Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

SketchUp always helps its users to modify their models with new and amazing features. They have launched a new library of plants in their tool to make the models more green and lively. Here are some details about the new thing.

To make the shrubs and digital flora better than before and to find a solution of the perennial render problems, a list of the most realistic plants optimized for SkecthUp has released. With the help of a botanist One Community has released this. This is an open source software website. The archive includes everything from palm trees to an array of water and bog plants, bamboo shots and many more. And it is free also.

It is hard to find good plants in render and it is known by the users also. As like the render people, the plants have to be the perfect combination of understand and appropriate, without stealing focus from the project. The team at OneCommunity and botanist have gathered 500 plants from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse and also created a list of the most realistic and effective plants for renders. The botanist also created best few dozen plant files also those are close relatives to each other.

There are some links to download the files and there is an instructional video also for the beginners. The site also offers trees from a wide spectrum of climates and locations to best accommodate projects with challenging topography and climates. The files come a variety of 2D and 3D options – particularly useful for the architects working on animations and large scale landscapes.

In the tutorial video it is shown where the plants can be downloaded. Go to SketchUp OneCommunity site and type On that page there are the links from where the plants can be downloaded.

There is given an example how to use the plants, download the plants, fix them on the mole, rotate them etc. The tutorial has shown the each and every process in detail. So it will be easy for the beginners also to understand the project.

Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

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Arka Roy