Demonstration of Lumion 6 & how to download a crack version

This sketchup presents the brief demonstration of Lumion 6. One can also learn how to download a complete crack version of Lumion 6.

The most updated version is Lumion 6.5. This newest version consists of an improved render engine that is compatible with Windows 8 and 10. Get access to additional graphics card memory in windows 10 for greater scenes.

Given below the detailed lists of other advanced features :-

Transparent Trees: Now the trees and plants become more crystal clear to avoid foliage from obstructing what will be demonstrated.

Panorama Mode: Besides, existing photo and video modes, there is a dedicated Panorama mode in this latest version.

In Panorama mode, it is possible to distribute your panoramas online with MyLumion or render a VR output to be watched with a VR headset. Lumion 6.5 allows to render outputs for other VR devices.

Use Materials rapidly: The process becomes easier for allocating or revising materials. The delay among material assignments is lowered that leads to a more fluid experience in the material section.

Duplicate items by moving them vertically: Earlier the objects are replicated by pressing the Alt key at the time of moving objects horizontally. Now the objects can be replicated by pressing Alt and moving them vertically.

Instant Object Settings: There is a new property window to easily and speedily edit properties of objects. As for instance click a tree and promptly modify its transparency.


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