Getting started in SketchUp

Everyone who is new to SketchUp, this article will help them to warm up their 3D modeling skills. Here you can find an overview of how to select a template, move around the SketchUp interface, create a basic model, and to save them.

After starting the SketchUp, the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box will appear. This box is the starting point for creating any model. This dialog box will appear every time after opening the SketchUP, unless one deselects the “Always show on startup check box. If you want to see the dialog box again, go to the Help menu and select “Welcome to SketchUp”. In the dialog box, one can choose template for the models, license a copy of the SketchUp Pro and also learn more about SketchUp.

With The following contents of SketchUp you will be able to know about the working on SketchUp:-

Selecting a template-Every model in SketchUp is based on a template that predefined settings for the model’s background and its units of measurements. You can select a template by following the process:

  1. At the top of the dialog box you can find the name of the currently selected template. To change the template click on the “Choose Template button” , or click the arrow next to the Template tab. Then you can select any template you like.
    2. Click the “Start using SketchUp” button, after it opens it is ready to start 3D modeling.

Exploring the SketchUp interface- when you want to create your 3D model, you can see a screen that includes the following:

  1. Title bar
    2. Menu bar
    3. Getting Started toolbar
    4. Drawing area
    5. Status bar
    6. Measurements box
    7. Window resize handle

Learning how to use SketchUp tools- As you use it the instructor and the status bar give you pointers on using each tool. If you want more detail see the Status bar.

Viewing the SketchUp Quick Reference Card- It is an easy-to-print guide to all the tools and their modifier keys. You can learn more quickly and efficiently.

Creating the first 3D model in SketchUp –Following steps will help you to create a 3D model first time, you can find them in Getting started toolbar;

  1. Select the person, context-click selection, and select Erase.
    2. Select the Rectangle Tool.
    3. On the ground plane, in the space between the red and green axis, click the Rectangle tool cursor.
    4. Then select the Push/Pull tool and place over the rectangle.
    5. Click and drag the rectangle in 3D shape.
    6. Then simply type ‘6’ and press Enter.
    7. Select the Orbit tool. Place it above the created shape.
    8. Click the Zoom Extents button.
    9. Click Paint Bucket Tool.
    10. Select Colors from the appeared Materials box from drop down menu.
    11. Select Sketchy Edges or Simple Style option to modify.

Saving and reopening model – Select File>Save/Save As. Choose a place to save. Write the File name and save with .SKP

Getting started in SketchUp

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Pre-Release of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone 2017 Plugins by E-on Software

E-on Software is one of the leading development companies renowned globally. Lauded with many successful ventures in the field of creation, animation, rendering, integration of natural 3D environments, VFX, architecture, and gaming industry, it made a strong foothold in the minds of designers and artists with their sheer creations and sharp edges of designs. Surprising everyone’s with their offering, E-on Software announced that it pre-releases Carbon Scatter and Cloud Factory plugins for its members.

The company also announced that it will discontinue the developments of Carbon Scatter and Cloud Factory in 2018 for introducing a better user interface and customer experience on flagship solutions – VUE and PlantFactory.

The new releases, like before, come up with new changes that provide users with an improvement in 3D designing. The company also announced that those who have a valid maintenance plan for Carbon Scatter or CloudFactory Ozone will get the pre-releases for free in coming days.

Carbon Scatter: This software has made design easier with adding nuanced details to your design that makes it even more interesting to explore. This proves to be very handy for those who love to add original detailing to their application. With a wide variety of options, you can create wind-swept forests and animated crowd in no time. Above all, you can render them directly in 3D Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Features offered by Carbon Scatter:

  • Get millions of instances instantly.
    • Render with any rendering option you have.
    • Use huge plantFactory models and change them with Plant Editor.
    • Animate instances such as adding wind in plants.
    • Customize placement, height and size with bitmaps or procedural gaps

Besides the above-mentioned features, the software comes up with an array of benefits that not only make your drawing attractive but also real for viewers.

The new release of Carbon Scatter has come up with more advanced looks of existing features. The advancement in the areas like:

  • Global EcoSystem layers work as EcoPainter Brushes.
    • PlantFactory and VUE vegetation models are now directly available in Carbon Scatter EcoSystem populations.
    • Higher performance with up to 4xlighter data footprint with quicker loading/saving of scenes.

CloudFactory Ozone: This plugin for 2017 help you design and render realistic skies and atmosphere with high accuracy. This tool is infused with cutting-edge technologies designed by ace developers of E-on software. These plugins add accuracy in your detailing and make your design more realistic than before. It mimics the natural environment and acts as per nature’s rule.

With this, you earn as many as 100 preset atmosphere and cloud shapes that allow you to carve your design as per your dreams. With five atmospheric models (photometric, spectral, volumetric, standard and environmental mapping), it is successful in offering realistic environment to your designs What you get in CloudFactory Ozone 2017:

As revealed by E-on software in their official press release, you get benefits like:

  • Auto-scale clouds with altitude
    • Easily load/add cloud layers using a single button
    • Optional automatic sun softness computation, based on atmosphere parameters
    • “Improve Low Quality Consistency” parameter to better preview your atmosphere looks while rendering at a lower resolution

The above-mentioned information is written as per the news released by E-on software itself. For more details about pricing and availability of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone, visit

E-on software is a leading digital company and has been creatively associated with many famous feature films like Strange,” “Kubo and the 2 Strings,” “Jupiter Ascending,” “Minions,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Croods,” “Dragons 1&2,” “Hunger Games and more.

Pre-Release of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone 2017 Plugins by E-on Software

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PlaceMaker on Sketchup Recreates a 3D City Model Just by a Few Clicks

Sketchup application is a phenomenon in the world of 3D designs with which you can give dimensions to your imagination. It is a thrilling experience to witness how your sketches turn into reality with using certain tools and features. Sketchup is a well-known platform for artists to transform designs into 3D sketches easily. There is good news for all Sketchup users as it extends its features that let designers draw things quickly and flawlessly. PlaceMaker is such a breakthrough extension that helps you create 3D models of any city across the world just by a few clicks.

Making easier the way 3D images of cities are designed, PlaceMaker has already got a huge interest with its wide areas of applications. For a comprehensive understanding of this tool, you have to have the idea about how it works. The steps are so simpler that even a novice can use the tool like an expert.

PlaceMaker imports maps of cities from OpenStreetMap and DigitalGlobe and brings them on the Sketchup platform. Everything is in a ready-to-use manner that requires only your preferences to complete the models of cities. With high resolutions images of aerials and roads, this tool is more than just a function to design 3D models.

Let’s take an inside look at the steps that take you into the virtual 3D land of your known cities:

  • Go to the ‘Extension’ tab and select PlaceMaker dialog box.
    • Click ‘Select a place’ tab and search your preferred location.
    • Import that Location into Sketchup platform.
    • Click ‘imagery’ to import high resolutions images. It costs you few bucks to download the images.
    • There are options like ‘Building’, ‘Roads’, ‘Paths’, ‘water’, and ‘Trees’, clocking on which turns your sketch a complete map. These options come up with a drop-down menu that includes your criteria to be selected.
  • Click ‘Make Place’ option that allows Sketchup to import everything you created on the platform, except imagery. These are a few steps that are behind a complete 3D model of places and areas across the world. In the world of the digital age, we all are more or less concerned about the importance of 3D maps of cities. Starting from navigation system to emergency management, 3D city models prove to be very helpful to locate an area in a more prominent way. 3D city models find its applications in some important domains like:
    • Urban Planning and Architecture: 3D models work as a communicator between designers and urban planning development authorities to set up a concrete plan for the development of environment.
  • Emergency management: to avert any kind environmental risks and disasters, 3D City models prove to be a great help to disaster management authorities.
    • Gaming: to design the base of 3D locations for online and video games, this application provides you with the desired result.
    • Real estate and property management – the 3D models play an important role management properties spread across many places in the world. PlaceMaker will definitely lift burdens from your shoulder while you are designing 3D maps for your cities. With a simple and easy condition to use, anyone can try hands in designing 3D sketches of their known places. Effective and trustworthy, this tool is acclaimed by designers all over the world.

PlaceMaker on Sketchup Recreates a 3D City Model Just by a Few Clicks

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