Online Toy Design Starter Course for sketchup professionals

This course is basically designed for teaching the fundamentals of 3D modeling in Sketchup as well as highly developed processes useful for small sized product design, joints and designing parts to be “snap fit”, preparing files for 3D printing through Shapeways, and arranging your Shapeways Shop page to put up your items for sale. By undergoing the course one can get a base action figure model that can be customized, renovated and sold in his/her own shop.

Space is limited to 10 students per class, however, if demand is high enough a second class can be offered for Sunday nights.

There will be also presentation on the program Netfab and the Sketchfab and Shapeways services at the end of the course. Netfab is a free program through which one can verify his/her models for mistakes prior to 3D printing. Sketchfab provides web services to display, share and embed 3d files online. Shapeways is the online service for creating 3D print of any models.

There will be three types of classes:-

  • The $50 Live classes – These classes that will be held in the Google Hangouts and the participants have to upload their projects for appraisal. Live students can get access to the recorded sessions for viewing them once more afterward. At the end of the course, the participants can get access to the finished minifigure model.
  • The $40 Video + classes – With these classes, the participants can have the course files, the video recordings, and get the ability to upload their models for review. The participants who need feedback on their work then this course is ideal for them. At the end of the course, Video+ students will also obtain a copy of the completed minifigure model.
  • The $30 classes Video – These classes are specially designed for them who will be unable to commit the class time and would like to watch the recorded sessions after the fact. These participants can’t upload their projects for appraisal. The participants can access to the lesson files. At the end of the course Video Only students could not get access to the completed minifigure but they can have access to all the part spec sheets so in order to model their own figure based off of these specs.

Location of the job will be Dubai, United Arab Emirates and monthly salary US $3,000. Candidates having UAE experience and a driving license will get the preference.

Register your seat immediately as the seats are limited 10 students for each class.

Online Toy Design Starter Course for sketchup professionals


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