How to create 3D walkthrough animation of a building in real time virtual environment with sketchup & Kubity

The concept of virtual Reality is gaining popularity among the architects & real estate developers worldwide. The most challenging part in design-headed industries, is to satisfy clients concerning an idea, that mostly gets presented in 2D plans and 3D impressions.

Virtual Reality can obtain the full gamut where clients acquire a real-time view of scale and scope of a proposal. Any prospective errors can also be detected at an initial phase for rectification. The clients can evidently observe the portions of the design liked or disliked by them.

This sketchup video tutorial briefly demonstrates how a 2D floor plan is transformed into a 3D model with the use of Sketchup. The video also presents a walkthrough animation along with a preview of the building in a real time virtual environment through Kubity app.

Kubity is a powerful app to distribute 3D models in Augmented and Virtual reality. Kubity can easily convert .skp files and after that models are viewed with additional features like AR/VR and cinematic fly-through tour or distributed through a mobile to any person and any location.

Visualize, explore and show your 3D models on desktop, web, and on-the-go with iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets.

Rapidly allocate with anyone over text, social media, or device-to-device by scanning the QR code with your mobile or tablet. The models can be available anywhere devoid of a network connection.

Get your models in 1:1 scale virtual reality with Google Cardboard. Superimpose a model in a real world surrounding with the camera of your phone or tablet.

How to create 3D walkthrough animation of a building in real time virtual environment with sketchup & Kubity

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Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

SketchUp always helps its users to modify their models with new and amazing features. They have launched a new library of plants in their tool to make the models more green and lively. Here are some details about the new thing.

To make the shrubs and digital flora better than before and to find a solution of the perennial render problems, a list of the most realistic plants optimized for SkecthUp has released. With the help of a botanist One Community has released this. This is an open source software website. The archive includes everything from palm trees to an array of water and bog plants, bamboo shots and many more. And it is free also.

It is hard to find good plants in render and it is known by the users also. As like the render people, the plants have to be the perfect combination of understand and appropriate, without stealing focus from the project. The team at OneCommunity and botanist have gathered 500 plants from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse and also created a list of the most realistic and effective plants for renders. The botanist also created best few dozen plant files also those are close relatives to each other.

There are some links to download the files and there is an instructional video also for the beginners. The site also offers trees from a wide spectrum of climates and locations to best accommodate projects with challenging topography and climates. The files come a variety of 2D and 3D options – particularly useful for the architects working on animations and large scale landscapes.

In the tutorial video it is shown where the plants can be downloaded. Go to SketchUp OneCommunity site and type On that page there are the links from where the plants can be downloaded.

There is given an example how to use the plants, download the plants, fix them on the mole, rotate them etc. The tutorial has shown the each and every process in detail. So it will be easy for the beginners also to understand the project.

Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of plants for SketchUp

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How to Make Quick 3D Models From AutoCAD to SketchUp

One of the main advantages of using SketchUP is the ability to produce very fast 3D massings for the recommended site. This enables the understanding of how the space works in 3Rd dimension. Very often it’s tough for designers and clients alike to understand the relation of the ground plane and how they inform one another.

The great advantage to use SketchUp Pro is the ability to import DWG files from CAD programs, using the line that has drafted in AutoCAD to build the model. After simply importing the DWG lines and making them surfaces, it will be easier to build a model in just a few minutes.

  1. Drafting in AutoCAD: First, the easiest step is drafting in CAD. Whether it is traced from hand drawn lines or drafted on specific detail level, it is need to make sure that the lines are connected properly. SketchUP is fussy, in that if there is a break in the lines, it will not want to make it a surface. After making a clean drawing, it must be saved as a DWG.
  2. Importing Into SketchUp: Next go to file>import in Sketchup. Only SketchUp Pro users can import DWGs, but SketchUp Make users are able to import JPGs. At first export lines from AutoCAD as a PDF, then convert them to a JPG. Then the file can be imported into SketchUp. From there it will be easy to trace the lines using drawing tools in SketchUp. This takes more time, but it can be effective. For SketchUp Pro users make sure in the import screen to click “options” and then match the SketchUp units with AutoCAD units.
  1. Proofing and Making Surfaces: Go to window>model info>statistics, then “purge unused” as well as “fix problems”.


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Selection Toys – The newest extension for sketchup

Thomas Thomassen has developed Selection Toys for sketchup. This newest sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017 as well as Mac and Windows platform.

With this sketchup plugin, the users will be able to generate, control and refine selections.

This plugin comes with a wide array of selection modifiers to filter out all edges, faces etc. It allows you to instantly choose entities containing identical properties like material, layer orientation etc. Besides, it allows you to pick up same instances of the identical Dynamic Component.

Select Edge Loops — (1.14.0)
Access: Tools -> Selection Toys -> Select Edge Loop

This select tool can be used to opt for the loops of a face. The normal Select modifier keys are applied to insert/remove/toggle their selection. Loops belong to either the bounding edges of a face or a hole in a face.

Select Instances – Selects all the instances of the designated component.
Select Active Components – Selects all the instances in the existing work space exclusive of all which are nested within other components etc.

Select Active from same Layer – Selects all the instances in the existing work space of the designated component that remains on the similar layer.
Select All from same Layer – Selects all the instances of the designated component that remains on the similar layer.

To download this plugin, click on the following link

Selection Toys – The newest extension for sketchup

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