MapSpacer – Plan Your Space Better Virtually

SketchUp goes beyond any limit to provide the maximum benefits to the designers and artists. Extensions are introduced to venture into the unexplored areas proficiently. MapSpace is such an extension that helps event planners and organizers map an event space properly.

The preloaded features in the extension cover every area required your consideration while planning a grand event in a large space.

The regular scenario presents that planners and event organizers face certain problems related to the space distribution for speakers, product demonstration and foot traffics. A few conventional software applications serve the interest but not as precisely as MapSpacer does. With Atlas3D, planners and event organizers handle the task in a better way adopting the best possible routes to organize things. They can even go on a 3D tour in the space and witness the plan like never before. Modifying spaces according to your needs is not a tough task as you can change everything prior to the settings. The spaces for booths, kiosks, stages and seating can also be mapped out easily with this software application.

Data managers have to perform their roles attentively to make the design effective that follows physical security as well as the cooling configuration. MapSpace is a place that requires the work of both event managers and IT professionals to carve out a better plan for any event.

Modification can be done several times until the plan works as per the expectation. This application brings the design to live for communicating better with clients. They not only visualize the space but also walk through virtually to analyze every corner just like they do in real world.

The application is widely used in the areas like a convention centre, data centre or hotel meeting space. The application of this software is done by Orange Country Convention Centre, a seven million square foot convention centre in Florida. The centre has been known as the world’s largest and most high-tech centre that gives spaces for more 200 events every year. OCCC has digitalized the space through Atlast 3D interactive map platform that helps planners and organizers access to the place remotely to arrange events.

This new area seems profitable for the organizers and for the event planning industry. Since MapSpacer virtually presents the space to you, a better event planning is no longer a tough task.

This sketchup extension is available in extension warehouse

MapSpacer – Plan Your Space Better Virtually

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How to use sketchup to produce a model in Gazebo

Models in Gazebo define a physical entity with dynamic, kinematic, and visual properties.

In addition, a model may have one or more plugins, which affect the behavior of the model.

This sketchup video tutorial provides some useful tips on how to use sketchup to create a model in gazebo and render the scene in vray 3.4.

Model in gazebo describes a physical object that contains dynamic, kinematic, and visual properties. Besides, a model may contain one or more plugins which impact the behavior of the model.

To create the model other plugin & tools like Su4 to component, mirror, 1001 tool are also used.

To have the complete process, go through the following sketchup video tutorial.

How to use sketchup to produce a model in Gazebo

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Bezier Triangle Tool – The newest sketchup extension

Bezier Triangle Tool is the newest sketchup extension to generate and edit flatten nonrational and rational Bézier triangle surfaces.

This extension is developed by Jacob Samuel and compatible with SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

These surfaces can be scaled infinitely to facilitate creating more normal and complicated surfaces.

This extension is suitable to design structures without having a notably rectangular structure, and so rectangular patches are not treated as a natural choice for creating models of these complex geometries. They provide themselves simply to patches on spheres or quadrics.

The Bezier Triangle Tool is available in the Draw menu and in the Right Mouse Context Menu as soon as a Bezier triangle is produced or edited apply this tool is chosen.

By selecting Draw->Bezier Triangle, a default rational Bezier triangle will be drawn around the origin and keep you into the editing tool for the newly drawn surface.

Select a current Bezier triangle drawn/edited with this tool and applying Edit Bezier Triangle in the Right Mouse Button context menu will also set off the editing tool for the chosen triangle.

ith the purpose of altering the weight of a non-end control point, hover the cursor over the control point to alter the weight of it so as to highlight it in green, put the new weight required for it, devoid of shifting the cursor away from the control point, and press enter or return to modify the shape of the triangular surface.

With the editing tool, it is also possible to choose either one of the 10 control points or one of the 18 lines of the control grid which are shifted to control the Bezier triangle as per your requirements.

Inferencing is also possible when the chosen point is shifted together with inference locking with the Shift key. If the Esc key is pressed throughout a move, the surface will reset to the way it was prior to the move initiated.

Download the plugin from extension warehouse

Bezier Triangle Tool – The newest sketchup extension

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Bezier Surfaces from Curves – The newest sketchup extension

Jacob Samuel has developed Bezier Surfaces from Curves. It is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

The extension is used to generate and edit different types of Bezier surfaces out of Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines.

This extension includes a toolbar and items to the Draw as well as Right Mouse Button Context menus with tools to produce Ruled Rectangle, Translational Rectangle, Coons Rectangle, Ruled Triangle and Coons Triangle rational Bezier surfaces out of bounding non-rational and rational Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines.

The types of surfaces to be produced (availability of the tools) are based on the number of curves chosen and provided that they allocate common endpoints.

As soon as the surface is generated, the tools will assign you into the editing tool for the surface drawn afresh. If required, the surface is edited according to your choice by shifting the points or lines of the resultant control net or modifying the “weights” of the control points.

Inferencing can be accessed if a control point or line is shifted along with inference locking with the Shift key. If you press the Esc key throughout a move, the surface will be reset to the way it was prior to the starting of move./p>

With the purpose of modifying the weight of a non-end control point, hover the cursor over the control point for which the weight should be altered in order that it is featured in green, put the new weight you prefer for it, devoid of moving the cursor ahead of the control point, and press enter or return to affect the shape of the surface.

Afterward, choosing an obtainable Bezier surface drawn/edited with these tools and applying Edit Rational Bezier Surface or Edit Bezier Triangle in the Right Mouse Button Context menu will also activate the editing tool for the chosen surface.

Download the plugin from extension warehouse

Bezier Surfaces from Curves – The newest sketchup extension

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Pre-Release of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone 2017 Plugins by E-on Software

E-on Software is one of the leading development companies renowned globally. Lauded with many successful ventures in the field of creation, animation, rendering, integration of natural 3D environments, VFX, architecture, and gaming industry, it made a strong foothold in the minds of designers and artists with their sheer creations and sharp edges of designs. Surprising everyone’s with their offering, E-on Software announced that it pre-releases Carbon Scatter and Cloud Factory plugins for its members.

The company also announced that it will discontinue the developments of Carbon Scatter and Cloud Factory in 2018 for introducing a better user interface and customer experience on flagship solutions – VUE and PlantFactory.

The new releases, like before, come up with new changes that provide users with an improvement in 3D designing. The company also announced that those who have a valid maintenance plan for Carbon Scatter or CloudFactory Ozone will get the pre-releases for free in coming days.

Carbon Scatter: This software has made design easier with adding nuanced details to your design that makes it even more interesting to explore. This proves to be very handy for those who love to add original detailing to their application. With a wide variety of options, you can create wind-swept forests and animated crowd in no time. Above all, you can render them directly in 3D Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Features offered by Carbon Scatter:

  • Get millions of instances instantly.
    • Render with any rendering option you have.
    • Use huge plantFactory models and change them with Plant Editor.
    • Animate instances such as adding wind in plants.
    • Customize placement, height and size with bitmaps or procedural gaps

Besides the above-mentioned features, the software comes up with an array of benefits that not only make your drawing attractive but also real for viewers.

The new release of Carbon Scatter has come up with more advanced looks of existing features. The advancement in the areas like:

  • Global EcoSystem layers work as EcoPainter Brushes.
    • PlantFactory and VUE vegetation models are now directly available in Carbon Scatter EcoSystem populations.
    • Higher performance with up to 4xlighter data footprint with quicker loading/saving of scenes.

CloudFactory Ozone: This plugin for 2017 help you design and render realistic skies and atmosphere with high accuracy. This tool is infused with cutting-edge technologies designed by ace developers of E-on software. These plugins add accuracy in your detailing and make your design more realistic than before. It mimics the natural environment and acts as per nature’s rule.

With this, you earn as many as 100 preset atmosphere and cloud shapes that allow you to carve your design as per your dreams. With five atmospheric models (photometric, spectral, volumetric, standard and environmental mapping), it is successful in offering realistic environment to your designs What you get in CloudFactory Ozone 2017:

As revealed by E-on software in their official press release, you get benefits like:

  • Auto-scale clouds with altitude
    • Easily load/add cloud layers using a single button
    • Optional automatic sun softness computation, based on atmosphere parameters
    • “Improve Low Quality Consistency” parameter to better preview your atmosphere looks while rendering at a lower resolution

The above-mentioned information is written as per the news released by E-on software itself. For more details about pricing and availability of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone, visit

E-on software is a leading digital company and has been creatively associated with many famous feature films like Strange,” “Kubo and the 2 Strings,” “Jupiter Ascending,” “Minions,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Croods,” “Dragons 1&2,” “Hunger Games and more.

Pre-Release of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone 2017 Plugins by E-on Software

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Some useful tips to produce organic canopy with sandbox tools in sketchup

This exclusive sketchup tutorial is presented by Justin Geis, the founder of sketchup essential. The tutorial provides detailed guidelines for creating the model of an organic canopy by applying sandbox tools in sketchup.

The sandbox tools are useful for generating terrain models out of contours involving elevations and drape objects (roads, parks, buildings, water bodies, etc.) over the terrain model. The Sandbox tools originates from a Ruby script language extension that dispatches with SketchUp. It contains different types of tools like sandbox from contours, sandbox from scratch, smoove, stamp, drape, add detail, flip edge etc. can be applied for all types of geometry exclusive of topological terrain.

The entire design is created with sketchup make 2017. Besides, to improve the design process, some exclusive sketchup plugin like selection toys and Lines2Tubes are used.

Thomas Thomassen has developed selection toys. This sketchup plugin contains set of commands to control selection.

Click on the following link to download the plugin

 Didier Bur has developed Lines2Tubes. This sketchup plugin can be used to transform lines, arcs, circles, curves into cylinders. It is very useful to deliver wireframe-like model.

Click on the following link to download the plugin

 Watch the online demonstration.

Some useful tips to produce organic canopy with sandbox tools in sketchup

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s4u to Components – The newest sketchup plugin

s4u to Components is a useful sketchup plugin. It supports sketchup 2016 and sketchup 2017. It is paid plugin.

This is sketchup plugin is mostly suitable for the landscape and hardscape design industries.

It is useful for transforming objects to components. It offers the following features

Draw Lines To Components :
It is possible to draw line and change to components with draw line component attribute.
Choose 1 Face or 1 Component for drawing purpose.
Press Tab or Ctrl to switch insert point
Press Up, Down, Left, Right for mirror x,y axis

 Lines To Components:
Change Lines to components with lines to components attribute.
Choose 1 Face (or 1 component or no select for get default component) and Lines to transform

Faces To Components:
Transform Faces to components with Faces to Components attribute.
Choose 1 Component (no select for get default component) and Faces to convert

 Group To Components:
Transform Groups to components with Groups to Components attribute.
Choose1 Component(no select for get default component) and Groups to convert

FaceCurve to Components:
Choose Faces and 1 Components

s4u to Components – The newest sketchup plugin

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Flux – The newest sketchup extension

Flux is a useful sketchup extension. It facilitates the sketchup users to collaborate with others as well as relates sketchup with other most recognized design tools ranging from Revit, AutoCAD, Dynamo, Excel, Google Sheets, 3ds Max, Grasshopper through cloud.

Flux generates agile workflows from concept to production and thus save significant time for the users.

It is compatible with sketchup make or pro 64-bit, 2015, 2016 or 2017 for Windows.

Given below, different types of applications of the plugin :-

Obtain geometry directly from Revit (with the Flux plugin for Revit)
Deliver quantity take-offs out of your SketchUp model to Excel or Google Sheets.

 Leverage third-party Flux applications to draw perfect topography, road, and building data into your SketchUp scene.
Hand over your massing and site context to a facade designer who works in Grasshopper or Dynamo.
Live link the interior and landscape designs with Revit straight.
Visualize any SketchUp model in virtual reality via live link incorporation with Unity.

Combine structural, MEP, and architectural SketchUp models into a central model for conflict resolution.
Some exclusive features of the plugin are link your design tools, speed up design recurrences, collaborate across disciplines, leverage computer in the cloud, view and allocate geometry online et.

For more information, visit

Flux – The newest sketchup extension

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Brief demonstration of all the plugins included in Fredo Tools

Fredo Tools combine different types of plugins. Given below the lists of these plugins :-

Revert Curve
Curvi Shear
Report Label Area
Construct Face Normal
Mark Vertices
Count Faces By Sides
Remove Lonely Vertices
Thru Paint
Reverse Orient Faces

 Edge Inspector
Move Along
Draw Along
Angle Inspector
Element Stats
Auto Reverse Faces

In this sketchup video tutorial, one can learn the process for applying Fredo tools along with all the plugins included within it.

To run Fredo tools, you have to install LibFredo6 7.5b or higher version.

To download the latest version, click on the following link

 The above plugins will not be visible in the toolbar rather they can be accessed from the menu.

Watch the demonstration of each plugin.

Brief demonstration of all the plugins included in Fredo Tools

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The move rotate tool for sketchup

The move rotate tool is a powerful sketchup extension developed by Idibri. This extension is compatible with sketchup 2016 and sketchup 2017. The sketchup users can apply this extension to move and rotate components and groups in actual time with text input. The users can convert their components and groups with live updating.


  1. Choose a component.
    2. Touch the menu button.
    3. Type in a position or rotation in the X,Y,Z axes.
    4. Watch it live update while typing.
    5. Select ok or cancel


  • Position in meters or inches will be dependent on the settings of model
    • Axis rotation in degrees
    • Identified issue with modals in osx

To download this extension, click on the following link The Move Rotate Tool

The move rotate tool for sketchup

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