Design, Bill of Material and Shop Drawing With SketchUp

Design, Bill of material and shop drawing with SketchUp – an amazing video, compiled by Warunyoo Songkran.

How does a designer extract/ show information and drawings needed in the shop ?

For this designer needs to know about SketchUp “Scenes” which allow you to define, capture, and save multiple views and details that, when printed, provide a comprehensive document for use in the shop. As an example, I will show the development of a shop documentation package for a Connecticut Stool as shown below is the above-assembled view of the stool as displayed on my computer.

The designers have cropped the screen picture so you can see the horizontal set of multiple tabs just under the Toolbar. These tabs are labeled Cutting Diagram, Scan, Orthographic, Assembly, Exploded, Leg, Front Stretchers, and Lower Edge on Stretchers, Side Stretchers, Top, and Edge Molding on Top.

material and shop drawing with SketchUp

To create a Scene, follow these steps:

1. Orbit, zoom, and pan to set up the desired view of the model or component.

2. Click on the minimized Scenes’ bar to open the dialog box.

3. Click on the plus sign icon to add a new scene.

4. Type the name of the scene in the Name text box. You can also add a description, however I generally skip this.

5. Save the scene by clicking on the update icon with the “circular arrows”.

After following this process, a scene tab will appear just below the toolbars. No matter where you are in the model, clicking this scene tab will adjust the camera to retrieve the exact previously saved view.


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How to download and set up Sketchup

Learn the process to download and set up sketchup in your computer system.

The process is totally free and the users will be able to download the functional version of sketchup. There will be option to buy SketchUp Pro containing additional software and tools.

In order to download and set up sketchup, the following steps should be undertaken.

1. Visit The following page will be visible.

How to download and set up Sketchup

2. Select the button marked with red color that shows “Download SketchUp.”

3. It will transform the page to a new one enquiring why you’re downloading SketchUp. If you do not prefer to apply sketchup for a professional or commercial application, just opt for the “Personal Projects” option. For each option (professional, professional and commercial), you will be provided with an eight hour trial of SketchUp Pro’s features and a permanent copy of the free version of SketchUp.

How to download and set up Sketchup

4. Choose your operating system – Windows for a PC and Mac for a Mac.

5. Now review the license agreement thoroughly, then turn on the box ensuring that you consent to the license agreement. After performing this, the button showing “Download SketchUp Make” will be change to red color like the following.

Download Sketchup Make

6. (Optional) – There will other box marked as “Send me SketchUp news and tips.” You can check or un-check it. If you check it, you will get the SketchUp newsletter as it is available. The newsletter infrequently goes out with SketchUp news and other materials.

7. Select the “Download SketchUp Make” button to download the setting up program to your computer.

8. Open the downloaded files. Abide the instructions to set up SketchUp on your computer. Press finish to go out from the set-up process.

Thus sketchup will be installed on your computer.

How to download and set up Sketchup


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How to make scenes and animations easily through Sketchup

Trimble Sketchup previously Google sketchup is a free 3d modeling application that can be utilized to produce complicated & realistic 3d models quickly.

With its powerful technology, sketchup along with various plugins can render any model for making pragmatic images. Sketchup contains various toolset useful for generating a set of scenes which are views of the model. Every scene comes with a diversified view that is tied with each other to make an animated walkthrough of the design.

Google SketchUp is a 3D modelling program that allows the user to create complex models easily. SketchUp allows you to render your model so that realistic images are created. Part of SketchUp’s toolset is the ability to create a set of scenes which are views of your model. Each scene can show a different view that can be linked together to form an animated walk through of your design.

Follow the instruction given below to make scenes and animation with sketchup:-

  • Open SketchUp and submit the drawing according to your choice. Use orbit, pan and zoom tools to form the initial view. Thus your first scene will be created.
  • Select the menu bar, opt for WindowScenes to open the Scenes dialog box. Select the plus sign and the first view is made as Scene 1. A tab alias Scene 1 will be visible over the drawing window.
  • Form your second view and after make it perfect select the plus sign in the Scenes dialog box. Repeat the process for as many scenes as required. Apply the check box options within the dialog box and modify the model to adjust the scenes appearance and its viewpoint.
  • Select ViewAnimationPlay to view your scenes connected together to create a walk through. One will be able to edit several options as well as how long the animation lapses at each view by selecting ViewAnimationSettings.
  • Select FileExportAnimation and choose the location to save the file in the dialog box as an AVI file. One can set the screen size of any AVI file through the Options button in the dialog box.
  • One is able to alter the order of the scenes in the animation within the Scenes dialog box. Focus on the scene one prefers to move and transfer it in it’s new position through the up and down arrows. One can make changes among scenes with the tabs formed over the drawing screen.
  • At the time of making an AVI file, if the screen size becomes too large then it might make your computer slow at the same time as the video is formed. Test how your animation will appear in a small version prior to make the final version.
How to make scenes and animations easily through Sketchup
How to make scenes and animations easily through Sketchup
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