Learn to install a model phoenix earthship in Trimble Sketchup

Earthship Macedonia offers some easy-to-follow tricks for installing a model Phoenix Earthship.kmz inside sketchup. Learn the step-by-step processes by watching the following sketchup youtube video.

Watch a demo online.

Earthship Macedonia offers some easy-to-follow tricks for installing a model Phoenix Earthship.

We want to feature this page: sketchup4architect.com/sketchup-plugins


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Creation of SketchUp Model with the Use of Trimble Vision

The enthusiast may remember that in 2003, Trimble represented a super-camera – V10 Imaging Rover that takes images of large objects, something like building, bridges and roads. It captures as well as accumulates pictures of mega-objects – bridges, buildings, apartments – tag those site, which are deck up with those photograph with specific locations and orientation.

Trimble Vision Total Stations are gathering the images – some people are wondering about geospatial professionals might use this location-aware data to create 3D models in SketchUp.

The latest versions of SketchUp Pro and Trimble Business Center now work together to export images and camera poses for the direct use with SketchUp’s Match Photo tool.

Creation of SketchUp Model with the Use of Trimble Vision

Courtesy: informationforsurvey.com/TrimbleVision

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover with Trimble VISION™ technology is an integrated camera system that accurately captures 360-degree digital panoramas for well-organized visual documentation and dimension of the surrounding environment. As a complete system solution, the Trimble V10 enables you to capture more critical information that can be transformed into enhanced, rich geospatial deliverables. With the Trimble V10, a picture is worth a thousand points.

Total Stations: The precision optics and robotics of Trimble total stations are paired with streamlined workflows, innovative training and in-field support services. With the performance to maximize productivity today, and the scalability to continue adapting to new challenges and opportunities into the future, surveyors around the world trust Trimble optical solutions.

Match Photo introduction: Use the Match New Photo and Edit Matched Photo menu items to create a 3D model to match a photo or to match an existing 3D model to a photo’s context. Activate the Match New Photo and Edit Matched Photo menu items from the Camera menu.

Trimble has made this mixing along with improvements to Match Photo to make this kind of photo modeling easier than ever before. There is no need to designate vanishing lines and prominent features on the structure to specify each camera pose. The camera orientations here are pre-loaded with the file import from Trimble Business Center (TBC). With as few as three points exported from TBC you can set up your axes and begin to create your model.

For working in a rhythmic way, Trimble expanded the TBC *.skp exporter to permit images and points to be included. This lets you influence the TBC’s skill to create photo points with precise locations. You can generate and export any key points that will assist the modeling process within SketchUp, including points for setting up your SketchUp axes and inference points for important architectural particulars.

Creation of SketchUp Model with the Use of Trimble Vision

Courtesy: geodatapoint.com

The Trimble V10 comprises of a panoramic camera display. This means there are twelve cameras that collect images for a full 360-degree view. The multiple viewpoints are useful while you are processing the images in TBC, since you can generate tie points all the way around each of the photo stations to be used in the bundle modification.

For the modelling in SketchUp, the users only require to export images that include the area of interest (e.g. building, bridge …). In TBC, you can easily create a polygon boundary around the area of interest. If you use a boundary, the *.skp exporter will include only the images with view angles that intersect it. This greatly reduces image clutter in SketchUp.

To further help filter out unnecessary images from the exported *.skp, TBC let users to include a subset of your photo stations. This lets you select only those stations, which have images; you need for modeling in SketchUp. The *.skp that TBC creates during export contains a divide the sight tab for each image. This diminishes confusion and provides easy navigation during modelling.

Since the capability to move easily between images is important to efficient model creation, the “Igloo view” (keyboard shortcut “i”) has been improved to walk you through the images fast. You can see the adjacent images that provide context around the arrangement.

After exporting appropriate 3D points to SketchUp, their positions can be matched with pixels in the images, to orient the coordinate axes. If the structure is rectangular, this should only need to be done with one image using a few points, and then all of the images will be automatically oriented in such a way that a consistent model can be created from multiple images.

The images from TBC have the camera distortions removed, so they are also great for texturing users model in SketchUp. But make sure to collect the images from locations that allow for a clear view of the structure (without obstructions like cars or trees), then use the Project Photo tool to apply them as textures.

After completion of these tasks, the users will have a model that can be used in all sorts of SketchUp workflows, including daylight, shadow, and view plane analyses, report generation, and Google Earth previews.


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SketchUp 2015 Comes Out With a Colossal Popularity

It is good news for SketchUp enthusiasts. Trimble has launched the latest version of SketchUp. It is SketchUp 2015. It is easily downloadable.

Sketchup 2015

The creators have used their best skills to make this SketchUp 2015 as super fast, user friendly and trustworthy. They are giving guarantee of running the StechUp 2015 in the personal computer ever fastest.

Earlier it was never offered in the SketchUp a 64-bit version for Windows and Mac machine. But now in SketchUp 2015, for the first time Trimble offers a 64-bit version for Windows and Mac machines.

SketchUp Pro 2015 and SketchUp Make 2015 have been released in November 3rd, 2014.

Sketchup 2015

Version Numbers:

Microsoft Windows 64-bit: 15.0.9350
Microsoft Windows 32-bit: 15.0.9351
Mac OS X: – 15.0.9349

Now let us know, what is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit applications:

The SketchUp is a 32-Bit application on both Windows and OS X. By using it, one can install and use with full functionality on either 64-bit operating system too.

The exception to this 32-bit status is that SketchUp for Windows has been put up with an exception to allow 64-bit memory usage, which permits SketchUp to use more than 4 GB of RAM.

If we explain it: SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro need some specific hardware and software to run it. For the new version Windows 8+ Windows 7+ Mac OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite), 10.9+ (Mavericks) and 10.8+ (Mountain Lion) are in the line. The recommended software are QuickTime 5.0 and web browser for multimedia tutorials and Safari. The recommended hardware are 2.1+ GHz Intel™ processor. 8 GB RAM. 500 MB of available hard-disk space. 3D class Video Card with 1GB MB of memory or higher. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 2.0 or higher and up to date. 3 button, scroll-wheel mouse. Some SketchUp features require an active internet connection.

Minimum hardware are 2.1+ GHz Intel™ processor. 4 GB RAM. 300 MB of available hard-disk space. 3D class Video Card with 512 MB of memory or higher. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 2.0 or higher and up to date. 3 button, scroll-wheel mouse.

Sketchup 2015

Compatibility Changes:

SketchUp 2015 :- With the release of SketchUp 2015 we’ve removed support for Windows Vista, Windows XP and OS X 10.7 (Lion) and earlier. Additionally you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or greater.

SketchUp 2014:- No System requirement changes were made.

The unsupported environment: Windows Vista and older, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and older, Linux, Virtualized Environments, Boot Camp/Parallels/VMWare.

The face finder of SketchUp 2015 has been much sharpens than earlier version. The code called SketchUp uses which produce faces during the modelling has updated. There are some unexpected improvement spots in the operations. Those are explode and behemoth-sized models.

SketchUp 2015 is self-aware of their style, which could render the model faster than before. The badge –first style — will be noticed in the style window.

Now why the users need to make a style fast?

Actually, the SketchUp 2015 Style may be sometime intricate, hard to make the model, sometime it slows down during the rush hour of work. The solution is Fast Style. SketchUp 2015 will display the users a different Style – Fast Style – with this BADGE: 

However, it has to remember that the fast Style Badge will feature only when the users try to style the update in SketchUp 2015.

According to the www.sketchup.com

It can be achieved through,

1. By disabling the more taxing effects

2. These settings require additional processing to manage and will cause performance decline as model complexity increases.

3. If any of the settings below are enabled then the Style will lose its classification as a Fast Style and the badge will no longer appear.

Sketchup 2015

Edge Styles:-

1. Profiles
2. Depth Cue
3. Extension
4. Endpoints
5. Jitter
6. Sketchy Edges

Face Styles:-

1. X-Ray with Transparency: Medium
2. X-Ray with Transparency: Nicer
3. Transparency: Medium
4. Transparency: Nicer

Nevertheless, it is to be remembered that any face style, including X-Ray with Transparency set to Medium or Nicer will lose the Fast Style classification. The one exception to this regulation is that the Wireframe face style will be classified as a Fast Style with any Transparency setting chosen.

How should a user download SketchUp 2015?


The users have to decide the product. There are three options:

1. Professional Work
2. Personal Project
3. Educational Use


There will be some space where the customers have to fill the gaps answering to: email address, purpose of the use, required field, company name, company size, address, operating system, country and state.

SketchUp Pro:-

  • Intuitive tools for building and documenting 3D models.
  • Build detailed 3D models.
  • Create professional presentations and construction documents.
  • Exchange CAD, image and other data files with other software.
  • SketchUp Pro is licensed for commercial work.
  • Try SketchUp Pro for 30 days of unlimited use, and then buy a license that never expires.

SketchUp Make:-

  • The easy, fun, and free way to draw in 3D
  • Model anything in 3D.
  • Share and download models from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse.
  • SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial work.

Thirdly: Apart from Professional and Personal use, the educational use of SketchUp 2015 is something special.

SketchUp Make:-

  • Recommended for primary and secondary education
  • Free to use for any educational purpose
  • Build and share 3D models
  • Find and download models from Sketchup’s 3D Warehouse
  • Work offline when there’s no internet connection

SketchUp Pro:-

  • Recommended for higher education
  • Highly discounted Pro licenses for educational users
  • Adds additional functionality to SketchUp Make
  • Exchange CAD files with other programs
  • Use LayOut to create documents and presentations
  • Print drawings to scale
  • Access email tech support

www.sketchup.com is the one-stop destination to download the latest version of SketchUp. It is an easy process.

Sketchup 2015

Some Important Things to know

What is fresh in SketchUp 2015? :-

64-bit application: SketchUp 2015 is updated the SketchUp to sprint like a fast engine. The reason is a 64-bit application on both PC and Mac operating systems. It allows for more bandwidth between SketchUp and users computer’s active memory. The 64-bit version of SketchUp should have a better working relationship with your 64-bit computer. If users do not have a 64-bit Windows machine, then it is still offering a 32-bit version for Windows machines. On the Mac, given that all of our supported operating systems are 64-bit, SketchUp 2015 is available only in 64-bit.

Face Finder improvements: SketchUp 2015 has optimized the code for Face Finder, one of the core under-the-hood operations that make SketchUp’s magic possible. In the initial paragraphs of our story, we have discussed it.

Rotated Rectangle: This permits the users to draw non-90 degree rectangles. The users who used this tool found it tremendously handy; SketchUp 2015 contains this with some significant enhancements. SketchUp 2015’s official Rotated Rectangle tool lets people sketch off-axis rectangles at any angle.

3 Point Arc: With the addition of a 3 Point Arc tool, there are now four different ways to draw arc’d edges in SketchUp. This latest arc tool lets users characterize an arc bulge via the arc’s end-point.

New licensing system: There are new licensing system to make it much more friendly.

Fast Styles: As we discussed ahead that badged those styles that help SketchUp operate smooth and fast.

IFC Import and Classifier enhancements (SketchUp Pro Only): SketchUp Pro 2015 added an IFC importer to permit the switch over of information between SketchUp and other “BIM” applications in both directions. This is a big deal and another proof point of belief that user’s data belongs to users only.

Ruby API improvements: SketchUp 2015 has presented new developer-facing features. SketchUp 2015 is the first release where developers have right to use and control of information modeling classifications. It is added new API features to allow developers to create licensed extensions.

Expanded 3D Warehouse: SketchUp Pro 2015 also supports 3D CAD and BIM services. It downloads starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features. In 2015 Pro licenses, it can be used on a Mac or a PC.

Trimble Vision Technology Integration: Imagine Match Photo on steroids and users have got our SketchUp integration with Trimble Vision. The integration involves Trimble Vision instruments like the V10 and Trimble Business Center.

Additional Features: Spell Checking, Multi-Select, Dynamic vector model loading, Shared connections and many more.

Trimble Connect for SketchUp Release Notes: This is the Trimble Buildings’ online collaboration platform. The users can take it as private 3D Warehouse or as building project assets. They can upload SKP’s, DWG’s, DXF’s, IFC’s, PDF’s and share with team members. Trimble Connect setting up with off the GTeam platform, which means it, enables sharing, reviewing and commenting in a web browser.


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E-on software introduces LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign and LumenRT 2015 Studio

E-on software declares the availability of two new products alias LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign and LumenRT 2015 Studio for handling all the Architectural and GeoDesign projects.

LumenRT 2015 is very useful for producing superior quality images, videos, and immersive media directly from any CAD/BIM/GIS solution. LumenRT 2015 is compatible with Autodesk Revit, Bentley MicroStation, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble Sketchup.

LumenRT GeoDesign can be applied to deal with very large & complex scenes as well as import custom terrain height maps and animation for large scale traffic animations through MicroStation Traffic or VISSIM.

LumenRT 2015 consist of a latest real-time rendering platform known as Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine or DIVE. The DIVE platform offers outstanding visual performance and pragmatism, managing most complicated & detailed scenes.

LumenRT 2015 comes with some advanced features like Interactive Scene Authoring and Editing, improved realism through latest DIVE technology, Seasonal vegetation with altering colors, Graphisoft ArchiCAD assimilation.

LumenRT 2015 provides the following benefits to the users:-

  • Organize designs in a rich natural context with the addition of seasonal trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wind-blown skies, and terrains.
  • Generate custom terrains with height maps.
  • Demonstrate real-time traffic animations through MicroStation Traffic or VISSIM.
  • Output excellent HD high-fidelity images and videos up to 3840 x 2160.
  • Make walk-thru presentations involving layering, sectioning, and BIM information.
  • Carry out lighting and time-of-day studies.
  • Distribute 3D Immersive LiveCubes™ with clients and colleagues.

LumenRT Studio is specifically designed for architects and BIM professionals and is accessible at the introductory price of $795 (SRP $995).


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How LumenRT 2015 along with Sketchup was utilized to develop the Mobile River Bridge project in Alabama

The Alabama Dept of Transportation (ALDOT) will be developing the I-10 Mobile River Bridge which is a new six-lane bridge having 215 feet of Air Draft Clearance (ADC) across the Mobile River. The location of the project is in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama.

ALDOT has applied LumenRT on this greatly recognized Mobile River Bridge project to complete it fruitfully. (www.mobileriverbridge.com).

ALDOT used LumenRT 2015 to produce immersive 3D LiveCube™ visualizations concerning a 10 km square area of the projected bridge and adjacent site area. Some leading 3D software like Esri CityEngine, Bentley MicroStation, and Trimble Sketchup models together with VISSIM and Bentley Traffic vehicle animations were utilized to create the LiveCubes.

Besides, the LiveCubes™ comprised of more than 50,000 3D breeze animated trees, numerous animated vehicles, wave-animated water and a complete 3D environment containing moving clouds and haze.

Get the complete story at: www.lumenrt.com/showcase


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Trimble will be going to launch Trimble® Business Center version 3.40 compatible with Sketchup Pro

Trimble has made a new addition to its office software by introducing Trimble® Business Center version 3.40 and it provides huge advantages to the geospatial professionals.

Trimble Business Center 3.40 facilitates the users who perform with their visual data to export assembled images into SketchUp Pro and produce realistic 3D models of buildings, bridges and diversified other objects. The users will be able to carry out direct modeling out of images as well as handle data, generate deliverables instantly.

With Trimble Business Center 3.40 the users can easily extract objects all along vertical walls like façade reconstruction in quickest possible way. Besides, the users get the ability to determine and sketch line work perfect in dimension directly on the panoramas, abolishing the practice for taking out photo points for making line work.

Trimble Business Center performs as a strong geospatial office software suite that can deal with, evaluate and process all field survey data ranging from optical, GNSS and imaging data. This newest application facilitates the geospatial professionals to perform with imaging and optical data in the office. Some significant improvements include using the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover devoid of a positioning sensor; superior image processing capability in complicated areas; functionality to export visual data into SketchUp Pro; and generating dimensionally correct measurements from a plane. All these features empower the geospatial professionals to produce convincing deliverables effectively for their clients.

There are also supplementary applications like interior mapping, bridge inspection, and crime and crash scene investigation included in Trimble Business Center 3.40 useful for both geospatial and non-geospatial professionals.

The users can access Trimble Business Center version 3.40 in November 2014 through Trimble’s Geospatial Distribution Channel.

Trimble Business Center version 3.40 compatible with Sketchup Pro


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Trimble® MEPdesigner for SketchUp 1.0 – the newest sketchup extension to Sketchup Pro

Trimble just launched Trimble® MEPdesigner for SketchUp, the most updated extension to SketchUp Pro available in extension warehouse. This sketchup extension is intended for MEP contractors to employ CAD and BIM technology easily and quickly. The MEP contractors can shift from a 2D to 3D work surroundings, via SketchUp Pro.

Providing support to electrical systems objects along with conduit, cable trays and device boxes as well as integrating object data and other MEP systems specific, Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp version 1.0 will be best choice for MEP contractors to fulfill their requirements.

Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp contains some handy tools which can custom components and route conduit inside the SketchUp Pro platform. There will be also wide-ranging database of user and manufacturer generated models pre-populated in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

The MEP contractors can effortlessly perform with other contractors on projects with the application of 3D modeling with Trimble MEPdesigner, via the IFC export in SketchUp. It will also minimize RFI and rework costs.

As a added advantage, Trimble MEPdesigner utilizes the new Trimble Connect collaboration platform for design, engineering and construction projects.

Trimble MEPdesigner will facilitate the MEP contractors to use some diversified new and accessible solutions for SketchUp Pro together with Trimble Field Points for SketchUp. It allows the contractors to arrange layout points in their model and export them to Trimble Field Link for MEP, through which they can use their 3D model in the field for accurateness of MEP systems placement.

Availability: Trimble MEPdesigner will be accessible in December 2014 directly through Trimble’s MEP sales organization or through the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp 1.0


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Twilight render version 2.0 for sketchup

Twilight render is a photo-rendering plug in of Trimble SketchUp. Twilight puts power directly into Sketchup, making the model lively. It is now in news that Twilight render version 2.0 for SketchUp is all ready to release.

The benefits

  • No more need to export your models into awkward, midway formats.
  • No indistinct geometry or lost texture.
  • All the rendering would be completed directly inside the SketchUp using multiple biased and unbiased render methods for unparalleled control.
  • There will not be any fussing with complicated render settings or senseless numbers.
  • You can decide from a number of intuitive and powerful “Easy” render settings right at your fingertips.

The expectation is high for the Twilight render version 2.0 for SketchUp. It has been redesigned from the ground up, faster, friendlier, and more feature-full than ever. Experts are expecting that Version 2 to be a huge asset for every workflow from hobbyist to professional.

The maker of this software has reserved all the features from Version 1 and supplementary new ways to render, new materials, and new tools.

The makers of this software are hopeful to continue to provide SketchUp with an excellent product and an escalating toolset. Purchasing a permit for Version 2 will enable one to free upgrade to all the new Version 2 features in each release.

Twilight render version 2.0 for sketchup

Faster rendering: The rendering will be completed 50 per cent faster. With the most up-to-date Kerkythea rendering back-end, your renders will complete much faster. Post processing can be performed with hardware acceleration (for supporting hardware) bringing advanced post processing effects almost right away.

Cleaner redesign interface: It has a redesign interface which takes up less space. Editors were separated by job to let you concentrate on hand, Render, Animation, Batch Processing, and more. Popup controls give you single click access to all tool features, then disappear to leave the workspace clean.

Exploration render Real-Time: Our new Exploration Renderer routinely modernize your render viewpoint to match your SketchUp camera. The light, material, and environment editors are all ready with previews to show you your changes in a range of scenes.

The Twilight render version 2.0 fetch you commanding new Post-Processing tools so you can achieve more inside SketchUp and have better manage over your last product. Our post-production operations are performed straight on the high-dynamic range data so a designer get better results and more detail than from an outside picture editing programme.


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3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

Basic Course organized by the Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Forlì in collaboration with Visuall SRL.S. have been recognized, no. CFP 6 from CNAPPC .

The objective of the course is to give participants the tools needed to design and modeling three-dimensional objects from design to architecture. At the end of the course the student will be able to use all the tools for modeling, listed models and management of the views to be able to print their work or share them on the screen and by e-mail.

Participation fee € 130.00 + VAT registration closes : 15/07/2014 length n. 6 hours

Mode of entry send the request for pre-registration form to: Visuall SRL.S (visuall@visuall.it), stating its personal and fiscal (tax code., and P. Iva), telephone and email. From the date of confirmation of registration, which will be forwarded via e-mail from Visuall SRL.S, and / or communicated by telephone, the subscriber will have to proceed to the payment of the balance in the time of the next 3 days, sending the response of payment via e-mail. If you do not receive the indicated time, the enrollment will be canceled.

Appointment : Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15.30 at Visuall Showroom via Decius Rays 2, Forli

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble


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3D Drawing with SketchUp

SketchUp Make from Trimble is your answer. SketchUp is a software program that allows you to draw and design in 3D. Your students will benefit from an opportunity to explore, create and express themselves in a visual way and effectively convey what they are thinking.

 To get started, visit http://www.sketchup.com and download the free version of SketchUp Make. Be sure to click on the Learn tab and view the video tutorials, which provide comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

 I would suggest you begin with tool familiarization. Have your students open SketchUp, select a template and move the mouse above each tool to see an explanation of what it does. Allow some class time for them to try out each tool so they can begin to experience the power of SketchUp.

 To capture your student’s attention, get started with a basic activity that incorporates the use of the Push-Pull tool, the Orbit tool and the Offset tool. You will quickly witness the excitement and desire to learn more as they see their designs come alive.

 In addition to the video tutorials, the SketchUp website offers self-paced tutorials, Getting Started printable guides and Quick Reference cards. There are many ways to incorporate this program into the curriculum. Reading Anne Frank in Middle School Language Arts class? How about asking the students to design the space where Anne Frank hid? Studying architecture of the past? How about creating a 3D model of an ancient pyramid?

3D Drawing with SketchUp 

3D Drawing with SketchUp 

3D Drawing with SketchUp 


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