Download sample images, boxshots and logos here: www.e-onsoftware.com

E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.
Image Courtesy: ronenbekerman.com
E-on Software adds two new wings to their LumenRT product series by introducing LumenRT Architect and LumenRT VIZ.


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3Dcreative.ly is the next generation 3d modeling tool to streamline your 3d design process

Canada based 3Dponics Inc, the creator of first ever 3D-printable hydroponics system, is going to introduce 3Dcreative.ly. This newest 3d modeling app is developed through the latest technology and expected to replace the existing 3d modeling technologies. It consists of some new and advanced functionalities that empower users to achieve total creative control over their digital files as well as make their 3d design process simpler & uncomplicated.

With 3Dcreative.ly, users will be able to upload and revise any motionless digital files from Thingiverse (or any other file sharing program).

The users can also generate 3D objects in a new way through the shapes and structures pre-loaded in the app’s Library of Shapes.

The most striking feature of 3Dcreative.ly is that the general people can also use it without any previous experience in 3d modeling technology.

3Dcreative.ly is the expansion of the original 3Dponics Customizer, an app facilitating users to produce custom parts for their personal indoor gardens. Both apps are compatible with OS, OS X, Android, tablets, Windows, Windows Phone as well as any browser.

3Dcreative.ly is ideal for education or business. It can be a good resource for any modern classroom as it offers the ideal way to bring in kids taking STEM subjects to 3D printing, 3D modeling and CAD.

A basic version is available for free. One can also purchase a premium version. For getting more updates send mail to info@3dcreative.ly or call 1-855-385-7468.

Canada based 3Dponics Inc, the creator of first ever 3D-printable hydroponics system
Image Courtesy: 3dprint.com


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World Tallest 3D printed building in China

The Chinese construction firm that astonished the world last Gregorian calendar month by making 3D printing ten homes from second-hand concrete in twenty four hours is back with a lot of success – it’s shaped the world’s tallest 3D-printed building, along side a housing villa, beat solely ten months.

A five-story housing building (the world’s tallest 3D-printed building) and a sumptuousness mansion capacity one,100 sq m ar now on show at Suzhou piece of ground in Jiangsu province, all engineered from second-hand concrete and absolutely adorned with internal and external fixtures.

WinSun Decoration style Engineering Co is that the product of Ma Yihe, connected the inventor primarily based in Shanghai whose dream is to make eco-friendly low-priced homes mistreatment recycled construction waste mixed with cement, which not exclusively cut prices might however even be far improved for the atmosphere.

Recycled waste product used:-

At the end, he has exhausted twenty million Yuan ($3.1m, £1.9m) and twelve years to expand 3D printer vi.6 metres tall, ten metres wide and one hundred fifty metres long that option a twignozzle Associate in Nursingd an automatic material feeding system.

WinSun at present holds ninety eight national patents for its 3D printing building technology and construction resources. Last year, Ma used AutoCAD software package to system the structure of the homes, that every livetwo hundred sq. metres, whereas conjointly conniving tracing ways so plumbing, electrical lining, insulation materials and windows might be extra later.

The houses came out thus well that he then made associate in Nursing structure for his company covering a neighborhood of 10,000 sq m, that took simply a month to construct, victimisation Associate in Nursing mechanical system of 4 3D printers.


The group press conversation listened by three hundred construction consultants, experts and investment bankers in Jiangsu; the corporate affirmed that the villa was designed for a Taiwanese assets company referred to as Tomson cluster.

The sum of price of printing the villa is over one million Yuan and Tomson cluster has pre-ordered ten of the villas, whereas the Egyptian government has pre-ordered multi story homes supported the first style from last Apr.

Ma will get what he wants. He has formed the WinSun world business enterprise with associate yankee investment firm, with the aim of transferral low cost and economical housing to low and middle class families in twenty countries together with Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and also the UAE.

The Chinese construction firm that astonished the world last Gregorian calendar month by making 3D printing ten homes from second-hand concrete in twenty four hours is back with a lot of success
Image Courtesy: blogs.dlt.com

The company has signed contracts with peninsula KDC Corporation to bear its 3D printing construction technology to peninsula, and with the KIP International College, a global organization seeking solutions to world problem for an assets future.

WinSun has in addition signed a variety of partnerships with Chinese firms and analysis establishments, together with China Railway twenty fourth Bureau cluster.

WinSun and China Railway can build 5 factories along in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang high-tech Park,within the regions of Hopei and Heilongjiang, in addition as in North American nation and Russia.

Ma additionally declared that he’s developing a replacement style of construction material for his 3D printer, mistreatment desert sand, because the material offers environmental protection and nice edges in energy and material savings.

WinSun can work together with Nile Sand Material Technology Co to develop twelve “Dream Factories”within the desert employing a sand 3D printer over subsequent 2 years.

A five-story housing building (the world's tallest 3D-printed building) and a sumptuousness mansion capacity one
Image Courtesy: ibtimes.co.uk

Reference:- www.ibtimes.co.uk


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Handy Potter, gesture-based 3-D modeling software to make 3d shapes with hand motion

Purdue University developed Handy Potter, a hand-free, gesture-based 3-D modeling software, that can produce digital models or 3d shapes as well as express any ideas instantly through natural hand movements devoid of applying a mouse. The 3d design can be printed on a 3d printer. This newest 3d modeling app will be marketed by Zero UI, a Cupertino, California-based company having expertize in 3D modeling technology.

This latest 3d technology can be useful in the field of games, architecture, art and engineering design.

With Handy Potter, one can generate various digital models like drums, tables, lamps and other items on a computer.

This 3d modeling program follows a modeling scheme dubbed intelligent generalized cylinders (IGC) system.

Handy Potter can replace the backdated computer-aided design tools used for making geometric shapes through a depth-sensing camera with sophisticated software algorithms to understand hand motions and gestures.

For more information, visit:-


Contact : Karthik Ramani, 765-494-5725, ramani@purdue.edu

Watch the following live demos:-


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How sketchup & sefaira was utilized to finish a eco-friendly modular home within four months

Stuart Duncan of builddifferent.co.uk, had developed an environment-friendly, volumetric, modular single storied home having four bedroom in just four months. This type of home is called Schoolmasters.

Stuart Duncan applied Sketchup, the popular 3d modeling program, for creating the design of the home through a model based approach. All the plans and construction drawings were generated from inside Sketchup through Google maps geo location. Stuart Duncan again applied Sefaira Architecture, the leading realtime analysis software, to fine-tune the design. Prior to send all the files for digital fabrication, 3D printing technology was utilized to prototype building components.

Stuart and a small team of subcontractors built the 195 sq metre house in a 7,500 sq ft warehouse space, leased from the local council for four months. The modules consist of all plumbing, electrical, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, triple glazed windows, kitchen and bathrooms.

After completion of all the construction processes, the building was shipped on four trucks to 600 miles north to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Watch the following exclusive time-lapse video of total construction project.

How sketchup & sefaira was utilized to finish a eco-friendly modular home within four months
Image Courtesy: gizmag.com


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Sean Wagstaff finds 3D Workflows under GPU Ray Tracing

Rendering the computer is a tedious job. Sean Wagstaff, a wizard in 3D technical directorship and visual effect, ProViz Tech Marketing at NVIDIA has some handy experience on it. It is really a pain that the professionals are exhausted to wait when their image return from the render with perfect shape. Sometime it fells, but the creative brains never fails, creativity prevails.

A good writer Wagstaff wrote his experience in www.renderosity.com. He feels, ray tracing is the best way to follow – spearheading ‘Progressive — physically based — globally illuminated — GPU-accelerated.’

Sean Wagstaff finds 3D Workflows under GPU Ray Tracing


The users will now simulate the light effect as same as the real world. Some immoral, cheat makes some kind of renderer very fast, but also acquires professional and specialist users to yield best outcome. Those renders are not royal, done with honesty; they often give up realism for getting speed.

The superb quality photo-realistic images can be prepared by the physically based ray tracing. A good professional artist can light a shine. The light sometime disperses sometime shines. If it is in IBL, it will be lighting and reflection that drag the real world. The 3D artist has many roles like photographer, set designer or lighting artists. Brute force ray tracing permits for rendering which rapidly and unmistakably renders a total, low-resolution picture.

The professionals can witness the changes; it is interactive by the processing power. It is hard to fabricate the effect of the work. The rendering process is not restricted to the professionals. In creative activities, iterations are the input to perfecting. This renderingtakes the problem out of iteration.

It will not cost much. Your computation power will do. Brute force ray tracing needs the computation of billions of ray bounces.

It can be done with powerful CPU. Nevertheless, an NVIDIA Graphics Processiong Unit with CUDA – any Quadro, Tesla, or GeForce card – is a required for supercomputer on a chip. Scalability enables process-rendering power. The final instance is 8-GPU rendering appliance. NVIDIA VCA is massively powerful VCA clusters.


Based on ean Wagstaff’s write up in


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AutoDesSys launched formZ v8.0.2 with sketchup 2015 import support

AutoDesSys recently introduced the new improved version of formZ alias formZ v8.0.2. This newest version supports formZ pro, formZ jr, formZ free and the formZ Student Edition. The software can be updated by choosing check for updates in the help menu in formZ and obeying the prompt for downloading & patching.

formZ v8.0.2 contains the following exclusive features:

  • Hidden Line Options
  • Wireframe and Shaded Work new interactive options
  • Layer palette context menu
  • Layout Display Options
  • Layout Image and Image Fit
  • Sketchup 2015 import is now supported and comprised in formZ Pro, formZ Jr and formZ free on all platforms

In order to download the release notes of formZ 8.0.2, click on the following link

AutoDesSys launched formZ v8.0.2 with sketchup 2015 import support


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3D Printed Jewellery Collection for Men only

You can find it in the market now. Earlier we have heard about 3D printed jewellery. But those were all for women. This time it is for men have some of those collections with the attires.

The Cafe Costume and designer pair DAMN and Twikit has created 3D printed Jewellery. They were encouraged by Kunstwerkstede De Coene’s work.

‘De Coene’ is famous for making the 3D printed cufflinks.

The artists – Caroline and Kim, from DAMN were enthralled to witness the work of De Coene. He has conventional nature work on wood.

Here the Business World Fair was the ultimate place for getting the out-of-the-box concept for those designers. The expo was the platform for many budding designers.

The design procedure and the result were come fourth during the Courtrai Interior Biennale 2014 at both Ventura and in the Café Costume shop on the Leiestraat.

A high-quality co-operation needed between DAMN and Café Costume for execution those jointly doing this assignment. Twikit here provides the technology of 3D customization. There is an easy to use option to place the choice of the designer’s material likings such as silver or brass. Hit to the cafecostume.twikit.com for your best options.

3D Printed Jewellery Collection for Men only

Information and Reference:- i.materialise.com and the correspondent is Franky.


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Smoothie-3D, the newest free 3d modeling software that creates smooth 3d models like butter

Smoothie-3D, an exclusive free 3d modeling software that produces 3d printable smoothest 3d models. These 3d models can be used for advertising, 3D visualization, 3D games, web and any other field belongs to 3D design.

The Smoothie-3D software contains astute modeling proficiencies. You can load any image, instantly illustrate an outline of the several parts associated with that image as well as convert any 2D photo into a 3D dimensional printable model right away.

Smoothie-3D contains the following exclusive features :-

  • Apply a background image for making the design and texturing as well as transforming it into a 3D model
  • Import 3D models from STL or OBJ files
  • Export models to STL, OBJ, VRML
  • Transfer models to Shapeways, Thingiverse or i.materialise
  • Symmetry management method
  • Create models from strokes
  • Produce smooth shape design, extrusion, revolution, text and classic primitives
  • Take off shapes from any model efficiently
  • Capability to subdivide and smooth models

Watch the following video presentations to learn how it works.

For more information, visit www.smoothie-3d.com

Smoothie-3D, the newest free 3d modeling software
Image Courtesy: smoothie-3d.com


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Some live footage of the leading industry experts on 3D Printing Technology

CraveOnline presents a useful video that highlights some splendid footage of the leading industry experts who share their views on the diverse applications of 3d printing technology.

With the advancement of 3d printing technology, the 3d modeling professionals can easily access digital printing blueprints, increase their return of invest and use it in various fields.

This live demonstration offers deeper insight into 3d printing technology as well as its present & future applications.

3D printing can provide immense benefits to the following fields:-

  • Computer Science
  • Medical prosthetics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Fitness
  • Home decor
  • Home living
  • Toys
  • Bioprinting
Some live footage of the leading industry experts on 3D Printing Technology
You can watch the video on this link sketchup4architect
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