Molecule Importer – The newest extension for sketchup users

Aerilius has developed molecule importer.

This sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

The users can utilize this sketchup extension, to transmit molecule models into sketchup in .mol and z-matrix formats. These molecule models can be improved with the drawing tools of sketchup.

These molecular models can be generated in chemical drawing programs like ACD ChemSketch. This extension also arranges an “examples” folder to start functioning.

The scale of the imported models is not a physical scale, but it relies on the drawing scale that is described in the .mol file.

Choose File → Import then opt for the MDL Molfile format.

Download the this sketchup extension from extension warehouse

Molecule Importer – The newest extension for sketchup users

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nz_EasyGroups for sketchup

Natale Zappia has developed nz_EasyGroups for sketchup. This newest sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016 and SketchUp 2017.

 The plugin can be used to generate named groups with interchangeable layers from all associated entities or from anything chosen. Besides, it can manage group/component names in Outliner: With this extension, the users can also perform renaming batch with successive numbering or include a prefix/suffix to the prevailing names.

It will improve the functionality of outliner and will be very fruitful while replicating complex models. Besides, it is also possible to apply outliner devoid of nesting groups but utilizing their names to sort groups.

This tool facilitates you to rapidly generate a group where any ungrouped entity is selected. It can groups the selection and any connected loose entities. The user can label the group and assign it a layer.

It is also possible to add a mixture of entities, groups and components.

Tool allows groups in Outliner to be renamed with/without sequential numbers. This allow you to identify one group from another.

This tool is mostly useful for dealing with complicated models where you may wish to rapidly re-organise groups and names.

This extension is available in extension warehouse

To get more details, watch the following video.


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Yulio launches SketchUp plugin

It is a brief description about the Yuilo Technologies’ newly launched SketchUp plugin that will change the view of the designers and develop their designs.

Yulio Technologies has announced the launch of its new Sketchup plugin, a tool developed to enable SketchUp users the ability to instantly create detailed and immersive virtual reality experiences (VREs) from their designs. These can then be shared with clients or remote collaborators.

According to Yuilo’s managing director, Robert Kendal Yulio’s goal has always been fully democratize the use of VR within A&D and put tools to create VR experienced in every designer’s hand. While developing the SketchUp plugin, they worked incredibly hard to develop a tool that’s 100% accessible to every user s and designer’s transition their work from 2D renders in CAD to VR ready files seamlessly and lightening fast.

It is also said that designers are utilizing the communication ability with clients via virtual reality mediums that begun to grow steadily in popularity as they could give clients a better experienced design than before.

According to Yulio, there are a few tools that can create VREs from SketchUp renders, but it is also said that the entry level costs for these plugins can be up to $600-$2000 for enterprise licenses.

But there is a news also that the downloading of it is free of cost for all Yulio users. The company also said that it was designed to be fast and it will provide greater realism than the previous VR realism while viewing the designs.

Yulio launches SketchUp plugin

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Brief demonstration of all the plugins included in Fredo Tools

Fredo Tools combine different types of plugins. Given below the lists of these plugins :-

Revert Curve
Curvi Shear
Report Label Area
Construct Face Normal
Mark Vertices
Count Faces By Sides
Remove Lonely Vertices
Thru Paint
Reverse Orient Faces

 Edge Inspector
Move Along
Draw Along
Angle Inspector
Element Stats
Auto Reverse Faces

In this sketchup video tutorial, one can learn the process for applying Fredo tools along with all the plugins included within it.

To run Fredo tools, you have to install LibFredo6 7.5b or higher version.

To download the latest version, click on the following link

 The above plugins will not be visible in the toolbar rather they can be accessed from the menu.

Watch the demonstration of each plugin.

Brief demonstration of all the plugins included in Fredo Tools

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